Gao Yixiang’s death was nearly 5 months old, and his close friend Mao Gaen revealed his wife’s pregnancy, but the due date was sad

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In the cold winter night last year, Gao Yixiang left unexpectedly. People also continued to pay attention to their relatives and friends when tracking the incident. Among them, the name Maogan was repeatedly mentioned.

Mao Gaen was a close friend of Gao Yixiang during his lifetime. The relationship between the two was very deep. When Mao Gaen proposed, Gao Yixiang was still a witness.

On April 17, Mao Gaen announced on social media that his wife Luo Wen was pregnant, and the two were about to usher in their first child.

He did not forget the departure of his friend, and he emotionally stated that he felt dreaming in the past six months, and his mood was high and low. From preparing for the wedding to the best friend to lose the best time, he began to cherish the happiness he had every day.

Mao Jiaen wrote: "At this moment, God gave us the best gift. We didn’t expect to come back so fast, and we didn’t know if it was ready, but we couldn’t wait to go to the next stage of life."When he was surprised, he did not forget to confess his wife’s romantic confession: "Deep feeling that mother love is the greatest, I will always take care of you and our new life, so look forward to seeing you."

In the photos, Mao Gaen and his wife were wearing a denim jacket printed with "2020 as a father" and "2020 as a mother".

It is understood that Mao Jiaen married his wife Luo Wen on November 29 last year, and 2 days before Gao Yixiang died.In that wedding, Gao Xiang should have attended as a best man. Who knew that an accident led to the eternal separation of the two sides. Mao Gaen’s expectation of walking into the marriage hall under the witness of a good brother was ended.

Thinking again and again, Maogan’s wedding was still held as scheduled, but because of Gao Yixiang’s death, a shadow was filled.At the wedding scene, Mao Gaen, who lost his conscientious friend, canceled the bridesmaids and best man, everything was simple.

In addition, preparing white roses at the scene, groom Maogan, wore Gao Yixiang’s own brand during the ritual and dinner … These small details were full of tears everywhere. Although Gao Yixiang left, his friend loved him.changing.

On the day of great joy, Mogaen posted on the social media that the emotional collapse in the past two days: "I try to write down my feelings, but every time I pen, I can only stop crying with pain., I’m going to be destroyed. "For the sorrow, he also expressed his feelings for Gao Yixiang:" You are irreplaceable, I will always miss you and love you forever. "

But the most wonderful thing is the weather on the wedding day.The weather forecast showed that it would rain that day, but on the day of the wedding, there was even a rainbow.

The bride Luo Wen couldn’t help posting: "You always appear in the most handsome way", and shared a rainbow photo appearing at the wedding. In her heart, Gao Yixiang did not lose his appointment.

On April 17th, according to Taiwan media reports, Mao Gaen revealed that "Wife is now 3 months pregnant, the due date is early November, the gender is not yet known, and men and women are good."The child’s due date is in November. At this point in time, people are unavoidable to think of Gao Yixiang last year in November, and I think it is sad.Taiwan media said that according to time, the child should be pregnant during the honeymoon of the two at the end of last year.

Coincidentally, the two had a rainbow on the first day of honeymoon.

On December 17 last year, Mao Gaen reposted his wife’s dynamics, saying that when he opened the door of the bed in a bed, he saw the rainbow, thinking that this was a gift for Gao Yixiang to give them the first day of honeymoon.In the picture, the rainbow is particularly gorgeous.

Blessings or thoughts, Mao Gaen’s most difficult time to lose his friends twice with the rainbow is also a kind of psychological comfort.The flowers bloomed. A wonderful life passed in November last year. A new life in November this year is about to be born.

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Author: Moxianbao’s Nineteen Generations

Editor -in -chief: Ah fork

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