Frequent urination during pregnancy = Drink less water?

Frequent urination is a trapped during pregnancy that most pregnant mothers encountered together. Many people drink less water or urinate and urinate in order to reduce the number of times to go to the toilet.Misunderstanding and correct response methods!

Why do you urinate frequently after pregnancy?

Generally speaking, it is normal for the mother to urinate 4-6 times and 0-2 times in the evening.On the one hand, because the child officials are constantly increasing the bladder during pregnancy, the reduction of space will make the bladder capacity smaller, and the urine will naturally produce more cranial.

After the uterus enters the abdominal cavity in the middle of pregnancy, the compression of the bladder will decrease, and the relative frequent urination will improve.However, in about 38 weeks, because the baby’s fetal head decreases, the uterus will be squeezed again to the bladder, and the urine phenomenon will increase again. On the other hand, because the maternal body and the metabolites of the tire BB need to be discharged together during pregnancy, so urine urineThe amount will increase.

Normal urinary frequency VS urethral infection

Under the action of progesterone, pelvic congestion and urinary tract peristalsis slower, the bladder mucosa will have congestion and edema, which is more likely to be infected, which will also cause frequent urination.If you want to distinguish, you can pay attention to the pain and fever when you urinate, or have a sense of unclearness, and the urine color is turbid or even hematuria. This is likely to be urethral infection and must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

The correct method of frequent urination response

1) Do not drink less water to reduce urination

Energy consumption in the body during pregnancy is very large, and water supplementation is necessary in time. If the insufficient water will affect the blood concentration, it is not good for the fetal metabolism.Therefore, expectant mothers should drink 1000-1500ml of water every day, and drinking a cup every 2-3 hours is enough to supplement the water in the body.

2) Do not urinate and urinate

In addition to the normal function of the bladder, the metabolic waste that needs to be excreted can easily cause urinary system infection and even affect the renal function. Therefore, if you have urine, you must urinate in time, and do not be afraid of trouble.

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