faint!"Auntie" has come to more than a month … Is there any saving?


A "relative" that makes people love and hate

When not coming, annoying

Here, it’s annoying

Come, even more annoying

Some time ago

Xiaoli (pseudonym) was deeply tortured by "big aunt"

Because this "relative" has been here for more than a month …

She, deeply tortured by "Auntie"

Vaginal bleeding for more than 1 month

At the end of last month, Xiaoli just woke up and found that the underwear was wet. When she saw it at the toilet, it turned out to be a physiological period, but this date is not right?However, Xiaoli didn’t think much about it. I felt that it might be too tired recently and endocrine disorders.

As a result, more than ten days later, the "big aunt" did not leave, and the vagina would still bleed bleeding. Due to the busy work and did not affect life, Xiaoli did not take it seriously.

But on the 19th day of the bleeding, the blood volume suddenly increased sharply. The original pads of the pads were wet with blood. Xiaoli began to panic. Thinking about these ten days, from time to time, he was dizzy, nauseous, no appetite, and at night, he also at night.I ca n’t sleep well, and sometimes I feel weak, like a scatter.

Xiao Li, who was worried and scared, hurried to the nearby hospital for examination.

The hospital examination found that it was caused by the long -term hyperplasia of the uterine endometrium. It is recommended to take medicine for treatment. Xiaolisong was breathless, not cancer, so he took the medicine and went home.

I thought that the symptoms would improve after taking the medicine. As a result, on the 31st day of the medicine, the vaginal bleeding not only did not improve, but also became dizzy, and the symptoms of nausea were worsen.

"No, go on like this, the blood in the body will be dried up sooner or later." Xiaoli asked around and decided to come to Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital for help.

After the doctor carefully asked Xiaoli’s history of illness, he found that Xiaoli at this time: Xiaoli at this time:

I was exhausted, her complexion was white, and there was still vaginal bleeding. It was slightly less menstrual, consciously dizzy and nausea, weak limbs, no obvious backache, poor appetite, not sleeping well.It is dark, with ecchymosis, thin and white pulses of the moss.

Handle!The doctor pushed the glasses. "In this case, the dialectical of traditional Chinese medicine is the blood stasis and spleen deficiency."

What is the omission?

Why does it fall?

The collapse is a sick syndrome with severe abnormalities in menstruation, menstruation, and menstruation. It refers to the storm or endlessness of menstrual blood.

If you find that you have the following symptoms, you will have a leak:

The menstrual cycle is disordered, the bleeding time is more than half a month, and even the intermittent continued for several months is endless; or after a few months of discontinuation, it is often overwhelming or endless; it is often accompanied by different degrees of anemia.

That is so good, why does it fall?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are three main reasons for causing omissions: deficiency, stasis, and heat.

Virtual: Yes, it’s virtual!Kidney deficiency, spleen deficiency.Insufficient spleen and kidney, when you can not fix the menstrual blood, the menstrual blood is like a off -the -wild horses.

Hot: Blood heat.The menstrual blood is like boiling water, splashing everywhere.

Stock stasis: There are blood stasis inside, imagine blood stasis as large rocks in the body, and the rushing meridian blood is like the intercepted flood. Wherever there is an exit, wherever you go, you can go.

Think about it, "Auntie" is usually tossed for 7 days, especially when the weather is hot, the pads and sanitary napkins are stuffy and uncomfortable, not to mention more than a month, Xiaoli collapsed and asked.Tao, "Do you, have you cured?"


Different age and different diversion

Personalized treatment

When the patient collapses, doctors will start treatment after excluding pregnancy, closing lesions, and hematological disease factors.

In terms of Chinese medicine, the treatment of the treatment of "urgency to treat its standard, and the cure of its own foundation" is used.During the collapse, the stuffing, the Chengyuan source after the bleeding slowed down, and the old recovered after the hemostasis to restore health.

In addition, the treatment methods are different for the omissions of different ages: adolescent kidney, dredging liver during childbearing age, and siege spleen.

First of all, "urgently rule its bid."

Blood collapse, of course, to stop bleeding quickly.Based on the establishment of venous channels and other rescue treatment, it can be distinguished from drugs such as ginseng and aconite.

Secondly, "slowing down its own basis", after the bleeding is significantly reduced or blood stops, it must be solid.The solid method is divided into three types:

● Chinese medicine oral administration

Spleen nourishing qi medicine, such as ginseng, astragalus, atractylodes, etc.; Nourishing kidney, such as Cistanche, mulberry parasitic, silk silk, etc.;Three -seven et al.

● Acupuncture

Acupuncture has the effect of clearing the meridians and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It has a good effect on people with obvious blood stasis. With the method of stabbing cupping and bleeding, the blood stasis can be renewed.

● Moxibustion

Moxibustion Baihui acupoint, Dun acupoint, Yinbai point, etc. can also play a certain hemostatic effect, and the moxibustion operation is simple, painless and side effects, and high acceptance.

In addition, Sanqi Fan or Yunnan Baiyao warm water can also be taken to stop bleeding.

Of course, which method should be selected, or it is given to a professional doctor to formulate suitable individual treatment plans. Baozi should not blindly take medicine and aggravate the disease.

Subsequently, the doctor prescribed the exclusive Chinese medicine recipe according to Xiaoli’s situation, and Xiaoli diligently took Chinese medicine daily with the doctor’s advice, and was treated.Stop the blood and discharge!

After discharge, Xiaoli’s menstrual period and menstruation were returned to normal after being discharged from the law of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Although "big aunt" is generally

Once a month

Within 7 days a month

But "Aunt Auntie" occasionally makes a temper

If it continues to be abnormal

Just come to the hospital to see

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