(Endless essay) After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, and I secretly gave birth to the child’s child’s child

After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant with my ex -boyfriend’s child.

"Break up and break up"

In the future, I take your child and leave you Zhou Yi, I can still live well.

Now I hold the meat round hand and stand at the airport. After four years, I have come back peacefully.

The first thing I came back went straight to the intermediary and paid the house. I broke up with Zhou also. I secretly went out of my country with my belly.The Chinese style, slowly mixing can also be regarded as the wind.

Now that I have returned to China with the meat, and there is my own house, it can be regarded as hardworking.But I didn’t expect the first night when I was suffering, I was frightened and came to the door.

I opened the door full of expectations, but I saw my predecessor who had broken up.

"Mom, who is knocking on the door?" The meat round milk sounded behind him.

I closed the door and leaned on the head of the door several problems began to turn around.

Do you secretly give birth to the former child?

What should I do when I secretly gave birth to my ex -child?

Who does not get married without getting married?

What should I do if her father is looking for it?

I quietly opened the door seam "How do you find this?"

Zhou Yi frowned "I live this"

I am so secret!

Before buying a house, I deliberately inspected a series of supporting facilities such as the environment, transportation, hospitals, and schools. I thought that the role of money was maximized.

The only thing that did not examine was the neighbor. Thinking that if the neighbor was not good at getting along, then closed the door and came to your own life.

When I went through the formalities, I also asked the property deliberately. According to the property, there was a doctor who lived next to me. At a young age, I was successful in my career. The key is that people are handsome, single, and usually busy at work.Noise or the like.

I fled the ball with a lot of money, left the country, and brought the child to the age of three. Now the happy life has just begun. I did not expect that the wolf entered the tiger’s mouth and moved to the ex -boyfriend.

My nest stared at the luggage that hadn’t had time to clean up. I don’t know how long it took for the house to sell the house the most.

The meat was sitting on the sofa holding the snack, watching the cartoon nourishingly, and the small mouth could not be idle.

I took the meat round into my arms, "The meat is round, my mother takes you to move home?"

The meat frowned, "No, I like it, the meat circle doesn’t want to move anymore, we have changed a few homes."

I touched the soft hair "Okay, then we will never move anymore in the future"

The meat was gone around my neck, and I took a sip on my face.

The doorbell of "Ding Ding Ding Ding" rang.

"Mom, someone knocked on the door." The flesh was rounded from my arms, and the short legs ran towards the door.

I followed the meat circle, holding the small hand of the meat, and opened the door to open the door.

"Flat, let my grandmother hug" my mother hugged the meatball as soon as she entered the door.

I reached out and took the thing in my mother’s hand, "Mom, isn’t it for you to come again tomorrow? Why do you come over at night?"

"Grandma, you miss you, you look better than in the video." The meat was completely gone in my mother’s arms.

"Blame your mother, take you away when you are pregnant. This walk is four years, and I don’t know how you live outside." My mother said that she started to burst into tears.

I glanced at the meat round, and the meat round hand opened the bow on my grandmother’s face.

In the living room, the meatballs put the toy all the way, and took the grandmother to play with the family. The two cried and laughed later. Watching the time pass by, the little guy was still sleepy.

The "Ding Dong Ding Dong" doorbell was a bit anxious.

I got up and replaced the TV. After looking at the time, I was 11 o’clock. Isn’t it a disturbing neighbor to come to the door?

"Hello, what’s the matter?" The moment I opened the door, I felt like a thunderous feeling.

"What are you doing?"

Zhou did not expect that people who hadn’t seen each other had met here for a few years.

And they are still neighbors, and they should often encounter in the future.

But I was embarrassed. If he knew that when I left, I was pregnant, wouldn’t the existence of the meatball be dangerous?

In short, it is one day to drag for one day. Isn’t he a doctor?You should usually be busy home.

"Is it wrong?" I retracted the smile on my face and showed an unreasonable look.

"Can you be quiet?" Zhou also asked seriously.

"Can be able to" nod like pounding garlic, just looking forward to him quickly.

"If you are so noisy in the future, it will not be me who will come to knock on the door next time." Zhou also has a big pair that you don’t believe you can try it.

"You …" I hadn’t had time to speak, and Zhou also turned and left.

Do you think you are handsome?Don’t understand politeness.

I really want to go up to give him a punch, it is really owed.

Closing the door, I turned my head and saw the two people lay on the wall.

"This uncle is so handsome, it’s a bit fierce," the meat complained.

My mother stared at the door and thought about it. I took the meatball from her arms "I’m going to sleep, I can’t play"

The meat nodded and followed me obediently.

