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Infected with new crown virus

How to eat it?

Fever, have no appetite, sore throat


Can’t eat

What should I do?

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Nanny -level diet guidance manual

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Overall principle:

Diet reasonable, do not fixture, do not picky eaters

Enough sleep, keep a pleasant mood

The new crown virus has no special effects at present, and it is self -immunity.Successful nutrition is essential for the normal operation of the immune system.

Scientific and reasonable diet can promote the recovery of the body.For example, the new crown virus is an enemy, and you are the soldiers on the battlefield. Nutrition is like a sharp blade in your hand.

How can we have a blade of "helping you to kill the enemy"?Focus on:


Drink plenty of water, light tea, vegetable soup, and fish soup are all possible

Drink more hot water when you are sick.This is like old -fashioned, but drinking water is really important.

When fever and diarrhea, drinking plenty of water has an important role in regulating body temperature and preventing dehydration; drinking plenty of water can ensure that the respiratory tract has sufficient water, and promote the clearance, Metabolism and excretion, the normal metabolism of the human body, and promoting the excretion of toxic substances require water.

Don’t underestimate drinking water.In the hot nesting clinic, doctors have admitted a lot of new crown patients who have mild dehydration due to drinking less water.When I asked what was going on, I said that getting sick is too uncomfortable, and I don’t even want to drink water.


Even if you are sick, no matter how uncomfortable

Don’t forget to drink water!


How much do you drink every day?Remember: it is 1500 ml to 2000 ml.After a large amount of sweating, vomiting/diarrhea severe, drink more appropriately; drink a small mouth and drink slowly.Basic diseases such as heart and kidney, etc., special groups who need to restrict water need to drink water.

What should I drink?Bai Kaishui is the first choice, but it may be too faint for people who are sick.It is also a good choice for light tea, vegetable soup, fish soup, chicken soup, etc.


There are staple foods, and there must be protein

Protein is one of the physiological foundations that maintain good immunity.Various immune cells in the human body are composed of protein. Immunoles such as antibodies, cytokines, lycram enzymes, and C -reactive proteins are essentially protein.

When the human body is invaded by harmful substances such as foreign microorganisms, the ingredients of the immune system are activated and consumed in large quantities.If the protein cannot be supplemented in time, the body’s anti -infective immune capacity will decrease, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body.

However, many people can’t eat solid food because of fever, poor appetite, sore throat, etc., and drinking white porridge with pickles with pickles and pickles in the past.

You know, the nutritional components of these staple foods are only carbohydrates.Eating staple food alone does not meet the needs of protein.The shorter course of disease may not have a large impact. Once the front is stretched, not only the immunity has decreased, but it will also start to consume the muscles of the body and lose weight.

The more you don’t want to eat or not, the more you want to eat and work hard.In order to supplement protein, you can:

Drink milk products, soy milk

For example, yogurt, lactose is not tolerated, it can also be drunk, and it contains a certain probiotic, which is very meaningful for maintaining intestinal immunity.

Make eggs into egg custard or egg flower porridge, egg flower soup

Eggs are an important source of high -quality protein.The so -called "eggs are hair products and cannot be eaten by illness", there is no scientific basis, unless it is allergic to eggs.

Make fishy, shrimp slip, minced meat, etc.

In short, try your best to overcome the problems of food or not to eat or eat.


Carbohydrates are big energy heads, and they are indispensable

Scientific diets are "balanced".Too much ingestion of protein, while ignoring the staple food, does not accelerate rehabilitation, and increases the burden on liver and kidney.A moderate amount of carbohydrates can provide energy to the body, improve the utilization of protein, and play a role in saving protein.

When the lack of the energy of the energy of carbohydrates, high -quality protein will first play the role of providing energy, rather than the other important components of the body using the synthetic body, such as immune substances.This will be greatly reduced.

In addition, carbohydrates are better to digest and absorb compared to protein and fat, which is more appropriate for people who are sick.

In the same way, if you ca n’t eat white rice, cook it into porridge, make rotten noodles, porridge, and directly lower your belly.

If possible, it is best to choose some whole grains, such as oats, millet, purple rice.A bowl of hot grain porridge can provide more dietary fiber, B vitamin and minerals.

In fact, in this contest with the new coronal virus, protein, carbohydrates and water are indispensable.

Even trace nutrients such as vitamins and minerals with small content play a pivotal role in the body’s immunity.

In summary, if you are asymptomatic infected, or if the symptoms are not serious, your appetite is okay, please refer to dietary guidance to eat three meals a day.

If your symptoms are more serious and affect the normal diet, you must try to eat and eat all kinds of nutrients: change the taste of food, try to cut the ingredients finely as much as possible, cook softly, and make semi -liquid or liquid.

The easiest way is to make a bowl of noodles, a few slices of meat, add an egg, and cut a broken vegetable, such as tomato egg noodles, green vegetable meat noodles, etc., cooking ravioli/dumplings+green vegetables;Cook in a pot, such as green vegetable meat/shrimp slip/fish porridge.

If you ca n’t eat vegetables and fruits, you can also use the last trick: squeeze into juice.

Although juice will lose some nutrients, it is better than you can’t eat vegetables and fruits.It can play a role in hydrating, supplementing minerals, vitamins and a small amount of dietary fiber.

