Give the prospective father enough "ritual sense" to make the pregnancy more perfect

△ Good pregnancy is not just a woman’s trouble. The hardships of pregnant October cannot be affected by women. During pregnancy, as a prospective father, we must take the corresponding responsibility, take care of everything about the expectant mother, to welcome the baby to meet the baby’s babyPrepare for the arrival.Of course, if you want to take care of the prospective mother during pregnancy, you still need to teach the expectant mother. Men are often dull in taking care of people.So, learn how to let your husband take care of you during pregnancy.During the 1-2 weeks of pregnancy, because it is not easy to detect whether you are pregnant, the prospective parents have not realized the baby’s arrival, so if your husband has any bad places, you can forgive him silently.At this time of the third week of pregnancy, knowing that his wife is pregnant.If there are cats and dogs at home, try to avoid intimate contact with pets.At this time, the baby’s baby is very fragile. To ensure that the pregnant mother is away from noise and vibration, away from electromagnetic radiation, do not argue with pregnant mothers to ensure her good emotions.In the fourth week of pregnancy, the prospective father wants to quit smoking. At least when smoking, stay away from the pregnant mother, and try to keep the air circulation, pollution, natural, and fresh in the environment where the pregnant mother is located.The 5th week of pregnancy, expectant mothers are more easily sentimental by emotional influence.At this time, the family of expectant mothers, especially the prospective dad, should be more considerate and understand the expectant mother, and give the expectant mother more comfort and care.Due to the strong pregnancy response during this period of pregnancy, there are often symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, and laziness. The prospective father must take care of it carefully and take care of it.At the same time, prenatal education with pregnant mothers.Remember, you must avoid sexual life at this time, and you may have serious consequences at a time! Week 7 of pregnancy now becomes greater in emotional fluctuations in pregnant mothers, and it is easy to get angry because of a small thing. Strong emotional fluctuations will cause severe stimuli to the baby baby., May seriously hurt the baby, so the prospective dad must have more tolerance and be considerate of pregnant mothers.In the 8th week of pregnancy, it is easy to have a miscarriage in the early pregnancy, and the prospective dad should take care of the pregnant mother carefully.Even if you are busy at the 9th week of pregnancy, you have to take time to take over some housework in this time, so that your wife has more time to rest.When riding and going out, protect your wife and avoid the stomach from being hit and squeezed directly.In the 10th week of pregnancy, the prospective father should care about the pregnant mother, accompany her more, help and share some housework, so that the pregnant mother has sufficient sleep and rest time.Make pregnant mothers happy as much as possible, which is conducive to the development of baby.The 11th week of pregnancy is a special period on the body during pregnancy, and if the expectant mothers still face work, then the expectant mothers must protect the baby in the working environment.Fetal terators and other work that endangers mother and child health, in addition, ask the prospective father to prepare for the mother -in -law to get off work.In the 12th week of pregnancy, the wife’s body has changed significantly this week. The original slim body has become thick and round, and the skin may also appear pigment.She may think that you will dislike her.But don’t tell her something unpleasant, to keep telling her -she is beautiful and charming, this is another beauty.Or find a way to solve your wife’s concerns.

Let’s exercise with your wife in the 13th week of pregnancy!The pregnant mother is 4 months pregnant, the fetus is stable, and the pregnant mother does appropriate exercise, which helps to give birth smoothly in the future.Momed dad to exercise with prospective mothers, which can not only improve their feelings, but also take care of the expectant mother at any time.You can have a moderate sex life in the 14th week of pregnancy!Moderate sexual life in the middle of pregnancy can relax both the spirit and body of the couple. It should be noted that the method should not be too excited and violent, there must be restraint, the movements should be gentle, and do not stimulate the nipples.Learning to listen to fetal hearts in the 15th week of pregnancy is important! By the second trimester, prospective dad should pay attention to adding nutrition to his wife to meet the needs of pregnant mothers and baby.In addition, prospective dad should learn to listen to the fetal heart. It is simple and effective with fetal heart.Do a good job of family care can not only understand the development of the baby baby, but also find abnormal conditions in time.In the 16th week of pregnancy, the demand for iron by pregnant women at this time has increased by nearly 4 times. The baby will be polite to consume the iron in the pregnant woman’s body without politeness.The consequence is that the blood cells of pregnant women have a decrease in oxygen carrying, which will cause the fetus to be hypoxic in the palace, causing the fetus or premature birth.The prospective dad has to arrange the iron supplement of the prospective mother.Week 17 of pregnancy, prospective father should care about the pregnant mother, accompany her more, help and share some household chores, so that pregnant mothers have sufficient sleep and rest time.Week 18 of pregnancy, prospective father should recognize the importance of prenatal examinations, remind expectant mothers to check on time, it is best to accompany her.In the 19th week of pregnancy, the pregnant mother feels lazy, and the prospective father must take the initiative to be the "reliance" of a pregnant mother.It is not only very comfortable to rely on the prospective father, but also to make pregnant mothers psychologically comfort.The prospective father should also actively caress the back of the pregnant mother and give her more care.In the 20th week of pregnancy, the prospective dad should talk to the baby more, let the pregnant mother lie down or sit on the chair, the prospective father selofling his head to the pregnant mother’s abdomen, the mouth is about 3-5 cm from the abdominal wall, with a gentle tone, and the baby with the baby.Speak some words, blessings, care, and healthy words, about 5-10 minutes each time.The 21st week of pregnancy continues to be planned to be a gradual prenatal education for the fetal baby, let the baby’s baby listen to soft music, talk to the baby, remind pregnant mothers to develop good living habits and eating habits.You can even accompany your mother to do a relaxed and safe travel.The 22nd week of pregnancy scientifically and reasonably arrange the mother’s diet and schedule, and fixed the pattern of prenatal education.Week 23 of pregnancy, prospective dad can accompany the pregnant mother to buy a maternity costume. If the pregnant mother’s feet are edema and become bigger, they should change her pair of feet.At the same time, it is also necessary to carefully select a bra for maternal mothers with pregnant mothers.Week 24 of pregnancy, prospective dad may wish to arrange the room more warmly by himself now.There are some cute doll portraits, paintings that wives like, or your group photo hanging on the walls.You can even replace all the curtains. The overall color should be based on light colors and warmth.If possible, you can even start the baby room now.Of course, what should I do, and respect my wife’s opinions!In the 25th weeks of pregnancy, the legs of expectant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy became thicker and their feet became larger.In fact, this is not fat, but because of edema during pregnancy, it is a normal physiological phenomenon for pregnant women.The prospective dad should remind his wife not to stand or squat for too long. When you sit down, you can raise your feet appropriately. When you rest, you can use the left side of the left side, which is conducive to blood circulation.It is also a good way to massage properly.

