Female teacher derailed physical education teachers during pregnancy, large -scale chat records are exposed, and the content of the picture is spicy!

Recently, some netizens suddenly exposed the shocking incident of a Normal University in Shanxi.It is said that a female teacher in the school derailed physical education teacher during pregnancy was exposed, and the screen was unbearable.

The exposure of this incident was derived from the husband of the female teacher discovered, and then reported the real name.

According to the chat records provided by her husband, it can be seen that the female teacher’s surname is Wang, and the derailed men’s surname Wu is a sports teacher of a school.

Teacher Wang and her husband met in college, and they began to fall in love in 2011.Time was in a hurry, they came together for 7 years, and in 2018, they were compelled.

Then in August 2019, Teacher Wang ushered in their first child.

After they got married, men did business for family responsibilities, while women were teachers at school. Men’s business did well, and her family living conditions were also very good. Although her husband’s business was booming, but because he often traveled away, she daily, she daily every day.Come alone alone and feel lonely.Because she grows very beautiful and is good at dressing up, she often encounters strange men to talk about. After a long time, she feels that she should not be bound by monotonous life.One day, she met a teacher who was a professor and had a pleasant time with him.

What a man couldn’t bear was that their family’s happy and happy life had disappeared, because his wife was derailed.As early as 2019, a non -marriage teacher had an extramarital affair with a male sports teacher in the same school during pregnancy, and until her husband accidentally discovered, the unfaithful secret had been buried for 4 years.

Their "interaction" venues can be seen everywhere, including teachers’ office, male teacher dormitories, hotel hotels, car back seats, college organizations, and even various places such as female teachers and husband’s bedrooms and classrooms.They once had an extremely extraordinary behavior: In order to pursue stimuli, they secretly slipped out of the classroom while the gaps in the class and ran to the stairs of the teaching building …

The content of the chat between men and women is filthy and surprising.Such communication methods completely violate social ethics and moral norms, and seriously violate relevant laws and regulations.

Even in today’s tolerance and open social environment, derailment behaviors should be condemned.After all, falling in love can choose freely, but marriage confirms a responsibility and commitment.Derailment not only abandoned the promise, but also hurt the feelings of the other half. It was a betrayal of love.

For the profession of teachers, it is more necessary to lead by example, to preach the body, and to maintain a good morality.Derailed men and women have discredited the professional image of teachers with unbearable behaviors and hurt the trust of families, students and society.Therefore, it is necessary to call on teachers to reflect on it seriously, follow moral norms, and do not derail the evil derailment.

What makes men most unbearable is that the woman has a big belly and derailed men "fighting" during pregnancy. The menstrual period is not idle. What is most unacceptable is that women "steal" during breastfeeding because they are afraid of taking emergency contraceptives for pregnancy.As a result, milk is reduced, not enough for children to eat, and children are often hungry.

If the relationship between husband and wife is not in the end, divorce may be a choice.After that, they can find the love they really want.However, if you have derailment during marriage, this cannot be forgiven, whether it is emotional or moral.

These chat records were because Wang’s husband suspected that her behavior was abnormal, so she secretly checked her mobile phone and restored the previous WeChat chat record before exposure.What surprised her husband was that Wang had dyed with his colleagues and had maintained a secret relationship for 4 years.This made him very disappointed and distressed.

With the continuous publicity of the Internet, the incident quickly went to hot search in a short time, which aroused close attention from relevant departments.The school was investigated and verified for the first time, and the content of the report was true.The school immediately made a decision.Specific measures are to give relevant personnel to party discipline and discipline and transfer them away from teachers’ positions.The implementation of this measure can not only maintain the facts of the incident, but also play a role of punishment.


Extra -marriage is like a traveler who is lost to find life -saving grass, but the result is just self -deception.

When you can’t go back when you wake up, you may suffer greater harm.

But why is extramarital affairs so difficult to break away?The direct reason is the lack of loyalty to marriage.

When people forget their promise and responsibility to marriage, they are easily confused by desire,

This has led to the increasingly shaken marriage, and after all, it may lead to rupture of individuals and families.

Furthermore, as a teacher’s identity, he should be more cautious and far from immoral behavior.

As a career with a halo, teachers are not only the role of teaching and educating people, but also a role model for students.Therefore, no matter which education stage, every people’s teacher should be exemplary. Only in this way can students win the reputation of "good teacher" in the hearts of students.

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