Folic acid contains many natural foods. Is it necessary to eat folic acid tablets?

Everyone knows what is the difference between free folic acid and pharmacies issued by free folic acid issued by the community before and during pregnancy?

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is mainly involved in protein and nucleic acid synthesis, DNA methylization, and participating in same type of cysteine metabolism.Another important function is to prevent fetal spine bales and nerve tube deformities.

The spine and nerve tube of the fetus are developed in the mother’s body about 3-4 weeks in the early stages of pregnancy, and the pregnant mother finds that the fetus has been formed in the mother’s body for 2-3 weeks when she is pregnant.It will affect the development of the fetus, which will lead to congenital defects caused by the failure of neural tube.Therefore, we recommend that mothers with pregnancy intention, from the beginning of pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy), supplement folic acid, 400UG per day.

At present, the community family planning department, community health service center, and hospitals can register for free folic acid.Some people have questions: What is the difference between free folic acid and pharmacies?

There are still differences:

Free folic acid is pure folic acid, and the function is relatively single, which is to supplement the folic acid in the pregnant mother’s body.Hundreds of folic acid in the pharmacy is basically composite vitamins, and it is a multi -vitamin containing folic acid.Of course, pharmacies also have pure folic acid tablets, ranging from more than a dozen to dozens.

The free folic acid is managed according to the drug, and the hundreds of supplements of the pharmacy are managed according to health products.Strictly speaking, the management of drugs is stricter than health products and is more secure in terms of safety.The circulation channels of drugs are simpler than health products. The health care products have been packaged, propagated, and circulating, and the prices in the hands of consumers have increased many times.

Moreover, the same ingredients are folic acid, and there are free to receive it. Why do you want to go to a pharmacy to buy hundreds of dollars?

How much should folic acid be supplemented?

Starting from the first three months of pregnancy, 400ug (0.4mg) folic acid is added every day, and the entire pregnancy is continued.

Can composite vitamin tablets replace folic acid?

During pregnancy, it is recommended to eat a balanced daily daily to ensure the intake of various nutrients; in addition, supplement free free folic acid 400ug;

During pregnancy, some mothers have a bad appetite due to their pregnancy reactions. The daily diet cannot meet the requirements. You can take composite vitamins and mineral tablets to supplement the needs of fetal development and mother.

When buying, what you need to do is to be optimistic about the amount of folic acid: whether to reach 400ug daily.Some imported health products may not reach the content of folic acid in it.

If the response of expectant mothers during pregnancy is not serious, three meals and meals a day can be taken on time, ensuring that the intake of important nutrients such as iron, calcium, and iodine can be taken.

Is there no folic acid in natural food?Why add folic acid tablets?

In fact, folic acid exists in various animal and plant foods, including animal liver, beans, yeasts, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables and fruits.

However, folic acid biological utilization in natural foods is not high, about 50%; simple folic acid supplements, its folic acid biological utilization rate reaches 100%.

Therefore, in order to ensure the needs of fetal development, it is recommended to take folic acid tablets.

In conclusion:

On the basis of a daily balanced diet during pregnancy, receive 400Ug folic acid a day for free;

During pregnancy, if you are worried that the nutrient intake is not enough, you can buy a composite vitamin tablets. Remember to see the folic acid content (400ug daily).

Natural food folic acid biological utilization is not high, or folic acid supplements are more secure.


Author: Wang Miao, Chinese registered nutritionist, Ph.D.

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