Female Aunt Class: Is there a small menstrual flow and low back pain during menstruation. Are these normal?

If this is popular on the Internet before: As long as you look at XXX, it is my sister who is different,

Friends who watched "Qing Yu Nian" raised their ears, you are also my sister (Brothers also, don’t be sad)

Back to the topic, sisters, Dr. Bai today talks about the private words between girls -auntie.

To be honest, the sanitary napkin is really expensive. Here I also remind everyone that when buying a sanitary napkin, you must buy a formal brand. It is optimistic about the production date and there is safety protection.

Although a small pack of sanitary napkins is not cheap, such close objects must pay attention to safety events.

I have previously introduced it. This time again, some female friends will be a few days in advance, and some will be postponed for a few days, but in general, as long as the rules are basically no problem.

The total amount of menstruation each time is about 20ml-80ml, and less than 20ml is too much menstrual flow.

If a packet of sanitary napkins is not used every month, and the amount of blood in each piece is very small, just wet the surface, it belongs to the less menstruation.Baby Huai

For women who are young, there are very few menstrual periods, and they must be highly doubted whether they are pregnant.Because some female friends will still have a small amount of vaginal bleeding after one month of pregnancy.

If this happens, you must first test your own urination to see if you are pregnant.hormone imbalance

It is more common in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. The amount of menstruation is relatively small. Generally, in addition to the small menstrual flow, it is often accompanied by the extension of the menstrual cycle. That is, it may be 2-3 months.Menstruation.Uterine operation

For example, abortion, upper ring, curettage, etc., which are likely to cause endometrial damage and adhesion of uterine cavity, thereby reducing the menstrual flow.Menstrual signal

If it is about 50 years old, there is only a problem with a little menstruation, then it may be a menopause.The low menstrual flow is caused by the low level of estrogen in the body.A series of phenomena such as faint abdominal pain and low back pain during menstruation are common.This is because the endometrium shedding can cause pelvic congestion, so it will be compressed to the waist.Kidney qi and kidney loss or eating cold food during menstruation can easily stimulate the abdomen and easily cause dysmenorrhea.If there is pelvic inflammation, there will be pain.

Dysmenorrhea may be physiological or pathological. If it feels different from previously, it is not clear whether it is pathological dysmenorrhea, you need to be vigilant and go to the hospital for examination this morning.

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