Frequent back pain during pregnancy, difficult to fall asleep?These 4 wonderful tricks can help you effectively relieve, very practical

Many mothers say that after pregnancy, they often feel waist pain, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, back pain will be more severe, basically they can’t eat well, and they can’t sleep well.In fact, it is normal for mothers to have back pain during pregnancy. There are many reasons for back pain. The biggest part is because the hormone in the body changes, which causes the mother’s pelvic ligament to relax, which causes back pain symptoms.Of course, with the increase of the pregnancy cycle, the continuous increase in the fetus and the increase of amniotic fluid will also cause a certain pressure on the lumbar spine.Back pain during pregnancy, mothers must take it seriously, and usually pay more attention to these 4 things, which can effectively relieve back pain.

Pay attention to sleeping position

As the baby’s baby keeps growing, the pressure of the mother’s lumbar spine will gradually increase, especially in the third trimester, sleeping is a great test for them.I often insomnia all night because I can’t find a suitable sleeping position. It is very unfavorable to mother and child health in the long run. It is recommended that mothers can use pregnant women’s pillows to help improve sleep quality.Generally speaking, the most suitable sleeping position in the third trimester is the left side of the left side. Pregnant women’s pillows adopt a left hug design, which not only allows mothers to keep the left sleeping position better, but also alleviate the discomfort caused by long -term side lying.In addition, pregnant women’s pillows can freely adjust the waist pillow. With different pregnancy, different waist circumferences, pillow distance can also be adjusted at will, so as to better fit the mother’s waist and support the fragile waist, it is a good helper to relieve low back pain during pregnancy.

Reasonable control of weight

After pregnancy, some mothers started eating and drinking with the mentality of eating two people. During the whole pregnancy, naturally, they naturally increased the trend of acceleration.Excessive weight growth will not only cause mothers to have various pregnancy diseases, such as hypertension, obesity, etc., but also increase the burden on the waist, which will cause back pain. It can be said that it is not good for the mother and child.If you want to make yourself good, the fetus is healthier, the mother must eat reasonably during pregnancy to control her weight, so that they are good for yourself and the fetus.

Exercise appropriate exercise

After women are pregnant, the amount of exercise will be greatly reduced, and even some mothers often stay in bed for a long time, so that they will directly cause the basic physical strength of the adult to decrease, which will lead to back pain.Therefore, if you want to effectively avoid back pain during pregnancy, your mother must do exercise appropriately, but pay attention to the strength of exercise, otherwise it will affect physical health.When you are okay, you can take a walk in the park or the yoga class during pregnancy, which can effectively alleviate the problem of back pain.

Proper calcium supplementation

Throughout pregnancy, the nutrients required for fetal growth and development are derived from the mother’s body, so for mothers, the demand for nutrition will greatly increase.If a certain nutrients are lacking in the body, it will directly affect the health of itself and the fetus. For example, the lack of calcium in the body will directly cause the mother’s bone softening and loose, which will cause back pain.During pregnancy, the mother’s demand for calcium is much higher than that of ordinary people, so you must pay attention to proper calcium supplementation, so as to ensure his own health.

During pregnancy, it is normal to have back pain in the body. As long as you pay attention to the scientific diet and exercise reasonably, you will slowly disappear after giving birth, so don’t worry too much to avoid being too stressful to herself.

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