Feng Shui conditioning that can’t be careless before pregnancy

In order to get a healthy and cute baby, how many parents have tasted all kinds of efforts and have to be admired.But the precautions on the bright side have been done, and the results may still be disappointing.I want to remind you that some of the secrets, you still ca n’t ignore it, such as Feng Shui, today I will tell you in detail how to do it.

Select the place where residence:

The fateful actress is weak, and the ability of the fetus to adapt to the environment is relatively poor.From the perspective of home feng shui, a relatively stable living environment is more conducive to pregnancy, and often moving will affect conception.

Fixed home tone:

There are three inappropriate arrangements for the home feng shui of pregnant women, that is, it is not suitable to perform home decoration and decoration, and it is not advisable to change the medium and large -scale furniture supplies of the home.Therefore, it is recommended that these tasks are properly arranged before pregnancy to avoid the healthy growth of the fetus after pregnancy.

Layout the bedroom environment:

In home feng shui science, the most basic feng shui requirements for pregnant women’s bedrooms are "ventilation, lighting, and warmth". On the basis of this, the bedroom of pregnant women also need to avoid various Feng Shui shames, including the evil spirits of the formation of random vessels and the formation of the beams.The evil spirits, as well as the light evil, sound shame, mirror evil, doors and windows, etc., because the Feng Shui shaped evil can produce negative energy of Feng Shui, which will have a bad impact and suggestion on the fetus.

Shooting the back balcony of the house:

In home feng shui, "back balcony" represents future generations. As a pregnant woman, it can represent the innate quality of the fetus and the future development prospects.Therefore, the balcony must achieve three aspects in terms of feng shui: First, the items on the back balcony must be neatly placed, and need to be placed according to the principles of left, right, right, and right. Second, the back balcony should not be seen.Obvious damage; third, if the shape of the back balcony is seen to shoot, it must be resolved accordingly, such as the streets that easily affect the successful conception.

Junshun home bathroom:

The health and bathrooms in the home feng shui can directly affect the health of the fetus. The main Feng Shui in the bathroom needs to pay attention to this point: first, the smooth flow of waterway and airflow; the other is the faucet to avoid doors and windows, aisles, mirrors, etcFourth, the bathroom needs to be tidy.In addition, the bathrooms in the home without the balcony can be used as the back balcony to discuss related feng shui.

Hide the sharp device:

In the home feng shui center, such as sharp blades, scissors, etc., the evil spirits produced are fast and urgent. The consequences of Feng Shui can cause pregnant women to bleed or even abortion or unpleasant production.In this regard, according to the experience, the solution is to put away sharp utensils and hide them in hidden places such as drawers.

Put away the things of ::

The "“ "mainly includes five aspects, one is the embarrassing and fierce pictures of painting and calligraphy, such as tigers, lions, etc.; The second is the image data that is shocking and chilling;Fourth, it is easy to form objects that are prone to projection; fifth is the facial features that are embarrassed, attacking poison with poison, and evil.If there are these items in Fanfu, you must collect them before pregnancy, so as not to scare the fetus when you are pregnant. At the same time, you can also avoid the congenital pollution of the "ugly" atmosphere.Essence

Reduce the shape of fluctuations:

Pregnancy should be dominated by still, so pregnant women should also be adapted to the deployment of home feng shui.The disadvantage of the fluctuations of pregnant women include six aspects: one is that the flow rate of the air flow is too fast; the other is that the vibration of speakers and audio is too large; the third is that there are too many curves on the interior walls, furniture, etc.There are too many furniture supplies; the fifth is to place radiation items, such as refrigerators and the like; six is to place sports equipment, such as treadmills.

Repair the disability:

The theory of home feng shui science tells us that "there must be a shame with its shape, and there must be a response", "ground effect, human effect", which means that "environmental impact people and life."It can be seen that the damage and shortage of the living environment during pregnancy can easily affect the healthy development and growth of the fetus, leading to the incompleteness of the fetal heart or body, such as rabbit lips.It is necessary to repair the damage and disability in the home in advance during pregnancy.

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