Guide to the same room during menstruation

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– preface –

The first sentence of the beginning, set the tone first.

The conclusion was thrown out, not delay for a moment.

The menstrual period can be in the same room, but it is not advocated.

Well, people with tight time can pull it directly to the end of the text to see, and then leave them smartly to busy their own affairs.

The remaining people, let’s follow!

Many people can’t understand, is it so anxious?Can’t wait for a few days?Didn’t you say not to be overwhelmed?

Don’t rush to question, I will ask, what should you do if you encounter the following situation?

Suppose you have been in love with your boyfriend for 20 years, and finally have a chance to meet. Everything is ready. However, the menstruation is not accurate. If he gets the plane, you will "come" … The next time it is ten years later, it is ten years later.Do you say not do it?

Suppose you are with your husband every day, and you do n’t worry about it for a few days, but you find that the menstruation is in the process of doing it, and you do n’t feel at all … you think of all kinds of scary information written on the Internet, you say panickedDon’t panic?

Suppose you and the big pig’s hoof boyfriend are together, he is illiterate and does not know where to see the information that that during menstruation, you can easily contraceptive … you have doubts, but you can’t refute.worry?

There are many similar situations, and I will not list them one by one.The main thing is to tell everyone that although most people can choose not to have the same room during menstruation, sometimes they do not have to choose for some people. What should I do under such circumstances?

(Okay, open)

Why can menstruation be in the same room?

This is a concept of challenging everyone’s cognitive common sense.

First of all, we put aside various interference factors and only from the organs.

Compared with the same room and flat -time room during menstruation, there will be no difference in feeling.Yindao is still the yindao, the gland is still those glands, and even because of the congestion of the vulva and reproductive organs during menstruation, it may be more sensitive.Therefore, from a physiological perspective, menstruation does not affect the same room, and even menstruation and natural lubrication effects.

(I am afraid you want to fall your phone when you see here? Wing, you say everything!)

Secondly, there will be many differences in psychology.

Some people like their courage, some are annoyed by their own disasters, and others are worried that they will have hidden health hazards, and some people will do it during this time … In short, the mood is complexhonest.

Finally, let’s discuss those cognitive factors.

Judging from the information obtained by everyone, the same room during menstruation will definitely cause damage to women’s body. This sentence is too absolute.Scientifically speaking, the two things that should be "menstrual period" and "same rooms" itself will increase the chance of some diseases. When these two things happen at the same time, these chances are not superimposed or infinitely magnified.

Didn’t it mean that it would cause various diseases?

Don’t worry about the conclusion, let’s say one by one.


Many people think that the same room during menstruation is equal to death.

Relevant remarks are everywhere, and many obstetrics and gynecologists think so.For example, the cervix is open during menstruation, and bacteria are more likely to enter the uterine cavity and cause infection; the existence of menstrual blood and endometrium provides a good medium for bacterial breeding;The same room … Don’t ask me why I am so profound, because I am the profound itself!

However, these remarks were taken for granted. I read a lot of documents and research, which were not confirmed.Anti -examples are everywhere. For example, some of the patients with Yin Tao Yan said that the relevant symptoms of the same room in the same room during menstruation were significantly reduced.

In fact, the same room is the source of inflammation.Especially frequent houses or cleaning and hygiene, it is easy to cause diseases such as Yin -duct inflammation and pelvic inflammation.

Even if you do not have the same room during menstruation, the same room in the same period of menstrual period is also facing risks.In other words, if there are pelvic inflammatory disease after a menstrual period, then even if she does not have the same room during menstruation, it may suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease.

If the immunity is reduced during menstruation and the occurrence of inflammation may increase, then it can actually be ignored by cleaning and protective work.

But this is limited to healthy women. If there is a gynecological inflammation itself, let alone the same room during menstruation, it is not recommended when the same room is in the same room.


It was mainly bluffed by a saying "bloody flow".

So far, the pathogenesis of endometriosis is not very clear, so there are many different opinions in the academic world.Among them, the easiest understanding of the people is menstrual blood circulation.

However, in terms of comparison of the incidence of inverse flow and internal disease that may occur flat, we can understand that the occurrence of internal diseases is not just as simple as menstrual blood reverse flow.

If everyone will get internal disease according to the logic of "surrounding blood"?We still need to consider genetic, environmental, endocrine and other factors.From this perspective, the menstrual period is not stopped.Or in other words, if the same room during menstruation does cause internal disease, then even if it is not in the same room during the menstrual period, there may be internal disease.


Panic fertility is getting stronger.

In the case of a teenager, junior high school girls also began to worry about their fertility problems.Under this inexplicable panic tide, the same room was also related to infertility during the menstrual room …

Basic logic: During the period of the same room → increase the probability of pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease and internal diseases → fallopian tubular adhesion and pelvic adhesion → affecting conception → infertility.

Deep logic: The same room during menstruation → this behavior is wrong → the psychological burden worsen → fall into panic and anxiety → cause infertility.

If you read the above content carefully, you will understand that this statement can’t stand at all.If it is really inexplicable, it will also be carefully and in place to avoid risks at the beginning.

In summary, the sixth floor hopes that you can understand that the menstrual period can be in the same room without having to blame and panic, but the sixth old is not advocating the same room during menstruation.

Do you not get pregnant during the menstrual room?

The words of the smelly boys can’t believe it!

I have no statistics, but there are really many people who think that the same room can be contraceptive during menstruation, especially men.If you understand the so -called "theory" again, the gangsters coaxing their girlfriends in the same room will lie in the same room!

The sixth floor here emphasizes again: If the same room is in the same room during menstruation, then I shut up; if I am reluctant, then decisively refuse.

In fact, the same room during menstruation can be deceived perfectly.

You probably don’t know that the ovulation period of each of us is not right. It is that the ovulation period of each of you is not fixed. Sometimes, it will cause advance or push after various factors, and some people obviously do not match the menstrual period.

I have encountered a patient who has not been pregnant for two years in clinical practice. After a series of examinations, she found that her ovulation period was on the third day of her menstruation. According to this schedule, she was tired of her husband. This girl. This girl.Can’t get pregnant … then the question is, if you don’t plan to get pregnant, will you pay attention to when you ovulate?

Relying on speculation?Calculate?Or guess?

Not reliable … The so -called "safe period" is actually not safe at all.

Finally, after all, it is a practical guide. If you have the same room during menstruation, please pay attention to the following steps ~

Step 1: Men and women carefully clean the key parts while ensure that all items that are in contact with the body are cleaned.

Step 2: Prepare a condom, on the one hand, contraception, and self -protection on the other hand, not to believe that boys, mainly because they are too scribbled when they wash. The cleaning they understand may be different from what we understand.

Step 3: You can turn off the lights and turn on the lights.

Step 4: End.

Finally, attach a warm tip:

Soak the bed sheet cold water, and then use sulfur soap to carefully rub it to wash off the blood stains on the sheets.

Don’t be too touched, always remember that this is how I do.

– over –

In fact, there are two types of work in the sixth.

The first: tell you that certain behaviors are harmful to your health, don’t do it.

The second: tell you that certain behaviors do not hurt your health, don’t be afraid.

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