From the annual income of one million to the monthly salary of 1,500, her life is being destroyed by an old house

If I knew that the house was so important to us, I would definitely buy two sets when I was capable, and gave me myself, and to my sister.Because I did n’t think of it, we were so intimate, and now we will look back for a hometown.

This is the story I admire for decades, and it is also my niece Ping.

Ping is two years younger than me. At 35 this year, she also has a sister who is two years younger than her. We grew up together and have a good relationship.Although I am older than her, she is cheerful and daring, and she will cook noodles, roasted corn, and roast potatoes when the adults do not have time to come back to cook, so she is actually more like a onebig sister.

Ping has been very fascinated by making money since childhood. When we are still spending the pocket money in a corner and two corners, she will mix the slices of sour radish at home and sell it to the village mouth to other.child.We are busy playing with mud on weekends. She goes to pick tea to the tea garden. After a month, she can save two or three dollars. It is the "rich man" of us.

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After the junior high school, we didn’t have much time together. One was two levels, and each had new friends. The main thing was that Ping expanded the "business".The vegetables, cabbage, and peppers in the vegetable garden, peaches, plums, and pears on the trees are all her products. They are picked up on Saturday evening. I ride a bicycle early on Sunday to rush to collect.At that time, everyone was poor, the vegetables were very cheap, and Ping didn’t make much money, but she added two meats to her family a month, and she still became a maternal praise to dry children.Occasionally, she also bought a bit of biscuits or candy, and then let Yun call me over and quietly stuff two sips in my mouth. At this time, Yun Yun’s eyes were envy and worship.

After high school, because of the pressure of learning, Ping only had time to consider making money during the holidays.She sells meat for preserved meat during the day and embroidered cross -stitching at night. She just made enough tuition living expenses in one month.Because of this, my mother boasted her countless times, and said that I couldn’t compare with her even if I was afraid.I have never been jealous of her, and even a trace of distress that I can’t tell.

Ping’s father was the only teacher in several villages nearby that year. Unfortunately, the primary school teacher’s salary was very low, and his school was too far away from home.Father’s love cannot bring enough material.Her mother is greedy and black every day, and she can only fill a family’s belly. I don’t know if this is why she fell in love with money.

After going to college, we had little contact, but I heard that she had been a tourist school. Her sister Yun was admitted to the same university two years later.She wants to bear all the sisters’ expenses, so she is still keen to make money during her school.

The gathering again was in 2020, because I took my daughter back to my hometown because of the epidemic. At that time, they had been back for almost half a year.She still loves to laugh so much, but many times I see her smile is not calm.I have gone through too many people, and I do n’t have too many stabbing and curiosity.

Until some time ago, my mother told me that the Ping family was in trouble, and her mother’s mouth suddenly became ignorant.I believe that Ping, who has been silent for so many years, must have her reasons for her.

Looking at the children who played crazy on the grass that day, she suddenly cried. After a while, she wiped a tears and said, "Bo Niang, I regret it. If I knew that the house was so important, I would definitely be capableBuy two sets. "I hugged her gently and listened to her story quietly.

During Ping University, a boyfriend, north, was very good, and he was very good with her.When he graduated, the boy wanted to return to his hometown for development.Because the school was not good and experienced, Ping’s work was difficult to find, and she simply wholesale clothes to set up a stall.Originally, I thought that my life could be lived like this, but two years later, Yun graduated from a local tourist company and specialized in receiving overseas tourists. The salary was very objective.Yun recommended Ping to the boss and lobby her sister, and the boy also persuaded her to seize this opportunity.So Ping returned to the provincial city and struggled with her sister.

After returning, he was very busy, and after a while, he found that the boy hadn’t contacted her for a long time.She called in the past and asked before knowing that the boy’s house forced him to get married. He didn’t know how to choose. Ping painted the consequences and chose to let go.They survived the days when they lived in the basement to eat instant noodles, but they could not stand the test of long -distance love.After breaking up, Ping met her current husband. This man who was a bit not worthy of him in outsiders, but Ping believes that her husband’s gentle and patient character is very well -matched with a strong self -bea self.

