Gege: Six weeks of pregnancy, detect that there is a cyst on the right attachment, does it affect the fetus?

Guide: Six weeks of pregnancy, there is a cyst on the right attachment, will it affect the fetus?

A considerable part of female friends may not understand the meaning of the attachment. In fact, the attachment refers to the uterine attachment, including the ovary and the fallopian tubes in the category of the attachment. Blocks occur in these places, which are called attachment cysts.

Generally, there is no obvious symptoms of attachment cysts. Usually, no one thinks that often do a B -ultrasound to see something, so many female friends do the B -ultrasound after pregnancy. After all, they grow in the body.A small mass, saying that it is impossible not to worry about it. For pregnancy, the most concerned is whether it will affect the fetus.

In fact, attachment cysts can affect the fetus to a certain extent. Some attachment cysts have symptoms of abdominal pain, and some attachment cysts, such as ovarian cysts sometimes twist, cause nausea, vomiting, and strong abdominal pain.There is also the possibility of abortion in the early pregnancy. If the cyst grows larger in the third trimester, it will cause abnormal fetal position and difficulty in giving birth.

This requires a regular review. If the cysts are relatively small and there are no symptoms, there is no change during pregnancy. If there is no direct impact on pregnancy, you can choose to treat after giving birth, but if the cyst is relatively large, the cysts are relatively large.Or quickly increase during pregnancy, and when the pregnancy and maze have corresponding symptoms, surgery can be performed at 16-24 weeks, because surgery in the early or third trimester may cause abortion. In the second trimester,The influence of the fetus is not great.

Important tips: During the checkup, a cyst is found, and the inspection should be done regularly.

Today’s topic: Six weeks of pregnancy, check the attachment on the right. There is a cyst on the right. Do you think it has an impact on the fetus?

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