For the health of the fetus, can I still use perfume after pregnancy?See what the experts say

Xiao Wang is one of the few Bai Fumei around her friends, and her husband is also more picky among friends. The two call them a talented girl.The couple had been separated for many years because of their work problems, and this year, her husband’s husband was finally transferred back to China.Less than half a year returning to China, Xiao Wang came up with a good news of pregnancy. In order to celebrate, he also invited his good friends to eat together and gather together.

On the dining table, Sister Li, who was slightly longer older than Xiao Wang, quietly said to Xiao Wang: "Xiao Wang, sister tells you that you are pregnant now, it’s a big happy event, you have to raise it.I heard that people say that perfume is not good for the fetus. "

After listening to Sister Li, Xiao Wang expressed panic.Because Xiao Wang usually likes makeup, he is unwilling to go out without makeup.She thinks that makeup will make women more beautiful and better, and others will look pleasing to the eye.Perfume is even more indispensable, it can make women emit a unique charm.Moreover, different smells of perfumes are suitable for different occasions. This little king loves perfume in the circle of friends.

Indeed, Xiao Wang said from different friends, saying that perfume contains musk, that is, the musk of the ancient concubine used to harm the pregnant concubine, which has a huge threat to the fetus.I was frightened to Xiao Wang, and quickly went to the hospital for consultation. After the consultation, Director Zhang listened to Xiao Wang’s question, and said with a long -term saying: "The question you ask is not a clear judgment in clinical practice. This statement is actually relatively comparable toFinal. "

However, as a category of cosmetics, if the composition is not too secure, in order to ensure the normal development of the fetus, it is recommended that after pregnancy, you can try not to use perfume.Especially those who have a strong taste, because there are various chemical components, it will definitely affect the body and fetal health of pregnant women to varying degrees.

"Also, try not to use cosmetics and hair dyes after pregnancy. Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, the composition of these things has a great threat to the fetus."The beautiful nail polish gave a warm reminder and said, "Don’t apply nail polish anymore. Some components contained in nail polish are very harmful to the body, which can easily cause fetal dysplasia or even other irreversible consequences."

After getting the doctor’s comprehensive answer, Xiao Wang finally put down a heart, and also said that the director said that all of them would write down and implement it in life. After all, having a healthy baby is much more important than makeup spray perfume!

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