Exposure of Taiwanese male stars derailment and drug use, his wife is under pressure to aborted in the second degree, and once injeped every day for pregnancy

At the beginning of December 2019, 32 -year -old Taiwanese singer Xie Lexian was derailed during the marriage. He was also married to the mixed -race wife Keanna, who was married for three years, to reveal his drug abuse. After that, Xie Xianxian called the couple’s relationship.He even took a high -profile public appearance with Xiao Sanlia (Liya), and sent his mobile phone and took a close hand. Even if the public was criticized by netizens, he did not care about public opinion.

During this period, Keanna posted a B -ultrasound photo on the social platform, and it was still unable to restore Xie Chuan.You have a new beautiful life. "Xie Pang also said ruthlessly," Don’t tie me with a child, I don’t eat this set ", saying that you will divorce KEANNA after the year.

On January 8th, Keanna "Hand -tear" Little Sanlia is a "heart girl", and she also exposed the chords to spend more than 100,000 Taiwan dollars a month to buy drugs.Scolding "madness".

At the time of this time, on the evening of January 9th, the Taiwanese media suddenly broke the news that Keanna had been abortion in December last December because of too much pressure. For less than 2 months, the child was really regrettable.

After the incident was exposed, it once again triggered heated discussion among netizens, and evaluating Xie Chip "has not saved."

Subsequently, Xie Chordi also responded through the media. "I knew she had miscarriage. Maybe this child didn’t want to come to this world.Once, this time she insisted on doing it again. I hope Keanna will take care of herself and raise her body in the future. I wish her a better life. I can’t take care of her. "

Netizens commented that he could stop "artillery fire" and bless his wife.

Xie Pang’s wife Keanna was pregnant on November 11 last year, and decided during the B -ultrasound on December 19.Since she announced her B -ultrasound, there have been rumors that she has been aborted, but has not been confirmed.

The reporter got the news from Keanna’s friend. According to friends, "even if you can still keep the child with 3 needles a day," Keanna now feels extremely blame and lost because he loses his child, and reveals his heart:"The pressure is too high to keep the child."

The doctor believes that the cause of miscarriage may be because she did not take a good rest, and she was very worried about her mental state.

Keanna has been married to Xie Pang for three years. In order to give him a child, he did not suffer.Because her constitution was not suitable for conception, she also insisted on lining up an egg needle every day. At that time, Xie Chip also helped her to get an injection by herself, and was passed on by the media as a good story.

Finally, in 2018, Xie Pangsie had ecstatic announced that he was about to be promoted to be a father. Unexpectedly, Keanna revealed that "The young man named Xie was too early, the embryo baby was unsuccessful, and it was gone."A shock and heartache.

Now it seems that the past love seems to be a joke.I just hope that Keanna, who has just lost the child and is about to lose marriage, can survive this hurdle.

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