Experts of pregnant mothers "greedy cold" mouth crooked eyes remind the facial paralysis during pregnancy and early treatment should be diagnosed early

Eight months pregnant, watching the baby is about to be born, but the expectant mother suffered from facial paralysis due to "greedy cold".For many weeks of treatment, the face gradually returns to normal.

Chief Physician Feng Chun diagnosed patients to photograph Zhang’s motherland

Ms. Zhao (Hua’s surname), who lives in Wuhan, is 33 years old. On August 15th, she was successfully produced and won a lot of money. At this time, she had recovered her face.She recalled that a month ago, when she was afraid of hotness, she felt not cool enough to turn on the air conditioner, and opened the fan and blowing her face. After waking up, she felt that her face was wrong, and her tongue was not conscious."I looked at the mirror and found that my mouth was crooked to the right. After the right eye was opened, I couldn’t close it. When I took the water to drink the water, my mouth was like a failure, and I took a sip."

Ms. Zhao suddenly panicked and hurried to the hospital for treatment.After diagnosis, Ms. Zhao suffered from facial neuritis, facial paralysis.She has been pregnant for 35 weeks and is in the third trimester. The doctor told her that facial paralysis is generally treated with glucocorticoids and antiviral drugs, or acupuncture, but the risk of medication is very high.The doctor suggested that she wait for her child to cure.

However, Ms. Zhao’s girlfriend also had facial paralysis during pregnancy. Because she did not hurry up, she had a child to treat it, which caused the best treatment time and left sequelae.Thinking of a friend’s encounter, she always cried in love: "Do the child see such a face as soon as the child is born? I don’t want to be a crooked mother."

Ms. Zhao has been doing a pregnancy test at Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. On the third day after facial paralysis, she found the chief physician of the hospital’s "Insomnia Pain Clinic"."Doctor, you can help me. I have ran through several hospitals. I am a pregnant woman, and the doctors feel embarrassed." Ms. Zhao said that after suffering from paralysis, she could not frown.The mouth is leaking during meals, and the teeth are unclear when talking, which is particularly uncomfortable.

Director Feng Chun explained that facial paralysis is the patient’s facial nerve blood vessels suddenly ‘tightening’ under certain stimulation.Human facial neuroma is already very narrow. In the case of blood supply to the case, the blood flow is not flowing, and edema will increase the compression of the facial nerve. Once entering the malignant circular face, it will be "stiff".

Chairman Feng Chun adopted Ms. Zhao with a star -shaped nerve festival hindrance therapy to inject nutritional nerve drugs into a loose connective tissue in the "Star -shaped Serius Festival" to provide neurotic nutrition, increase facial nerve blood supply, eliminate edema, avoid vascular card pressure due to vascular card pressureCauses a vicious circle.

The next day after treatment, Ms. Zhao felt that her face numb symptoms were relieved. On the fifth day after treatment, she was surprised to find that her right eye was closed.For more than a week of treatment, Ms. Zhao’s crooked mouth gradually returned to normal.

"Most pregnant women are susceptible to illness in the last 3 months of pregnancy or the early stage of puerpermia. Most of them are related to the reasons such as cold stimulation, decline in immunity, decreased immunity, and virus invasion, mental stress, parenting and fatigue." Chairman Feng ChunAccording to the introduction of the current outpatient treatment, maternal mothers with facial paralysis are not uncommon.He reminded that when facial paralysis, the patients with skewed mouth, eyes and lips could not be completely closed, eyebrows, and drum cheeks would have basic facial movements.Treatment within a week is a golden time. If it is not cured for a long time, the symptoms will become heavier. Even treatment is difficult to recover. Not only can the "face value" be able to go back, but even daily life such as eating and drinking water will be affected.

"High -temperature weather, air conditioners have become people’s summer artifacts. The air conditioner is directly blowing, the temperature is too low, and the long time blows is not desirable. These improper behaviors will bring hidden health hazards." Chairman Feng Chun reminds maternal mothers that in summerOpen the air conditioner to open the window to keep the air flow; avoid the air -conditioning cold air blowing directly, it is best to set the air outlet facing up; do a good job of the hot and cold environment. For example, when you just enter the room from the hot outdoorAfter sweating, don’t blow the air conditioner immediately; don’t set the air conditioning temperature too low, it is advisable to 26 ° C; pay attention to replenishing moisture when blowing the air conditioner to prevent dryness.

Rong Media Reporter: Xu Ruijie Correspondent: Xue Yuan

Edit: Zhao Qing Lu Yanli

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