Gender life: What impact does a woman want to be pregnant and have children?

Men are married, and women are married.Marriage is not a family, but two families; children are the recognition of marriage between two people and the crystallization of love; some people say: women without children are an incomplete woman.Children are of great significance to a woman. They can awaken the mother’s love in the depths of women. The woman is weak, and she is just a mother.Now is the age of freedom of marriage. After many women’s thoughts are open, they are unwilling to get pregnant, refuse to have children, and still yearn for the free life of two people. They believe that children will disturb the marriage development of two people in the future, but this will affect the situation of marriage.Woolen cloth?

In the thoughts of parents, women marrying people is to pass on to the generation, give birth to children, and continue the process of life; parents are older when they are older, just hope that their children will have the next generation and they can hug their children.Not only are their parents anxious, but the man’s parents are even more anxious, and even have changed their attitudes to women, which is not conducive to getting along with the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law; men will also be affected by their parents, causing incredible trauma to marriage; women are pregnantIn the future, you can see the carefulness of men and the attitude of the man’s parents, so as to make other changes.

After men get married, they basically want to ask a child as soon as possible. On the one hand, in order to avoid the urging of their parents and others, the children are still the witness between the two people’s love; the perfect marriage life must not have no children. The child can not only wake upA woman’s mother’s love atmosphere can also awaken a man’s role and responsibility of being a father; families without a child are incomplete, which will cause men to lose hope for marriage life, not pay attention to marriage, rupture and even divorce.However, this does not mean that there must be a child after marriage, and you can solicit the consent of the other party, and then ask the child under the condition of material permission. Only with the guarantee of material life can you better give the child’s material life guarantee.

In fact, women should have a child after marriage. While appreciating their life, they can also experience the hard work of being a mother and test the sincerity of men during pregnancy.Individuals can work hard first. When both people are unified, they can disregard the eyes of others, but one party wants the other and does not want. This will have contradictions and is not good for marriage life.

Friends think that they should have children first after getting married, or work hard?

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