(End) Seven months of pregnancy, her husband said: She is swollen like a pig after pregnancy, and I want to vomit when I see it.

When I was seven months pregnant, I got up at night and found that my husband hid in the living room whispering with her mother -in -law.

Her husband said in pain: "Mom, you don’t know. After she was pregnant, she was swollen like a pig. I saw the yellow -faced woman who wanted to vomit!"

My mother -in -law advised: "You can bear it again, and when she is born after giving birth, the company is also in your hands!"

Laughing to death, I binded the "pregnancy" system for the scumbag.

As long as he touches a woman, he will be pregnant. The more you touch, the more you want!


When I was seven months pregnant, I was awakened by a nightmare, but when I woke up, I found that my husband Liang Hao was no longer on the bed.

The lights in the living room were still lit, and the vague voice of her husband and mother -in -law came.

I dragged my heavy body and walked over. When I just wanted to call him, I heard him said painfully: "Mom, you don’t know. After she was pregnant, she was swollen like a pig. I saw the yellow -faced woman.Want to vomit! "

My mother -in -law advised: "You can bear it again, and when she is born after giving birth, the company is completely in your hands!"

My husband said: "Also, I have waited for so many years, and finally waited for her pregnancy, and she could kick her out completely in a few months!"

The mother -in -law’s baby’s face kissed with her husband’s face: "My son is awesome!"

Their words poured me in place like a pot of cold water.

I thought I married a considerate husband, the happiest person in the world.

After pregnancy, the prince moved me to rest at home and helped me handle the company’s affairs. My mother -in -law quickly came to take care of my three meals a day from my hometown.

I didn’t expect my husband and mother -in -law to calculate me?

My hard -working child is actually a tool for them to hold me?

At this time, my mother -in -law said again: "But when you are mixed with those women outside, you should pay attention to it. Xiaowan has begun to be suspicious. Fortunately, I will help you all the time."

Her husband was irritable: "It’s annoying, she is swollen like a pig herself, isn’t she in her heart?"

Some time ago, my husband always did not go home at night. I also suspected that he was derailed. My mother -in -law also comforted me. I thought more.

It turned out to be clue.


At this time, I don’t know if the children in my stomach also perceive my emotions. There was a burst of pain in my stomach, and cold sweat flowed down my forehead.

At this time, Liang Hao suddenly looked at me in the mirror. At that moment, he saw my eyes as if he saw a ghost.

His phone slipped on the sofa, and he looked at me panicked: "Wife, you, what are you standing there?"

My mother -in -law was also shocked: "Xiao Wan!"

Liang Hao hurried over to help me, but I stepped back.

"Do not touch me."

Liang Hao’s face pale: "You, what did you hear?"

I stared at him deadly, and the gloom on my chest kept gathered, but I couldn’t say a word.

The husband who had a pillow with me at night was such a disgusting person.

I bowed slightly, Liang Hao panicked, "Don’t do this, are you uncomfortable?"

I took a breath: "Nothing to say, Liang Hao, let’s divorce."

My mother -in -law hurriedly said: "What divorce? You have a bad mental state recently, you must have heard it wrong. Liang Hao, you help her back."

I shouted angrily, "Don’t touch me!"

But this time I couldn’t get it open. Liang Hao grabbed my hand and his eyes were ruthless: "What divorce! I can’t divorce you! You can’t divorce with you now! Go back to sleep!"

"I can’t die for your life for you!"

Hearing this sentence, Liang Hao was as crazy, and he suddenly shook me slap.

As my mother -in -law screamed, I was caught off guarded to the ground, and a dull voice sounded. I felt that something was broken in my body.

This is the first time he has done to me.

My mother -in -law yelled: "Liang Hao! You confused! You, you …"

Before the mother -in -law’s words were finished, the face showed a frightened look.

Because of a hot -flowing self -stretch, I soon became red.


I seemed to have been in the dark for a long time.

Until a person who couldn’t see his face stopped in front of me.

I asked him, "Who are you?"

He said, "I am your exclusive system. I really can’t stand your plot direction, so I will help you."

I hesitated: "Help me, what?"

As soon as the system waved, the memory in my mind suddenly emerged, and my mind no longer stunned.

