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The demon tower was not a person who loves to chase, especially the lengthy palace drama.However, when "Yanxi Raiders" was on the air, I did not fall into an episode. I was tired for one day every day, and I went home to one thing — chasing the drama.

In "Yanxi Raiders", some of the contents are: Er Qing (the big girl of the queen, later married the queen’s brother, but because the younger brother loves the heroine, the big girl is blackened), it is dedicated to the queen."The Secret Recipe of Children" (it is not much different from the ordinary Dali Maru), and the queen was pregnant with the dragon species smoothly after taking it.

Seeing this, I believe everyone is puzzled: What medicine can be so effective, can you get pregnant after taking it?

After the "deep thought" of the demon tower (in fact, I thought of it all at once), the effect of this "magic medicine" should be "ovulation -promoting", because the first condition that must be possessed by the formation of fertilized eggs is sperm and eggs.It is to condition the body, and the queen must not be pregnant (just praise me).

Well, the plot is here, the following is today’s theme -about the ovulation promotion.

Ovolution and present life

As early as the 1970s, human beings did not think about promoting an egg to give birth to children until the advent of the first IVF in the world, which brought dawn to many patients with infertility.

With the increase of demand, doctors find that if they just wait for the natural cycle to take eggs, the chance of success is not high, and if this woman does not have ovulation at all, why start with egg retrieval?So there was the advent of ovulation -promoting drugs.

In the past 30 years, test -tube baby technology has developed rapidly, and it is also a golden period for ovulation -promoting drugs, including Cromifen, Benzozo, and gonad hormone.

What the demon tower needs to emphasize here: No matter what kind of ovulation -promoting drugs, it is a prescription drug. Be sure to use it under the guidance of a doctor!During the use process, you must follow the doctor’s order to follow up, monitor the B -ultrasound and other indicators, and stop the medicine at appropriate.

What situations need to be ovulated?

A friend once talked with the demon tower, saying that in this society, people have no principles and bottom -limited.How could the male young man (black question mark?) How could he agree with him as sunny, upright, optimistic, and positive.Most doctors still talk about principles and confidence.

For the case of ovulation, it is not that you will give you a promotion if you want to promote your doctor. The reason for the need to promote ovulation is clear -ovulation disorders.

To put it simply, the reproductive endocrine of our women has a shaft- "Hulkin-pituitary-Ovarian" axis.As a result, it is not ovulation, so you need to use ovulation -promoting drugs for the center; if there is a problem with ovarian, you need to take the ovarian medication.

Demon Tower Tips

There are two ways to detect ovulation that can be used by yourself:

One is to monitor changes in body temperature (the first thing to open the eyes in the morning, test temperature, do not do anything, record a menstrual cycle, if the body temperature curve is one -way, there may be ovulation disorders).

The other is to use ovulation test strips.

The first type of demon tower is recommended. Although it is troublesome, the accuracy may be higher than the second.

If you suspect that you are ovulation disorders, the first thing you need to do is go to the hospital for treatment. Gynecological endocrine or reproductive center is a good choice. The rest is left to the doctor.

Those rumors about ovulation -promoting

Since ancient times, it has been listed as one of the major and important events in life.In modern society, although it is no longer a must -do event, you want to directly declare that "the old lady will never be born in this life", it must not be so easy.

So rumors about how to improve fertility have become diffuse and diverse.Among them, the rumors about ovulation -promoting ovulation are mainly the following three points.Can food supplements promote ovulation?

I often hear black beans, brown sugar ginger, vitamin C, and so on.

Among them, the black beans ran to scramble again under the guise of "plant estrogen" again.

In fact, we had done science popularization of beans and soy products a long time ago (refer to the way

"As a" National Beverage, soy milk shoulders the unbearable weight of life "), as a plant estrogen, when you lack your body, it will play a supplementary role; when you have too much in your body, itIt can play a role in restraint; if there are not many, it is just digestion.

For brown sugar ginger, the demon tower is too lazy to talk about it. There are both of them. You only need to remember that it is useless.

For vitamin C, it appeared on the ovulation -promoting food supplement list, to be honest, the demon tower was a little surprised.If you just want to supplement vitamin C, eat, and want to promote ovulation?Look at the popular science.Can skipping rope promote ovulation?

Some people say that skipping rope can help ovulation, and help the fertilized eggs to enter the fallopian tube more smoothly?IntersectionThe excretion of the eggs is regulated by the hormone level in our body. The picking of the eggs relies on the grabbing of the fallopian tube umbrella, and the exercise of the fertilized eggs is done by swinging the cilia of the tubular wall.

Therefore, even if the legs are broken, it is useless … ovulation promotion can cause aging?

I believe that everyone has seen so many popular sciences, and the total number of women’s eggs is limited, so will the artificial promotional promotion will lead to premature ovarian aging or cause aging?Dare to ask this, the answer must be NO.

Women’s menstrual cycle often only forms a mature follicle. In the process of mature, follicles have actually undergone "competition", and those not mature follicles eventually lock.And ovulation -promoting is to resurrect the follicles that were facing the fate of elimination, so that they also have the opportunity to show their skills.Therefore, ovulation promotion does not cause premature ovarian or aging.

Can eggs be randomly promoted?

There is nothing in the world that is only beneficial or disadvantaged, as well as ovulation -promoting. It has two main hazards. One is multiple babies, and the other is over -stimulating the ovarian syndrome.

Multi -fedling seems to be cost -effective, a pregnancy, solving the two baby … but the risks of the twins (multi -child) during pregnancy are not as simple as the single pregnancy.The incidence of early break, early peeling of placenta, surgery, postpartum bleeding, etc. all increased significantly.Therefore, the monster tower recommends that you should not choose ovulation to promote ovulation.

Ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome is not clear, but it is found in clinical practice that some women who use ovulation -promoting treatment are more likely to have "ovarian excessive stimulus syndrome".The literal understanding is to over -stimulate the ovaries and make it angry (functional abnormal).

Common symptoms are abdominal distension, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, a large amount of chest ascites, reduced urine output, or even shock.It is generally good for 1 to 2 weeks of ovulation -promoting drugs.

It can be seen that the ovulation promotion is not as good as everyone imagined. The whole process is still more painful, and it is also facing many risks.Therefore, do not choose ovulation due to non -disease reasons.

The Demon Tower mentioned here that the underground black agency exposed before coaxing young girls to sell eggs (taking drugs to promote ovulation, 20 eggs at a time …), remind us to pay attention to identifying these dangers, not to be ""High -priced "" no risk "such as fake information coaxing and temptation.

You never know what the cost of being cheated and tempting is the cost!


Some time ago, the Demon Tower had just accepted a patient with an atomic pregnancy. She wanted a second child and wanted to challenge the twins, so she asked her good friends and obstetrics and gynecologists, and the doctor gave her to eat her.Oxicating drugs.

Of course, the ultimate ectopic pregnancy may not have anything to do with ovulation -promoting drugs, but this approach is extremely wrong!It is offective!The demon tower cannot tolerate!Therefore, here is emphasized again -it is related to life, and you must not cross the bottom limit.

Okay, here is here today.

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