Maybe I was tired, and the little guy fell asleep soon.I closed the door of the room lightly and walked back to the living room.

My mother was sitting on the sofa and puzzled, "Aren’t you breaking up? How do he know you live here?"

I raised the water on the table and took a sip, "I don’t know he lives here, if I know I will definitely not buy this house"

"Round is his child?" My mother asked about Zhong Ken in the tone of asking.

I looked back at the direction of the bedroom and nodded.

"Then he knows" my mother’s face was serious.

I shook my head.

"Then what do you plan to do, he is a round dad, you are now across a wall." My mother moved her body and sat next to me.

I rubbed the temples and felt a little headache. My mother looked at me like this, and shook my head helplessly. "Okay, it’s all your own business, you can think of it yourself, I go to sleep first"

Lying on the bed, I was a little insomnia, turned over and over, thinking that I thought too much, what’s the big deal, there would always be a way to go to the bridge head naturally, there would always be a way.

When I woke up in the morning, my mother was back on the table, and my mother went back long ago.

After dinner, I started drawing a manuscript. After all, I had to support my family. I moved a small bench, and sat quietly beside me.

After sleeping in the afternoon, I stretched out a lazy waist, thinking about the almost sorting in the room, and there was a little less daily necessities. I could take the meat to go to a supermarket and solve the dinner outside by the way.

When I went out, I looked at the corridor and glanced at the elevator. Zhou Yi that guy, hoping that every time I go out, I can stagger him. As long as I do n’t meet him, my meat is safe.

I had a meal with a meatball and swept in the supermarket for a while, and I bought the three big packs of living materials.

Money, you are really a good thing, but I still overestimate myself, full of three big bags, and I have to take care of a child. I really take two steps and two times. At this speed, I don’t know when I can get home to home.Essence

Regret it!If you know it, you can buy less.

"Meatball children, I think you may share a little bit for your mother," I looked at the meatball with a serious look.

"Then I will help you hold the potato chips." The meat was rounded and took out a bag of potato chips from the bag.

It seems that I still have to rely on myself. I dragged my bag and continued to the unit building.

Persistence is victory, come on.

A pair of big hands took the bag in my hand, and I was unprepared, and suddenly hit the man’s arms "Who …" The word was swallowed back to my stomach.

"Hello, uncle, can you help my mother?"

No one answered, the garage was terrible.

I put down the things in my hand and looked up at Zhou Yi. Isn’t he very busy?Don’t you have to work overtime?

"Mom? This is your daughter?" Zhou also had a surprised expression.

I haven’t seen it for four years, and even the children have it, it is still good.

"Yes, what happened to my daughter?"

I gathered the courage to speak upright. In fact, I was panicked in a batch. It’s okay, it’s okay. He didn’t know that the child was him.

"Buy so many things and take the child to take it by themselves. It seems that the child’s father is not very good to you." Zhou also stared at me, his eyes were dark.But why does this sound so uncomfortable?

I supported me, and I didn’t expect anything to block his mouth.

"Mom, who is this uncle?" The meat circle pulled my hand and asked seriously.

My head feels instantly bigger. How can I introduce such a complicated relationship?

"Hello kid, what is your name?" Zhou Yi squatted down.

"You tell me who you are first, and I will tell you who I am."

"I’m your mother’s old acquaintance, we are still neighbors, my name is Zhou Yi, you can call me Uncle Zhou"

"Uncle Zhou" shouted and shouted.

"My name is An An, also called meatball"

Zhou Yi looked back at me, "Her name is An An? Follow your surname?"

"Ah … She was born abroad. Is there any problem with the Chinese name with my surname?" I was a little nervous, afraid of showing her feet.

Zhou also didn’t speak anymore. He took the three bags in my hand and walked towards the elevator. I held the hand of the meat round and followed closely. If we did not break up, this scene should be another mood.Bar.

The time in the elevator seems to be imprisoned, quiet and terrible.

"In the future, don’t buy so many things by yourself, you can’t get it, you have to trouble others," Zhou also tone as usual.

I want to listen to people.

"I didn’t let you help me get it." I whispered.

In front of Zhou Yi, my momentum is always short.

"Ferry, what about your dad? Isn’t it at home?" Zhou also transferred to the question.

"Mom said I don’t need my dad, I am a mother alone." The innocent expression of the flesh looked at Zhou Yi, and I quickly pulled her closer.

"Bad, this is our secret. You forget that you can’t tell others." If I interrupt the meatball, try to transfer the topic.

Zhou Ye was stunned. This stupid woman would not be deceived, and she helped her life.

"Where is your husband?"

"Does it have anything to do with you?"

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