The system said: "I am a scumbag retaliation system, and I will choose a lucky binding system in all planes to help you tear up the scumbag. Now you are lying in the hospital, the child is gone."

The moment when the child was gone, I burst into tears.

Even if it was a child who tortured me for seven months, even the child with a disgusting man, when he heard it really dissipated, I couldn’t help but feel heartache.

But when I remembered Liang Hao’s slap, I mocked me that I mocked me, and I hated that I couldn’t add it again.

I stabilized my mind, wiped it out of tears, and said firmly: "I want to get revenge on him, what should I do?"

There was a box suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. There was a round hole in the box, which seemed to be a lottery box.

The system said: "This is a random host generator specially prepared for the host. What systems can be drawn with your destiny. You need to remind you that some systems are very useful, some systems are very ribbon, which is not helpful to you."

I put my hand into the box according to the system’s prompts.

At that moment, the words of Liang Hao and her mother -in -law suddenly appeared in my mind.

Suddenly, I felt a hot thing rolled into my palm.

The box suddenly disappeared, and my hand was empty, as if everything had not existed just now.

The system stared at me for a few seconds, and suddenly laughed.

"Congratulations to the host for getting a" pregnancy "system, it seems that you have a strong idea."

I was a little covered: "What do you mean?"

The system smiled slightly: "For those who bind this system, as long as they have sex, they will be pregnant, and a few people will conceive a few!"

"Can you bind this system for men?"



After a burst of golden light, I woke up.

Seeing that I woke up, Liang Hao knelt beside the bed and slapped himself desperately.

He was guilty and said, "Wife, I’m wrong, it’s all I’m not good, you kill me."

My parents were red eyes next to them, and they said to me that the child was gone and was a girl who had already shaped.

My mother cried, "How could I fall at home? The children are all seven months!"

After my mother finished this, her mother -in -law’s eyes guiltyly looked at other places.

Oh, the disgusting mother and son also lied with my parents, saying that I lost my child at home?

Then I will accompany you to calculate.

I murmured with my head covering, "I can’t remember it. I originally wanted to go to the toilet at night, and I couldn’t remember why I fell down."

Seeing that I said this, Liang Hao’s eyes were bright, and he exchanged his eyes with her mother -in -law. It seemed that I really thought that I had fallen and lost my memory.

My mother -in -law hurriedly said, "It’s okay, what children will have, the most important thing is that you and Liang Hao should be good! Anyway, she is also a girl, just be a fate with our family."

I had tears and held Liang Hao’s hand.

Liang Hao was relieved, and I laughed.

Only I can see that Liang Hao’s body has been bound to the pregnancy system.

It didn’t take long for me to be discharged. After discharge, Liang Hao and mother -in -law took care of me.

We didn’t mention it that night, and they relaxed their vigilance.

After more than a month, Liang Hao’s patience and enthusiasm for me gradually diminished. I did not let him touch me again for my poor body.

Liang Hao began a life of "company overtime". Although he was not as arrogant and arrogant as before, I opened my eyes and closed my eyes.

The longer he is outside, the happier I am!

Until one day, Liang Hao’s continuous retching sound came from the bathroom in the early morning.

My mother -in -law hurried over to pat his back: "What happened to Hao Hao, what is wrong to eat?"

Liang Hao said to the nanny: "What are you doing? Smell so disgusting?"

The nanny said innocently: "Fried eggs, isn’t this Mr. you like to eat?"

Liang Hao hurriedly waved: "Don’t do it, vomit."

Without finishing the words, he continued to retider again.

I smiled slightly, waiting for the past two months, and finally succeeded.


Liang Hao’s body slowly appeared.

Not only did you want to vomit the oily smell, he vomited more and more.

Every time he retched, his mother -in -law scolded the nanny, which caused the nanny to resign directly.

The nanny resigned, and my mother -in -law began to expect me to cook, but every time I did not recover with my body.

As a last resort, my mother -in -law got started in person.

But Liang Hao still vomited, bile vomited.

My mother -in -law was worried about crying, and she quickly patted her son’s back: "Oh what kind of evil is this, what’s going on!" I looked at me: "You always vomit here, how do I eat?Go to the hospital to check if you are sick! "

Liang Hao was shocked with red eyes: "I vomit like this, don’t you care about me?"

