Extramarital affairs: During her pregnancy, her husband helped her wash her feet and massage.

It is understood that extramarital affairs: During her pregnancy and confinement, her husband helped her wash her feet and massage. In order to let her recover her figure as soon as possible, she reported her fitness class. The child woke up in the middle of the night. In order to make her sleep well, he cameDo it.He also wrapped his wife and children’s dirty clothes.

Netizens shared that such a 24 -filial husband, the best man in the world recognized by everyone, was derailed.When Xiao A discovered, he had been derailed for two years, and she was stunned at a moment.She can’t believe this is true. Those who play a good man in front of herself every day will always betray herself.She even suspected that she was dreaming. How could this plot of dog blood happen?

She was discovered on her husband’s mobile phone inadvertently. When she was playing with his mobile phone, a sudden ambiguous WeChat floated in front of her eyes.She opened curiously, and then saw the other side of her husband hidden in the past two years.When she spread all this in front of her husband, her husband panicked and wanted to destroy the evidence, but she was snatched by her mobile phone. From the reaction of her husband, her guess was true.

She was completely stunned now, and her husband explained that she did not listen to it.Her first reaction was divorce. With a little bit of self -esteem with the woman, she immediately packed her clothes in the middle of the night and went out to live with her bag. She decided to let herself calm down and think about it.After the pain and pain, under the persuasion of the friends and family, she made a decision to make the most vivid decision in her lifetime: forgive him and give him another chance.She tried to trust him, but she found that it was much more difficult than expected.

He went home half an hour after get off work, and she started to make up various pictures. Did he go to that woman again?He did not answer the call, and did not return the message in time, would she fantasize whether he was by the woman?During his business trip, he spent a few more money and couldn’t find a clue. She could try him for a long time.She found that she was still too naive before. After thinking that derailment, as long as she chose to forgive, but in fact, after forgiveness, trust and repair is the first step in the Long March.This ubiquitous crisis is their greatest enemy.

But when she saw this sentence: only zero and countless times for men, she completely lost her trust in her husband. She even suspected that she was wronged with such grievances?When she believes this point, she can always find evidence in the relationship, and every evidence is pushing her husband out.This sentence is like a curse that keeps seduce her to the worst result, and this result may not be like this.

02 If you cross this hurdle, will the derailment stop at this derailed man, really only zero and countless times?Not necessarily.Let me tell you a story, let’s call her a little B for the time being.She is a bone essence in the workplace. She often flew around in various cities across the country and trains others everywhere. For such a strong woman in a career, she is not so wishful in marriage.Her husband was originally her subordinate. When he heard her training, she fell in love with her at once, and then she began to pursue her crazy. She was also attracted by this enthusiastic handsome and sunny big boy.

The two quickly determined the relationship. After the marriage, she was still very busy. He occasionally complained, but still supported her work, but over time, he would feel lonely.Occasionally, I went to find a friend to drink and chat, and found that others were pairs. Only he was a single shadow. He started to be a little dissatisfied. If he wanted Xiao B to stabilize some lives, the two broke out for the first time.Little B couldn’t think of it. At first he fell in love with himself, but now it has become the source of the contradiction between two people.A little older, Little B also started to want to have a child and live in a way.

At this time, she discovered his abnormalities, often returning late, sometimes not calling herself for several days, and no longer as before, she would ask for reports every day.In the end, the fact also proves her guess that in a bar, she blocked him who was kissing another woman.At that time, a thought flashed in her mind, that was, the big mouth smoked him!But she held back, dumped a Ling Yan’s eyes, and fled the scene.

After returning home, he kneeled down and begged her to forgive herself. She thought for a long time and told him to forgive himself, but I have a condition: you must let me smoke you 20 big mouths, and then all within a monthListen to me, no matter what I say!(Fortunately, there are risks in action, please do not imitate.) What surprised her was that he agreed, and even more surprising him was that she was really beating, and she was serious, and she did not finish the whole process!

After playing, she looked at her hands and his face red and swollen, but the breath in her heart was mostly better.Later, they strictly implemented her revenge plan, and then it turned out that after this month, the matter really passed from the hearts of two people, and no one mentioned it again.The feeling of losing and recovering made them all awe, and less should be taken for granted, and they began to learn to maintain this relationship. Their feelings became better than before

Many fans have asked a question about such a question. What kind of extramarital affection can be truly long -lasting?First of all, I am sure that extramarital affairs should never happen, so we discuss that if she let her go for a long time, it is wrong to add wrong, but since there are so many fans to ask me, it is better to ask me, it is better to be as good as me, it is better to be as good as me.From the perspective of feelings, you can explore how to last for a long time?

Of course, my conclusion is not the same as your concept, and you may not be acceptable, but you are recognized, but you can’t do it. I just hope that fans can better understand the marriage after reading these contents.The essence of external feelings.I first share with you a fan of a fan. She has a very happy family. At least for at least for so many years, she has always thought so.

I never thought that I would do something, but I would never say hello to you, and I never thought about it. She was moved by a boy.At the beginning, the two people had business in business. She gave that man a lot of help. The other party was very grateful to her, gave gifts, and asked for dinner.

Then the man confessed to him first that he had never encountered an excellent woman like him, which was a lot of praise. Under the words, she couldn’t help but have some shaking in her heart.She still refused directly, thinking that both people had family. How could she express their love casually?But her rejection did not dispel the attachment of the other party. With a fierce pursuit, she was still excited.Then two people walked directly together. Of course, before that, they also reached a consensus. They only talked about feelings and did not talk about others. It could not affect each other’s marriage.Being able to stabilize the family and have the accelerated love of hearts can be described as the beauty of both.But really.is that so?

After two people got along for a while, everything changed. Although he knew it was just such a relationship between each other, he should not be extravagant, but people are greedy.There are more and more expectations for this man, such as this man, he only wants to be alone, and so on.In short, if you want to occupy the idea of the other party, it is more and more intense. Although you know that the other party is not alone, he still can’t help but be jealous, jealous, even if you see the other party sharing with his wife in the circle of friendsShe will be ashamed and angry.

For such a reason, she and this man had a lot of trouble after another, and the relationship between the two fell rapidly. She also complained about this man, and he accused him of accusing it.It’s endless.Until one day, the man told her that he did not expect that you were also a mediocre woman.

After that day, the two began to break up, and the points were combined many times, which became more and more painful.Then she asked me that I really didn’t need him to do anything for me, and didn’t draw him anything, let alone if he divorced me. Why can’t two people be together?

In fact, this fan can’t let go of this man, but after the two people are good, those complaints are still overwhelming. Then, the two people break up and break up after breaking up.Is there really no way to maintain such feelings?In fact, I told this fan that there is no way. There is one, there is one, that is, four words, no desire, can you do it?

The so -called desirelessness is that when you can be with each other, you can compare the calmness with the other person’s wife. There will be no jealousy.It’s by your side at all times, don’t have any promises, even if you just give you a small thing for you, you can really be so calm, then you first.

There is not much greed in it, and there is no complaint. Of course, there will be no accusations. If these negative emotions have no, you must get along with each other.Contradictions, even if you think, think about each other, it is likely that it will continue.

After listening to this method, he admits that he has no way to do it at all, like a nerve in his heart, and seeing the other party and his wife have any intimate moves, she will explodeGet up, and then, I asked her that since the two were so painful together.

You have also tried many times, reconciled and separated, so why to torture each other?This girlfriend told me that she knew it completely and knew what she should do. So, can he be maintained for a long time?So, as long as you do a little, you must have no desire, so this is possible to last long.

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