External hemorrhoid bleeding must be related to these six situations!Want to stop bleeding?One wash and two changes must be done first

External hemorrhoids, there will be a bulging small meatball outside the anus, which can be touched by hand. Its most common symptom is pain. When it starts to bleed like internal hemorrhoids, it must be caused by one or several reasons below.Intersection

Improper diet

If patients with external hemorrhoids often eat spicy and irritating foods, excessive drinking will stimulate the anus and rectum, affecting the normal return of venous blood, making the external hemorrhoids grow larger, and it is easy to break through the epidermis.


Constipation is that the stool is difficult to discharge, and the number of defecation is less. The stool that is dry will cause damage to the anus and cause inflammation, which will cause external hemorrhoids to bleed.

Standing for a long time or seating for a long time

Patients with external hemorrhoids stand for a long time or sedentary for a long time, which will cause blood vessels to be easily expanded, and meatballs continue to become larger, which will cause bleeding symptoms.

Poor personal hygiene conditions

If the cleaning around the anus for a long time, there will be residues of the feces, which will affect the normal circulation of blood in the anus, cause the symptoms of external hemorrhoids to worsen, and the symptoms of bleeding from external hemorrhoids.

Underwear is too tight

If the patients with external hemorrhoids pass through the tight underwear, the underwear will not only affect the blood flow of the hips, but also cause friction with the external hemorrhoid nucleus, causing external hemorrhoids to damage and bleed.

Pregnancy factors

After women are pregnant, as the uterus becomes larger and larger, the compression of the abdomen will become more and more serious, which will cause hemorrhoids to become more and more serious, which will cause bleeding.

External hemorrhoids can bleed. No matter what the reason is, the skin damage on the surface of the hemorrhoids is directly caused by the damage of the hemorrhoidal surface. Compared with the internal hemorrhoid bleeding hidden in the anus, external hemorrhoid bleeding is more likely to be discovered. Especially when the clothes are thinner in summer, on the pants, the pants are on the pants.Suddenly a pool of blood red is really embarrassing!

If you want to avoid this embarrassment, you must pay attention to the emergency response method of one wash and two replacement!

One washing: When the skin of the hemorrhoidal surface is damaged and bleeds, the smoked washed with warm salt water to clean the bacterial virus near the anus to prevent inflammation, and it can also stop bleeding.Items

Second change: Replace the relatively loose cotton underwear, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the hips, and it is best to choose dark pants or skirts to avoid eye -catching embarrassing situations.

Three stickers: Choose a light and light sanitary pad, adjust the position and stick it on the underwear near the damaged hemorrhoid core. It is best to replace it every hour to ensure the breathability and dryness of this place.

If you want to make the bleeding of external hemorrhoids really improve, you only know that these emergency methods are not enough. You should also pay attention to the following points!

In summer, avoid eating spicy and cold drinks such as stimulating stomach and stomach. You must consume fresh vegetables and fruits every day to make the gastrointestinal motility more powerful, supplement enough water to soften feces, and prevent frequent attacks of constipation.

In the air -conditioned room, pay attention to two points: one can not sit for a long time. In the cool summer environment, you must persist in exercise. If you do n’t want to move, you can stand up every hour to practice the anus.Keep warm, prevent cold air invasion, and let diarrhea follow!

Persist in wash the anus with warm salt water every night before going to bed, and then use physical therapy to promote the blood circulation of the hips, so that the hemorrhoids will slowly shrink unknowingly, and it will not cause pain and blood in the stool due to occasional constipation diarrhea.

The struggle with hemorrhoids is a "long -lasting war". Only persistence is the best recipe for eradicating hemorrhoids. In the face of hemorrhoids, there is no need to embarrass. It is just a small twists and turns on the health road. It is enough to actively face and correct it!

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