When I was pregnant, Liang Hao just said me. He said that I influenced him to eat, so I could go to the hospital to prescribe some medicine.

At that time, my mother -in -law did not let me take the medicine for pregnancy, saying that it was not good for my children.

So I could only endure, watching Liang Hao’s face carefully.

How did Liang Hao evaluate me?

He said, "Can you not worry about it?"

I returned this sentence to Liang Hao again, and I laughed, "Can you not be confusing?"

The mother -in -law’s face changed, and when she was about to say me, Liang Hao was more retched again.

My mother -in -law was going to get vomiting, and I hurriedly stopped: "I don’t know what’s going on now, but I can’t take medicine!"

Heavenly reincarnation, who did Cangtian spare?


Liang Hao went to the hospital for examination.

However, after changing several hospitals, I have seen the Department of Gastrointestinal Medicine, and there are no problems.

His mental state is getting worse and worse, and his eyes are thin.

My mother -in -law thought that her son was too tired, and bought a lot of supplements for Liang Hao.

One month later, Liang Hao’s stomach had been bulging, his waist was thicker, and his colleagues laughed at him to make him bless.

My mother -in -law said to me: "I think Hao Hao is not right now. He is thinner than before, and his stomach is bigger.

I guess the timing arrived, and I said seriously: "Then we have to go to the hospital to check it out!"

The three of us came to the hospital. Liang Hao grabbed the doctor’s hand pain and said, "Doctor, what do I eat now, what I eat, my belly is getting bigger and bigger, as if there is still something moving, is I going to die?Save me! "

The doctor glanced at him at a glance: "How do you complain about the symptoms of pregnancy?"

My mother -in -law immediately frowned: "What are you talking about? I am optimistic about my son, but a man!"

The doctor gave a series of examinations, plus a list of color Doppler ultrasound in the abdomen.

I took Liang Hao to play the bottle glucose first.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the glucose was finished, the hospital was quarreled.

We rushed over and found that the mother -in -law was holding the nurse’s collar and said that the machine was broken.

I stepped forward and pulled my mother -in -law: "Mom, what’s wrong?"

The mother -in -law hadn’t spoken yet. The nurse first said, "After this aunt gets the result, we must say that there is a problem with our machine, and I have made a mistake for her and others! I want to see the result, she doesn’t give it to see it!"

The people around me helped the nurses: "If you can’t accept it, you can say that there is a problem with the hospital. This is the hospital!"

Liang Hao lost his face and complained: "Mom, can you not make trouble!"

The mother -in -law looked at Liang Hao’s stomach, and stopped talking, and her eyes were frightened.


I took the color Doppler ultrasound inspection report, and the above report reads: "Eight fetuses can be seen in the inner palace … about 11 weeks of pregnancy in the palace."


During the period when I was resting, Liang Hao touched eight women!

When Liang Hao saw me an unusual expression, he snatched the report.

After seeing the content on the report clearly, Liang Hao widened his eyes: "Impossible! This is impossible!"

After Liang Hao repeatedly confirmed that the information was correct, he looked at each other with her mother -in -law, and sweated coldly.

I was so comfortable: "Otherwise, let’s show the inspection report to the doctor, in case of the wrong."

After the doctor got the color Doppler ultrasound, he wiped his eyes, looked at Liang Hao, and looked at the report.

He was silent for a minute, and a sudden burst in his throat: "I’m going! It’s really pregnant!"

He stared at Liang Hao repeatedly, and his eyes burst into light: "I have never seen a man pregnant, have you had a transgender surgery before! Can you let me check it?Very burst! "

Liang Hao said angrily: "You have only done transsexual surgery! You have done your whole family!"

The patients at the door also talked about: "Men are pregnant, I haven’t seen this!"

"Damn, even a woman is not pregnant with eight! Brothers!"

When they took out their mobile phones, they had to make a video. Liang Hao took the inspection report and fled.

Liang Hao and her mother -in -law did not believe this result. They went to the private clinic to find a doctor, and even bought a test strip test. As a result, they were pregnant without exception.

The most terrible thing is that after the large and small inspections of the whole body, they also detected Liang Hao’s male function degradation, that is, he now lost fertility.