In the general sense of the 26th week of pregnancy, the discharge examination refers to the color ultrasound abnormal examination. The purpose is to use a three -dimensional or four -dimensional color ultrasound examination method during pregnancy to eliminate the possibility of deformities.During this period, the quasi -father was required to accompany the inspection.In the 27th week of pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother is getting bigger and bigger.Therefore, the prospective dad should try not to travel on a business trip, and try to accompany the pregnant mother as much as possible.In the 28th week of pregnancy, entering the third trimester of pregnancy, the prospective father must accompany his wife to participate in the prenatal training course to learn about the correct knowledge about childbirth.And discuss with his wife to decide the hospital for childbirth.You can also think of what name is for your dear baby with your wife.Week 29 of pregnancy, prospective father wants to guide pregnant mothers to learn to relax and balance herself.At the same time, we must make more brains and enrich the wife’s amateur life.At the third week of pregnancy, the wife’s sleep quality was worse. She had to wake up several times a night. She might wake you up when she repeatedly tossing.To understand her, chat with her, massage Da Zong, relieve insomnia troubles.In the third week of pregnancy, the uterine sensitivity of mothers in the third week of pregnancy increased. Any external stimulus was a mild impact that easily caused uterine contraction and premature birth.Therefore, at this time, avoid sexual life as much as possible to avoid accidents.Week 32 of pregnancy, prospective father should prepare for his wife’s childbirth to help his wife eliminate the fear of childbirth, ensure the nutrition and rest of the pregnant mother, continue energy for childbirth, and do a good job of family care to prevent premature birth.The 33rd week of pregnancy is supervised and accompanied his wife to take a walk every day.You can often touch his wife’s belly, talk to your baby, and humming gently.The baby will be able to feel.Week 34 of pregnancy, prospective dad should care about the thoughts and mood of pregnant women, encourage pregnant women to establish confidence in childbirth, and arrange arrangements for their work, so as to accompany their wives to the hospital and accompany delivery.In addition, the Dad will be attended by the Dad of the Occupible Clinic of the hospital to master the knowledge of health care, prenatal education and childbirth knowledge during pregnancy, so that you can fulfill the responsibility of the husband.In the 35th week of pregnancy, in order to prevent his wife from having a sudden pain or breaking water, the prospective father must establish an emergency contact information for his wife and carry a mobile phone with him.Hospital.Before giving birth at the 36th week of pregnancy, go with his wife to understand the environment of the delivery room and be familiar with your doctor.The familiar environment makes people feel comfortable and relaxed.Learn enough about fertility knowledge, and usually communicate and communicate with doctors in the hospital where his wife is located, so that you have a bamboo, and you don’t panic.In the 37th week of pregnancy, in this month, pregnant mothers may give birth at any time, so both prospective dads and pregnant mothers must clearly understand the signs of childbirth and make all the necessary preparations before childbirth.On the 38th week of pregnancy, the wife is about to enter the due date. The prospective father should be prepared at this time with an optimistic attitude to welcome the wife’s delivery time and give the wife’s encouragement.Although the natural childbirth requires a lot of pain in natural delivery, it also has a lot of benefits for them and the fetus.Therefore, under the condition of mature conditions, the prospective dad should recommend that expectant mothers still bravely choose to give birth to naturally, and draw a perfect end to the experience of the October in October.The 40th week of pregnancy is usually born this week, but it will also be a few days in advance or wrong, which is normal.It turned out that the clear and transparent amniotic fluid became turbid, and the placental function began to degenerate. The mission was completed after the fetus was born.Specific mothers often feel the abdomen like a needle -like pain, and the pain continues to occur in 30 minutes or a small hour.The baby who is looking forward to it is about to come to life.The prospective dad must stay with the wife for a moment and welcome the baby with her.The expectant mothers pay attention to it. It is not easy for the church husband to be a qualified prospective father. They must be gradual and learn a little every week. They also prepare for a qualified good father for the future husband.Copyright statement: If it involves copyright issues, please contact the author’s ownership and contact this website (Article Source: Mommy)

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