Fukushima Nuclear Power Station will open to ordinary travel groups and cannot visit

Chinanews.com, June 25. According to Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported on the 24th, the "Visiting Tour" of Tokyo Power Company’s Fukushima Power Company is expected to accept ordinary public registration after July.Earlier, the project was only for relevant persons, local residents and groups of training purposes.The implementation subject is a travel agency certified by the "Hope Tourism" (which allows participants to visit and rebuilding the reconstruction project).

According to reports, East Electric has been discharging nuclear sewage that has accumulated more and more nuclear power stations in the summer before and after the summer. By expanding the reception objects of the visit, he hopes to promote the understanding of the reactor scrap work.

Data map: Nuclear sewage storage tank in Fukushima First Nuclear Power Station in Japan.

According to Dongdian, the standard route is to watch the polynoin removal equipment (ALPS) and the storage tank group in the nuclear power plant in the nuclear power plant. Get off at a high platform at about 100 meters apart from each other.To No. 4 reactor factory building.At the same time, the staff will explain the use of nuclear sewage bottle samples to tourists.

It is reported that in the two and a half hours of "visiting", tourists are expected to suffer 0.03 mm.Therefore, they need to wear long -sleeved and trousers and show their identity proof that pregnant women and junior high school students cannot participate.

Dongdian revealed that in 2018, about 19,000 people visited the Fukushima First Nuclear Power Station.

On April 13, 2021, the Japanese government officially decided to filter the Fukushima nuclear sewage and discharge it into the sea after being filtered and diluted, but this decision was widely questioned and opposed by the international community, and it also caused strong concerns in Japan.

According to previous reports, the Tokyo Electric Power Corporation of Japan has begun trial operations on the nuclear sewage discharge facilities of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station on June 12. It is expected to last for two weeks. Dongdian plans to officially open nuclear sewage emissions this summer.On the afternoon of June 13, the people of Fukushima County held a meeting. Participants expressed dissatisfaction with the Japanese government’s plan to formally discharge nuclear sewage to the sea this summer.

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