I guess this is the additional role of the pregnancy system. I did not expect that this blow was greater than Liang Hao’s pregnancy for her mother -in -law.

This means that Liang Hao’s belly is pregnant with the only descendants of the Liang family.

No, not the only one, it is eight!

Liang Hao’s so big child suddenly had eight!

My mother -in -law sits on the ground and cries: "Oh, how can a man get pregnant? Which one is this?"

Liang Hao collapsed.


The father -in -law who was far away quickly learned about it, and he hurried over.

The father -in -law has always been the backbone of their family. Even after hearing such outrageous, he just pumped the dry smoke and did not speak.

In the end, he took a deep breath and concluded.

"Children have to be born! That’s the blood of our old Liang family!"

Liang Hao and mother -in -law were shocked. I almost laughed.

It is indeed my father -in -law, and this is what he would say.

It doesn’t matter what others do, the blood of their Liang family is the first.

Liang Hao said angrily: "Dad, are you crazy? How do men have children?"

The father -in -law vomited a cigarette ring and stared at his eyes: "I don’t care how to give birth! You have no fertility now, do you want our old Liang family!"

My mother -in -law has never dared to fight against the father -in -law and rolled angrily: "How can there be such a thing, God! Isn’t this crazy!"

But they didn’t dare to retrieve the father -in -law.

Liang Hao was so angry that he smashed things at home and even smashed his stomach, but after smashing it twice, he couldn’t get his hands, and he poured into the sofa.

You can’t go to the hospital, and you will be treated as a monster to go to the hospital.

His physiological structure is still male, how to give birth to children!

This fact is too weird. Her mother -in -law entrusted his three aunts and six wives overnight to invite some people on the road to work.

Mr. Yin and Yang found all the gods and god sticks.

Each of them told her mother -in -law a small matter. There were a lot of laws, and the money it took a lot, but there was no effect at all.

Only a blind man who looked at Shinto said something: "There is a head of injustice, the debt has the master, this is his calamity."

After the blind man left, the mother -in -law thought about the meaning of this sentence.

At this time, Liang Hao suddenly grabbed my sleeves and said anxiously: "Xiao Wan, do you say that our child came to us, did he take revenge on us?"

When he heard the child he died, I turned cold instantly.

I opened his fingers a little bit, and said, "What are you talking about Liang Hao? There is only one of our children, he is dead. There are eight in your stomach. I haven’t the same time with youAfter bed, how do you have this child? Do you think about it? "

Liang Hao was scared by my face.

He murmured, "Yes, it’s not our child, not."


I rolled out a piece of information in the phone and handed it to Liang Hao.

The information was sent to me a strange number some time ago, and there was a bed photo of a girl and Liang Hao.

The information wrote: "I heard that you have a miscarriage? Have your husband accompanied you? He is here now, and I still say that you are a hen that can’t get eggs."

Liang Hao’s face was pale: "This, this is, Xiaowan, you listen to my explanation …"

I sneered: "This is the information I received during the recovery. You told me that you are not at home that day. Husband, do you say that this is not a head, the debt is the owner?"

The mother -in -law responded, and she found Liang Hao aside from the head, and asked him tremblingly, "Some time ago, you are carrying Xiao Wan and a few women?"

Liang Hao counted for a while, and then his face was white as a ghost: "Eight!"

I laughed: "Liang Hao, let’s divorce."

Liang Hao was in a hurry: "How can you tell me to divorce at this time! I need you most now!"

My mother -in -law hurriedly pulled my hand: "Xiao Wan, this can’t be left. It’s not good to be quiet. The husband and wife are the same forest bird. How can I fly their own?"

She was worried that as soon as I divorced, the news of Liang Hao’s pregnancy would definitely go away, and her son’s life was destroyed!

I asked her: "What do I do? Your son is inexplicably pregnant with eight children, and mix with other women outside, and want me and he to give up?"

Liang Hao kneeling down, how embarrassed he was embarrassed.

"Wife, I used to be my fault before. You can do it, but don’t say divorce."

In the end, I promised not to divorce, but the request was that the fiscal power at home was in charge of this time.

In order to keep me, Liang Hao eagerly agreed to my request.

But my mother -in -law looked at my eyes more and more.

