Exposed Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend for 2 months, Liu Dan responded to ambiguous attitude, Li Xiaofeng’s recent photos of his cheeks were round

Recently, Hong Kong media revealed that Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend Li Xiaofeng was pregnant for 2 months, and her relationship was stable.Later, Liu Kaiwei’s father Liu Dan responded to the matter. He said: "I heard this, but I don’t know, look forward to good news." Liu Dan answered more vaguely, no negative rumors, no denialLet everyone look forward to good news.

Li Xiaofeng’s pregnancy rumors were first from a paparazzi filming video. In the video, Li Xiaofeng covered his belly throughout the process. Liu Kaiwei took care of thoughtfulness before and after, causing speculation.

In recent months, Liu Kaiwei stopped changing social platforms and could not see any changes.From Li Xiaofeng’s social dynamics, many differences can be seen.In the past three months of video dynamics, the most obvious change in Li Xiaofeng is the face. In the video released in January, the face was depressed obvious, it looked tough, and a bit bitter.

In recent days, Li Xiaofeng’s face has become very rounded. The whole person shows a sense of redness in white. The skin is rosy, the collagen is full, and the entire line is very soft.

The shape of this white shirt jeans is extremely loose, and no change can be seen from the clothing. From her sitting posture, a large amount of cloth hoarding the waist and abdomen looks raised.In fact, two months of pregnancy will not be too pregnant.

This vest shape is tight and wide, and it can clearly see the state of the waist and abdomen clearly. The overall look is thin.Looking at the waist and abdomen, there is no curve, and the small belly is very strong.

Li Xiaofeng was also thin in the shape of a yoga suit, and his waist and abdomen were relatively flat.

After seeing Liu Dan’s response, netizens said that he could finally change his child to set up, and he also talked about Liu Dan who might want his grandson. After all, Liu Kaiwei was almost half a hundred years old.And Yang Mi fans also shouted that Liu Kaiwei quickly returned her daughter Xiao Nuomi to Yang Mi.Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei gave birth to a daughter after marriage. After the divorce, the child has always followed Liu Kaiwei to grew up in Hong Kong.If Liu Kaiwei really has a second child, whether the custody of Xiao Nuomi is really worth exploring.

After the relationship between Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng’s relationship, the discussion on the change of Xiao Nuomi custody has not stopped. Some netizens said that the two had signed a divorce agreement. In the middle, it was mentioned that if the man’s remarried daughter’s custody right would be transferred to the woman.

In addition, Yang Mi and his parents appeared in Hong Kong last week.Hong Kong media revealed that Liu Kaiwei had left Xiao Nuomi because of her new girlfriend, and Yang Mi intends to pick up her daughter to return to custody.Before Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei divorced, they would go to Hong Kong to visit her daughter for a few days each year.After divorce, there are not many times. Coupled with the epidemic relationship, the outside world seems that there are very few contact between the two sides.

Moreover, in the past, Yang Mi saw that the children were alone, and this time it didn’t look simple with her parents.However, Xiao Nuomi is 8 years old. He has been growing up with Liu Kaiwei since he was a child. It is not easy to change the environment.Liu Dan once responded to the custody of Xiao Nuomi, and denied that Liu Kaiwei had to be sent to the woman.Therefore, in the case of not being public, various online legends are rational.

Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng from the public to rumors to get pregnant, and the relationship between the relationship is very fast, indicating that both of them are mature.At present, from the response of Liu Dan, he has been happy with the happy events of the two, blessed Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng in harmony, and also look forward to their own response.

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