From pregnancy to confinement, these three stages are the easiest to gain weight, and it is difficult to lose weight after giving birth.

For pregnant women who have a normal weight before pregnancy (the weight index is 18.5-24.9), the entire pregnancy increases between 23-32 pounds during pregnancy.

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After many women are pregnant, they start to eat and eat, for fear that the health of the baby will affect the baby’s health because of nutrition.But after giving birth to a baby, he was stupid. The baby was only 6 or 7 pounds, but he had 30 or 40 pounds of meat.

Faced with these fats that buy a gift N, many Baoma had to join the army of postpartum weight loss, but the results are often not satisfactory. How can these fat be reduced.

In fact, this is because pregnant mothers do not pay attention to the intake of diet during pregnancy. Many times the mother eats not nutrition, but fat.

Mengmeng was pregnant at the age of 32, and the family was very excited about this, especially Mengmeng’s mother -in -law.Since I knew that Mengmeng was pregnant, her mother -in -law came to their house almost every day and made soup for Mengmeng.

Within a month, Mengmeng got more than ten pounds. Although the pregnant mother also had concerns about her weight, it was difficult for her mother -in -law to cook her mother -in -law every day.

So until after giving birth, Meng Meng was almost 36 pounds, and even the doctor said that she had gained too much weight.After you want to give birth to a baby, you can no longer eat as you eat as before.

However, Meng Meng’s mother -in -law said that Mengmeng is now breastfeeding. Weight loss will definitely affect the baby’s rations. He still insists on cooking soup for Mengmeng every day, and even better than before.

1) 1-13 weeks of pregnancy

This time is exactly in the early pregnancy. At this time, the baby is only the size of bean sprouts. For such a mini baby, they do not have any need for meat.

During this period, they were mainly developing nerves. During this period, they should make some vitamins and folic acid than eating some nutritional products and nourishing soups.

2) 30 weeks of pregnancy-before childbirth

After 30 weeks of pregnancy, the baby does not have a lot of demand for long meat. At this time, you only need to stick to the quantitative fish, egg milk and vegetables, and do not need to eat it.

And at this time, the baby generally starts to enter the basin, the pressure of the stomach will be reduced, and the mother will feel that the appetite will suddenly improve.

But at this time, you must be stabilized. You must know that eating too much at this time is not only the long meat of pregnant mothers, it is a burden for your baby.

Once the baby grows again, it is likely to increase the difficulty of childbirth. Even caesarean section will be more difficult to increase abdominal fat, and it will be difficult to lose weight after giving birth.

3) During the confinement

Many Baoma gave birth to a child and thought that he could finally start to lose weight, but I didn’t know that there was a longer "breastfeeding period" waiting for them.

After the birth of a child, not only did it not be thin at all, but because she kept supplementing during breastfeeding, she was even fatter.

Although nutrition needs to be supplemented during confinement, it is also necessary to plan it reasonably. It should not be too greasy, especially for various soups, which not only grow meat, but also affect breast milk and is not conducive to milk.

According to the study, pregnant mothers who have not returned to before giving birth to prenatal weight have developed more than 60 % in the future to develop obese.

Therefore, exercise+nutritional diet is the correct way to open the confinement. You must not listen to it and keep eating!

The doctor suggested that it is not recommended to lose weight between 6 weeks after giving birth. Although it is not recommended to lose weight during confinement, Baoma cannot eat and eat it.

If you are a mother -in -law, you can start to lose weight slowly, but if you are a caesarean section, you usually have to wait for at least 3 months before starting to lose weight.

Pregnant mothers should not pursue speed. The best weight loss speed is to recover the prenatal level in 6 months.

In terms of exercise: After the confinement of many pregnant mothers, they immediately do some high -intensity exercise, but in fact, the candy mother does not recommend everyone to do this.

In particular, some treasure mothers who are not very good in physical fitness can start with simple walks first, twice a day, and gradually increase each time.

If you feel that your physical fitness is good, you can also jump some postpartum weight loss exercises.But pay attention to duration, especially when the confinement is just out of confinement.

In terms of diet: Adhere to the intake of high protein foods and vitamins, but at the same time, it is necessary to reduce the intake of starch and oil.In particular, desserts and milk tea drinks are prohibited products for lactating weight loss.

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