When I was going to sleep at night, my mother -in -law suddenly held my hand to talk to me.

My mother -in -law said somewhat: "My son is pregnant, it’s a ghost you engaged."

I looked at my mother -in -law calmly.

When my mother -in -law saw me, I gritted my teeth and said, "You have no amnesia at all, right? You hate my son to push you down and let you have a miscarriage, so you find some evil door crooked roads and let my son get pregnant.. Su Wan, your poisonous heart! "

I glanced at her: "It’s over?"

My mother -in -law looked at me resentfully.

"Mom, you really have an extraordinary imagination. Is derailment that I let your son derailed? You said I let him like him, where is the evidence?"


I stared at her: "Don’t think about it, I advise you to give him a baby at home honestly."

Mother -in -law was so angry.


Liang Hao’s dad had to let Liang Haosheng.

Men were born without a birthplace. I don’t know how to bred life in the belly, but in the color Doppler ultrasound, Liang Hao’s body did have a uterus.

This also means that he can only take the child out of the child through a cesarean section.

But even if the eight children burst their belly, they could not be born.

Therefore, the end result is that Liang Hao has a tire reduction surgery.

You must wait for the fetus to grow to a certain size, so the mother -in -law kept feeding Liang Hao for supplements during this time.

So when Liang Hao was four months pregnant, his belly was particularly big.

On the day of the tire reduction surgery, in order to prevent this from being known to outsiders, Liang Hao put on wigs and masks, and did not speak throughout the whole process. The doctor mistaken him as a woman.

The doctor said: "I need to shoot potassium chloride to shoot potassium chloride to the fetal cardia or skull cavity to achieve the purpose of reducing tires, but how many do you want to leave?"

Liang Hao couldn’t speak. The mother -in -law looked at her father -in -law’s face and trembled: "One, one?"

The father -in -law raised the case: "No! This is my only bloodline! There are three! There are three must, in case which child has something wrong with my incense! Doctor, you leave me all the boys! We only need the boy! "

Liang Hao finally couldn’t help it, and he took a furious patted to bed: "Dad, are you crazy!"

The doctor was calmed by Liang Hao’s rough voice, and the skin on his face was shaking: "Is this a man?"

I can’t help laughing, "Dad, you just want a boy at this time?"

The father -in -law stared at: "As long as the boy is the blood of my family!"

At this time, I suddenly remembered that the one I had a miscarriage was a baby girl. If I really gave birth, what kind of fate should I face?

The private doctor received a large price and checked the gender. As a result, there were four male fetuses. In the end, under the strong protest of Liang Hao, the father -in -law finally agreed to give birth to only three.

After the tire reduction surgery, the mother -in -law gave a large sealing fee, which was taken from her own pocket.

Because now the money at home is in charge, I won’t give them money anymore.

Liang Hao frowned, covering his belly, his eyes were red: "Even if there are three left, how can you give birth!"

I stroked his stomach with a smile and said, "It doesn’t matter, you raised the child to the month, and you naturally cut it out naturally."

Liang Hao was finally positive: "Does the cesarean section hurt?"

I said quietly: "Don’t hurt, don’t listen to the people on the Internet, those who are painful are deceiving. Isn’t every woman come that?"


Since the tire reduction surgery, Liang Hao not only did not lose weight, but his stomach became bigger and bigger every day. After all, the three children in the stomach were growing.

He no longer relieved. It was terrible that his body became as fat as a balloon.

Before that, Liang Hao was one meter tall, he was tall and thin, and now he was swollen and strong.

Mother -in -law sighed at Liang Hao every day at home, and Liang Hao was also sentimental and always dazed in the mirror.

And I am busy every day. Now Liang Hao cannot go out, and I take over the company for him.

The company was originally founded by my parents to invest in money. The new company worked with Liang Hao, but did not expect that when the company started, I was designed by Liang Hao and was going to give birth at home.

At that time, I was intoxicated by my husband to make money. In the dream dream of career, I did not know that I had been pulled out of the society a little.

So that after the second trimester, my mother -in -law did not let me go out for various reasons. During that time, I dragged my bloated body, and the most desire was the world outside the window.

And now it is Liang Hao who can’t go out.

