For a hundred years, our family finally gave birth to a girl

Yesterday, it was the mother’s birthday.

As soon as I entered the village, I found that the people in the village went to the brigade.I thought it was a nucleic acid!

When I got home, I talked about this with my mother. The mother laughed and said that the tomb of the old Wang family was smoky, and finally ended the day without a girl -Wang Laosi’s daughter -in -law’s second child finally gave birth to a girl.Pharaoh invited the people of the city’s Beijing opera group to sing a big show in the village.The mother also said that if you have nothing to do at home, live at home for a few days, and leave after watching the show.

I didn’t have much interest to Peking Opera. Besides, my husband had to go to work.But I was particularly interested in the Girls’ House of Pharaoh’s family.

In my childhood vague memory, the Wang family has always been a large household in the village.At that time, Wang’s family was an old lady. She has been widow for many years and raised four sons.The four sons gave birth to nine grandsons.I read books with the grandchildren of the old people, he is one year older than me.

The Pharaoh’s family Ding Xingwang, no one was afraid of fighting.However, their bachelors are the most.There will be a bachelor at home at almost every house.

With my classmate’s family, there are five brothers, all of which are round.Fuck dreaming for a girl, seeing a girl in other people’s family, his mother’s eyes were red, and he couldn’t wait to grab the daughter -in -law!

His parents contracted a large orchard.Sometimes Apple is worthless, and it is good to barely keep the capital.After all the five sons participated in the work, they all set up their families. They were the only brothers who had no bachelor!The old lady lost her life due to a serious illness, and the old man also drove to the west after a few years.

Wang Laosi had only one son, and his son was very angry. He graduated from 985 and stayed in Dalian.In order to retain him, the unit opened a very good condition, including a house.

After the son got married, the first child gave birth to a baby boy.Wang Laosi didn’t feel anything happy.The daughter -in -law even felt that the father -in -law didn’t like herself, and she had a contradiction for this.The grandson is not full of age, and the daughter -in -law is pregnant again.The young couple began to think about whether this child should be born.So the son asked Wang Laosi.Wang Laosi said that if you can give birth to a girl, it will be a boy!Wang Laosi also said that it is not rare boy!I gave birth to a kid, no matter!For more than a hundred years in the family, I have never given birth to a girl!I want girls to be crazy!

Wang Laosi’s daughter -in -law dare not be sure that he can give birth to a daughter!However, I really can’t bear to beat it!The last bite his teeth and stomped his feet, regardless of his girl and kid, he gave birth to herself!


October conceive, once childbirth!

The daughter -in -law of Wang Laosi returned to her in -laws half a month before giving birth to a child’s family, and gave birth to a big fat daughter in the city hospital!

After hearing the wife of Wang Laosi, he was in danger of being infected (during that time, Weihai was in high -risk areas), went to the seaside, and the trustee bought the sea cucumber of wild coffee;Eggs; I also asked my nephews to help, and asked the daughter -in -law on the Internet to invite a monthly sister, with a monthly salary of 18,000 …

Wang Laosi felt that his wife’s actions could not fully represent his inner joy and reward for his daughter -in -law. He waved his hand and directly rewarded the daughter -in -law of 100,000 yuan.This is not over, and ran to the city’s Peking Opera Troupe. He spent a lot of money and invited the actor. From the day of his granddaughter’s full moon, he sang three days in a row.

Wang Laosi named his granddaughter: Wang Xinxin.

Resolutely oppose anyone to the name of the granddaughter.

Wang Laosi said that our family finally broke the curse of a century without a girl, which is really a new thing!

This is the origin of the new name!

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