Everyone who has experienced early pregnancy, everyone who has experienced it!How many of you?

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, symbolizing the beginning of the identity of "mother", but at the same time, pregnancy is a hard work. October is pregnant, and there are different "difficulties and pains" during different pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the following "early pregnancy reactions" may appear, even more than these.

Xiaoxiang Mom: I remember when I was pregnant, I dizzy almost every day, especially in the morning, there were many people in the subway, plus the pregnancy, I had to eat something before taking the subway every morning.I have to eat a little, although I do so, I still fainted twice. Fortunately, my husband is around each time, and I am really scared.

Jing Mom: Actually, like Xiao Xiang’s mother, there are many people who have dizziness during pregnancy (especially early pregnancy). Specific mothers with similar situations have to go out less. Even if they go out, try to choose as few people, the air is better.Second, you have to eat something before going out, and bring some sweet snacks in the bag.If you are dizzy, it is best to consult a doctor and ask your doctor’s advice.

Mother Tongtong: In the early stages of pregnancy, she was particularly prone to fatigue. She was not mentally difficult to go to work every day. She was particularly easy to sleep. She went home as soon as she got home and went to bed at the end.After a few days of class, I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I had been resting for 12 weeks.

Jingma: Actually, each expectant mother’s performance in the early stages of pregnancy is different. Fatigue and drowsiness are common, and it is also a typical early pregnancy. This is because the fetus is growing. The quasi mother needs to slow down her body’s rhythm.The impact of changes in the secretion of inner hormones.Tired of rest, sleep, sleep, just sleep more ~

Hee Hee Mother: I belong to people with a serious response to early pregnancy, especially during pregnancy. After pregnancy, it becomes particularly sensitive to the smell.When I was hungry, I also wanted to vomit. I wanted to vomit too much. I "vomited" the past in the first trimester, so I didn’t grow long, but I dropped two pounds.

Jingma: Pregnancy is one of the early pregnancy reactions. It is caused by the temporary discretion of the increased secretion hormone in the vomiting center. Generally, the symptoms of about 12 weeks of pregnancy can gradually be reduced.You can improve vomiting by relaxing your mood and improvement of diet or drugs.

Little naughty mother: When she was pregnant, she felt a bit similar to menstruation. She felt a bit bloated, and sometimes there was a trace of pain. The feeling of menstruation was the same as before, but what she was wondering was that she had never been menstruation.When I chatted, she said that she might be pregnant. After a test, she was pregnant.Why do you feel like this in the early pregnancy?

Jing Mom: Just pregnant, due to the role of hormones, coupled with the uterus to accommodate the fetus, placenta, and amniotic fluid, and a process of gradually expanding. In this process of increasing, expectant mothers will feel that pulling is obvious, and even evenThere is a trace of pain, and some are faint abdominal pain. This is a normal early pregnancy response, but if the pain is severe and even accompanied by bleeding, you must go to the hospital in time.

Mother Binbin: When I was pregnant with my son, I had almost no other early pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, except back pain.It’s really strange. Others are disgusting and uncomfortable, and I have only back pain, disgusting, rarely trapped, and mental state. I go to the doctor. The doctor said that it is normal. It is recommended to rest more.better.

Jingma: After pregnancy, due to the effect of estrogen and progesterone, coupled with the increasing effect of uterine pulling on back ligaments and muscles, expectant mothers will experience lumbar and back pain or discomfort.If the symptoms of low back pain and the short duration, it is normal, but if the pain is more severe and the duration is long, it may be a problem of ectopic pregnancy or chronic inflammation, and you should go to the hospital immediately.

Mom 怀: I remember when I was pregnant, I was particularly afraid of cold, wearing a lot of clothes, like a patient, but strangely, it was a bit high, just wait for the early pregnancy.Very anti -cold.

Jing Mom: As soon as I am pregnant, because the placenta in the uterus is in the beginning of the development stage, it will keep the body temperature of expectant mothers at a high level, so generally pregnant women will have a fear of cold.In terms of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the tissue of various organs mobilizes yang to give birth to the fetus, so the expectant mothers will have the phenomenon of fear of cold. At this timeCool food.

Mom docked: Before I was pregnant, I was a very small person. From the day of pregnancy, the breasts seemed to have experienced another development.EssenceConsulting the doctor, saying that it is normal, don’t worry.

Beijing Mom: Some expectant mothers will go through secondary development during pregnancy. This is the breast change due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone, which promotes the development of breast blisters and breast lobular hyperplasia, which makes the breasts grow larger.What Jingma wants to remind is that if the breasts become larger and find that the bra is not suitable, it must be replaced early.

Jingma said: The reason why maternal love is great is from the moment of pregnancy. The mother has paid too much for the baby in her belly and has experienced too much together.Come to leave a message and talk about what you have experienced during pregnancy?

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