Since the two positions of our position, Liang Hao has changed a lot.

He started to please me every day, not only to ask my mother -in -law to cook my taste, but even the mother -in -law looked for me to find me.

"Mom, you are over? That is, Xiaowan is still willing to be with me. Why do you speculate on her? You want me to crazy?"

But I was not moved, I just felt irony. Once in his heart, I was the yellow -faced mother -in -law at home, and now I have become his true love.

This really responded: "Putting a man in a woman’s position, he becomes a woman."

At night, Liang Hao’s hand touched my body. He hadn’t done that for me for a long time.

After all, his physiological state is still a man, as long as a man is a man, no one can endure so many days.

But I pushed away his hand and turned over.

"I’m too tired to work, sleep."


I started to leave Liang Hao. From now on, my revenge has really begun.

I no longer get close to him, my attitude towards him is getting worse and worse, and I have even returned later with excuses of overtime.

After taking over the company, I discovered the clue. At first, I and Liang Hao recruited a group of people. He left his confidant, but fired all the people I recruited.

And I didn’t know this.

Moreover, he also wanted to convert the company’s assets into personal assets, so that even if he divorced me, I could only take over a company with empty shells and even liabilities.

But apparently he hasn’t completed the opportunity to complete this series of plans.

I took the company back to my own hands, ready to wait for him to surprise him after giving birth.

One day when I talked about the project cooperation, I called my name.

I turned back, a tall and handsome man smiled at me.

He is the representative of our competitive company Yan Siyu and my college classmate.

Yan Siyu greeted me: "It’s been a long time since I saw you, and I have never seen you again after graduation. Are you and Liang Hao okay?"

I didn’t expect Yan Siyu to remember my name. At that time, he was the president of the student club and became famous.

I smiled: "Fortunately, it’s hard for you to remember me."

We found a cafe to drink coffee. During this period, Liang Hao called me and I refused directly.

After a while, my mother -in -law also called me, and I turned off directly.

Yan Siyu said: "Actually, when I was in college, I liked you very much. I wanted to confess to you, but at that time you had been ascended by Liang Hao’s boy, so I concentrated on preparing to go abroad.","

I said: "Really, you were so shining in school at the time. I thought you didn’t remember me."

Yan Siyu laughed: "Have you ever heard that the more the more you like the more you like to get closer?"

When chatting with Yan Siyu, my thoughts drifted back to college.

At the beginning, Liang Hao chased me for more than a year.

At that time, he was also a clear young man, and he would bounce the guitar downstairs in my bedroom and shouted: "Su Wan! Be my girlfriend."

Then he was chased by Aunt Su.

When he was married, he promised to be good to me forever.

Unexpectedly, we are rolling in society today, and we all take root in the wet soil of marriage.Looking at each other, it was disappointed.


It was very late when I returned home.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I opened the door, my mother -in -law rushed up as if she was about to eat me. She crackled and accused: "Where did you go, don’t you even answer your husband’s phone? Are you not in your heart?Know that you are going to be born in the afternoon?! "

I glanced at Liang Hao lying on the bed: "What’s wrong?"

It turned out that Liang Hao had been shouting his stomach pain in the afternoon. They didn’t dare to send it to the hospital. I called me and I didn’t answer it. I had to invite the last private doctor.

After the examination, I found that there were two more embryos in Liang Hao’s stomach.

The doctor was stunned, and he said that he had never seen such a thing in his life.

As soon as he asked, Liang Hao said that he had a strong desire some time ago, so he went to find a lady again.

Because I found two, I was pregnant with two more.

So as soon as he was out of control, his father -in -law was so angry that he picked up and stunned him.

As a result, Liang Hao shouted his stomach pain two times, and even fainted.

The doctor said that when he moved the fetal gas, he had to rest in bed every day and waited until he got out of bed.

And now it is too late to reduce the fetus, Liang Hao can only listen to the destiny.

Liang Hao was lying on the bed, and there was no blood on his face. He grabbed my hand and murmured: "My wife I was wrong, this time I was really wrong. I finally realized that you were hard at the time.What a thing. "

I watched him have a huge belly now for seven months, and he really couldn’t imagine how he was holding this body to find a lady.

I pulled out my hand: "Don’t touch me, I’m dirty."

