Frankly speaking, there is no risk of tooth extraction itself, but there are still taboos

Tooth extraction is a common small surgery in daily life. The oral cavity eats every day, and the teeth will bear important chewing functions. If the teeth are uncomfortable, it will affect us to eat. If the problem is serious, the tooth extraction is inevitable.The tooth problem should be found as soon as possible as soon as possible. First of all, treatment is mainly based on treatment. Do not get removing problems, and do not drag for too long. It is inevitable that tooth disease becomes more serious.

I believe that many people are a little scared about tooth extraction. There is actually no risk of tooth extraction, but some cases need to be careful not to extract teeth.First of all, it is necessary to exclude systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, liver and kidney, etc. At this time, if tooth extraction, it may cause the above diseases to worsen. There is no danger of tooth extraction when grasping the indications.In addition, pregnant women, menstrual periods, and blood patients cannot be extracted.For example, anesthetic drugs are needed during tooth extraction, which will have an impact on the pregnant woman itself and the fetus. If the first three months of pregnancy, the tooth extraction can easily lead to abortion. Eight months of pregnancy can cause premature birth.For example, due to the special changes in female physiology during menstrual periods, the anticoagulation mechanism will be activated and the body’s immunity decreases. At this time, the blood extraction may occur, or various infections are more likely to occur.

Tooth extraction is not as dangerous as imagined, but if there is the above situation, it is still possible to cause these unnecessary unexpected situations regardless of whether they are desperate or to extract teeth.To get teething to a regular hospital, take a dental tablet to understand the condition of the root week and the resistance of the root tip. If the recommended root canal therapy can be retained, it should be removed.If there is no other systemic disease, there will generally not be problems.

In addition, before the tooth extraction, everyone should take the initiative to inform the doctor that they have no cardiovascular disease, the existence of the disease of the blood system or the rheumatism immune system, so that the doctor can further evaluate the body’s condition and make corresponding rescue preparations at any time.Before the tooth extraction, it is recommended that you use warm salt water to fully rinse the mouth. This is because it is generally necessary to avoid mouthwash after the tooth extraction, and brushing your teeth within 24 hours to prevent the blood clot from the inner lipstick from getting out of the mouth.

For those patients who have been bleeding after tooth extraction, at this time, they should quickly clean the blood in the mouth and remove the free blood clot with higher tooth extraction wounds.Put an appropriate amount of dressing. If there is still more bleeding at this time, you should consciously go to the hospital for timely treatment.On the day of tooth extraction, patients should avoid intake of overheated foods and avoid chewing with tooth extraction sides. Be more careful not to suck and vomit repeated.Condition.

Guidance expert: Liu Anfang, deputy chief physician, Futukiology Department of Suizhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Good at: He has been engaged in clinical work of the Five Officials for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in the five officials.

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