Girlfriend is pregnant unexpectedly, and responsible boyfriend will do this

Girlfriend is pregnant unexpectedly. The first reaction of her boyfriend may have a little panic to do something wrong. I don’t know what to do.

At this time, as a boyfriend, you don’t have to panic. What you have to do is to be responsible and a responsible man.

What to do to be a responsible man?Responsible men usually do this:

When my girlfriend tells you that she is pregnant, you should show your girlfriend as soon as possible to want her to give birth to the child.

Immediately afterwards, he would propose to his girlfriend without hesitation.

You have to understand the psychological situation of your girlfriend at this time. For her accidental pregnancy, psychological fear is far greater than physical discomfort, and she will have a lot of concerns.

I am afraid that you will let her kill this fetus. The father -in -law who is afraid of the future and mother -in -law look down on her. I am afraid that the fetus will not be pregnant after the influence of the fetus. In short, there are various ideas.

At this time, you can directly see if you are a responsible man.

So what you have to do is to dispel her psychological concerns first, tell her, no matter what happens, you are always together.

Because it is an unexpected pregnancy, for the sake of mother and child’s health, you have to take your girlfriend to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

To let the doctor check to determine whether the fetus is healthy, whether the girlfriend’s physical condition is suitable for breeding, the child has the impact of the child’s health of the mother and child, and so on.

If the doctor said that the girlfriend’s physical condition is not suitable for continued breeding, then you have to discuss with your girlfriend at this time when to do details such as artificial abortion surgery.

Girlfriend had to take time to accompany her before and after an artificial abortion surgery.

You have to go to your girlfriend’s house to ask for guilty and tell the prospective father -in -law and girlfriend’s pregnancy.

Because you can’t sign a surgery for your family members for your family, you must tell the situation truthfully.

You have to explain the situation to your father -in -law frankly, express your attitude towards your girlfriend, and ask for the understanding and support of prospective father -in -law.

Whether you decide to get married or kill the fetus immediately, you cannot conceal the situation at your parents.

Let her girlfriend understand and tell her parents not to escape the responsibility but to be responsible for her.

If you are not ready to get married with your girlfriend, you can temporarily do not have to tell your parents without telling the situation for the time being.

If the doctor said that the fetus is healthy, the physical condition of the girlfriend is safe.

You and your girlfriend have negotiated to give birth to this child, and your girlfriend agrees to your proposal.

Then you have to go home quickly and tell your parents that you want to get married.

And tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents. Presumably your parents will be very happy to support you to get married as soon as possible, and look forward to holding grandsons as soon as possible.

In short, we must use actual actions to let your girlfriend see your responsibility and responsibility.


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