These five types of symptoms occur

You can adjust your diet appropriately

The above is only the general principle.Depending on different symptoms, it is necessary to make subtle adjustments.

Fever, no appetite

When fever, the activity of various enzymes in the human body is reduced, including digestive enzymes.This is also the reason why there is usually no appetite or poor digestion when fever.

However, the fever will increase the energy consumption of the body, and at this time, you need to actively supplement nutrition.In order to solve this problem, it is recommended:

1. Eat less.Eat 5 to 6 meals a day, mainly based on light liquid, semi -liquid or soft food.

2. There are staple foods in the three meals and high -quality protein.

3. Add meals to choose yogurt, almond paste, loquat paste, tofu brain, etc.If possible, add some sour and sweet fruits.

4. Add a little appetizer or side dishes to make you more appetite.

Reminder: If you can’t eat things because of your condition, you sweat a lot after high fever, be alert to dehydration and electrolyte disorders.At this time, timely replenish water and electrolytes.

Cough, sore throat

In addition to fever, there are more common and uncomfortable symptoms: dry cough and sore throat.There is a very vivid metaphor: the throat is cut like a knife.

To this extent, it is definitely difficult to swallow, and even swallowing water is painful, not to mention that you eat it as usual.At this time, the diet can only be mainly semi -current or liquid, and be able to eat it as the first criterion.

Some foods may help you relieve the pain:

1. Low temperature can make your throat numb for a while, such as eating some ice cream, drinking cold drinks (frozen vegetable juice), yogurt, etc.

2. Canned fruit can promote saliva secretion and less swallowing pressure.The characteristics of mucosa "sugar coat" are also very friendly to sore throat.Canned fruit can also supplement energy, electrolytes and vitamins.

In addition, you can also try method and other methods such as saline and humidify the room.

Smell and taste change

The World Health Organization recommends that vanilla and spices can be tried to add vanilla and spices, such as pepper, lemon juice and fresh vanilla.But use cautiously, because this may aggravate the stomach reflux.

People who have a pain in throat or people who can’t eat spicy food, it is best not to choose spicy seasonings or side dishes to reduce stimulation of the pharynx.

In addition, brush your teeth twice a day to ensure oral hygiene; you can conduct olfactory training, such as smelling lemon, roses and lilacs every day, twice a day, 20 seconds each time.

Persistent diarrhea

At this time, the diet should be lighter and less oily, mainly carbohydrates.Coarse grains, dairy products, soy products, juice, high -fiber vegetables, etc. may increase diarrhea, and should be eaten less or not.

Positioning: If you do not eat all day and have severe diarrhea, the importance of replenishing water and electrolytes will be greatly improved.

At this time, drink some "oral replenishment salt", sports drinks or electrolyte water.

Among the three, "oral salt salt" has the best effect. Salt, sugar, and potassium have strict ratio. It absorbs more quickly in the small intestine and can more effectively correct dehydration and electrolyte disorders.The only disadvantage of "oral replenishment salt" is that the taste is not good.

Reminder: Oral replenishment salt should be used in accordance with the doctor’s order or medicine instructions. Do not add it at will because of bad taste.

feel sick and vomit

If there is severe vomiting, you can’t eat things at all, and vomit jaundice water. After a long time, dehydration and electrolyte disorders are prone to occur.At this time, the most important thing is to prevent dehydration and electrolyte disorders, and go to the hospital for treatment if necessary.

These small suggestions may make you better:

1. Eat less meals;

2. Separate dry and wet, do not drink water during meals;

3. It is not advisable to lie down immediately after meals;

4. Avoid foods with heavy smell.

Is there any specially recommended dietary supplement?

When it comes to antiviral, many people think of vitamin C for the first time.

So far, vitamin C is not recommended for patients with mild patients.Even in severe patients, the role of large doses of vitamin C has not been confirmed.Large doses of vitamin C can also cause discomfort such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

If you are infected with the new coronal virus, it is really difficult to obtain sufficient nutrients through a balanced diet, then you can choose some composite vitamin mineral supplements, which may be better than simply supplement vitamin C.

If you can only drink liquid, not even semi -liquid foods, you can also consider full nutrient powder.

Although such nutrients look like milk powder, they are much more nutritious than ordinary milk powder.It is a good amount of all macro and trace nutrients according to the daily nutritional needs of healthy adults.People with poor constitution and malnutrition, special groups with basic diseases, and elderly people who are old and weak, and have decreased chewing ability. Such nutrients are used.

Are various dietary therapies on the Internet reliable?

It is not superstitious or exaggerated with the nutritional effects of any single food, including dietary supplements; no food is proven to be treated with new crowns.

For example, the recently sought -after canned yellow peach.Canned yellow peaches really have a remarkable place. Although it is not as good as fresh yellow peaches, it also has certain nutritional value.It should be noted that canned yellow peach can not provide the effect of "cure disease". Canned Sydney, canned oranges, and boiled fruits of sugar water at home can be replaced.

As for electrolyte water, there is basically no thing to eat. After high fever, a large amount of sweat and severe diarrhea and vomiting occur.Oral replenishment salt effect is the best, sports drinks ranked second, electrolyte water is third.

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