After getting married, Ping Fang, who was unwilling to lose in the bones, resolutely abandoned his high salaries and started to start a business. She chose the beauty industry that was very good at that time. Yun silently took out her most of her savings to support her.At the beginning, everything is good, the location of the store is good, the project is very competitive, and the employees are working hard.Ping started to prepare a new store in the second month of opening.At that time, the apprentices in her shop were 5,000 a month and were still eating, and the temptation was quite large. The girls who had no text diploma in the village licked her face and let her arrange it. Ping accepted it.It’s not used! "At that time, Ping was shining in the village.

Ping and her team

It took less than a year to earn one million, and her mother advised her to buy the house first, but Ping thought that the money was barely buying a house. How did she live with the two families with Yun?It is better to work hard to buy two sets in one or two years, and there is no need to have a mortgage pressure.Yun stood beside her sister and said she believed her.

Ping said that if she knew what happened later, she would listen to her mother at that time. Even if she couldn’t buy a house in the provincial capital, it was no problem to buy two sets of two sets of buyers in her hometown. Unfortunately, there was no regret medicine in the world.

Perhaps the steps were too fast and the management was not in place. Employees jumped jobs, causing the service to be unable to keep up. Most members asked to withdraw the card. In addition, the capital chain broke, and Ping’s career collapsed."Gao Gao Yuan" and "No Fortune" became the oral language when the old family talked about her.But at that time, Ping was not desperate, and in her opinion, whose career was not up and down.

But sometimes life is like this. I always like to turn off your door and lock your window.When Ping was still busy looking for business opportunities, the epidemic came, because without a customer, her sister Yun was forced to go home and lay flat.After discussing with her husband, she chose to return to her hometown. Ping also decided to come back and try it together after careful consideration.However, the impact of the epidemic is far more serious than expected. In this remote town with tourism as the main business, once there is no tourist, the economy is almost paralyzed.Yun had no job, and Ping had a salary of 1500 for two and a half days a week. This money was not enough to buy the second child’s milk powder.Her husband’s work was also greatly affected. In order to go home to apply for adjustment, his salary dropped from more than 7,000 to 4,000.Ping said that from extravagance to frugality, it is actually very simple, and there will be a child.

Ping can recruit a daughter at home as an eldest daughter, and she can get all her family property while supporting her parents.And her sister Yun was married and no longer enjoyed these.But Yun has a bad relationship with her mother -in -law, and her husband’s family conditions are very poor. She wanted to come back. After her mother mentioned it with Ping, she didn’t think too much. She felt that although there were four children, they were still small., Squeeze and live.Slowly, the inconvenience and huge economic pressure brought by people slowly make the atmosphere of the sisters a little strange, and they seem to deliberately avoid the topic of money.

However, the window paper was still broken. For almost a lifetime, his father suddenly announced at the dining table that the newly built house belongs to his sister Yun, the old house and a small land, and Yun Yun subsidized his sister 200,000 yuan.Knowing that things cannot be solved like this, but these words still make the two of them have a huge wave.Yun felt that 200,000 paid down payment was more than enough, and Ping couldn’t imagine how to live with two children, how to live a day when he starts from one brick and tile.

Pingjia is about to become an old house in a dangerous house

Ping said that for the first time, she resents his father. This home is like a hotel that he can live in peace without paying.In recent years, his salary has risen again and again, but he has never subsidized a point at home. The money to build a house is part of his mother’s praise.His more than 6,000 wages are used to enjoy life. A person follows the elderly group to travel. The rest of the time is used to learn music.She can endure it, but why did the father destroy the balance of careful maintenance in a word.

From that day to the present, Ping hasn’t talked to Yun for almost half a month, and I don’t know how to speak.As a eldest daughter and as a sister, she should take a step back. This is how she came here for so many years.But as a mother, she can’t let her children sleep with her.In the past two years, one penny made two points of flowers. Ping’s ambition seemed to have been worn out. After speaking, her face was blank.

No matter what the end is, there is no winner.However, they have supported each other for so many years, and I believe that their feelings will not be easily broken.And such a powerful Ping, standing up again is inevitable.

—— This content comes from the author’s personal experience of "Bobo"

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