Liang Hao’s face changed: "Xiao Wan, this is not what I can control, I am also a man. Besides, you are busy working every day during this time, and you do n’t cooperate with me at night. I am also helpless …… "

I sneered: "Should I derailment in accordance with you so much? Derailment is derailment, what excuses do you find?"

Liang Hao’s face was cold: "Why didn’t you pick up when I called in the afternoon? I almost died in the afternoon, do you know?"

I was in my heart and pretended to be uneasy: "No, nothing, talk about customers."

How keen Liang Hao: "What customers want to talk about this time at night?"

I was impatiently: "Take care of yourself, I naturally have what I want to do. Can I go home every day to see your and your big belly?"

After that, I got up and left, ignoring Liang Hao’s gloomy face at all.

In that sentence, Liang Hao also said to me.


By the end of pregnancy, Liang Hao’s mental state became increasingly unstable.

Because of the multi -child, his stomach was already large, and he was larger than the normal delivery of pregnant women. The skin was thinner. The red blood wire was covered with red blood, which looked scary.

Rao is so, he can’t get out of bed, he can’t go to the toilet normally, he can only dazed in the ceiling on the bed.

He often held her mother -in -law’s hand and said, "I can’t live anymore. I feel that my stomach is going to burst. You can give me a knife and let me die!"

Whenever my mother -in -law kept crying: "Oh, I can’t say that."

Then the father -in -law always rushed out: "Can’t hurt the children, but that’s the only blood in our old Liang family!"

In fact, this is a good thing in the eyes of the father -in -law. Not only did the three grandchildren in one breath, but also to ensure that their old Liang family’s blood was pure. He felt that this was his ancestral grave.

The mother -in -law finally couldn’t bear it, and she scolded her father -in -law. She said that she was the fault of the father -in -law. Now that her son is so suffering because of him.

Then the father -in -law beat her mother -in -law fiercely and even entered the hospital.

I jumped with chickens every day at home, and I rarely went back.

I rented a house outside. Occasionally, the company’s project would find me. Occasionally, Yan Siyu would come out to find me to drink coffee.

It’s better to be with a handsome man than a bloated man.

Liang Hao is more and more suspicious. I often call me without time, or he has learned from his old subordinates that he and Yan Siyu have a lot of relationships with Yan Siyu.

Once he asked me almost in a cry: "Are you good at the kid with Yan Siyu, someone told me to see you seeing you together?Yes or no?"

Yan Siyu asked me, "Whose phone call?"

I did not shy away: "An annoying guy, I want to vomit after seeing it."

These Liang Hao listened to his ears.

Liang Hao was surprised: "You, you actually … you … you … ah!"

There was a sound of Liang Hao’s pain in his stomach.

His voice was miserable, as if suffering Ling Chi’s punishment: "Out, bleeding! Xiaowan! I bleed."

I hung up the phone.

At this moment, all the hate in my heart was released.

Just let him get pregnant?I want to see his painful process step by step, and look at him step by step to become me in the past.

I have suffered all the pain I suffered!


Later, Liang Hao never sent me a message. Until the evening, the hospital called me, and I knew that Liang Hao was really going to give birth.

Due to sudden premature birth, there was no one at home.

The mother -in -law was beaten by the father -in -law, and the father -in -law was not at home.

Liang Hao dragged his stomach and rolled down from the bed, with blood, moved to the door step by step, shouting to save his life.

But no matter how he shouted, there was no one in the corridor, and no one cared about him at all.

The problem is that he has no birth canal, and he can only take the child out through a cesarean section.

In this way, he endured the pain of the afternoon and fainted directly.

It wasn’t until the night when a uncle came back and found Liang Hao before he sent him to the hospital.

When I rushed to the hospital, Liang Hao shouted in a heartbreaking room in the delivery room.

There are women in the delivery room, and there have been no such hearts of men.

Two hours later, the three children had been cut out.

The doctor said that Liang Hao was dead again later.

Liang Hao was like washed by water, and he had no human shape.

The father -in -law hurried to hug his grandson, three boys, and made him laugh.

The periphery of the delivery room is full of people who look at the lively people. They all heard that a male mother came to the hospital to have children. This sudden premature birth made Liang Hao’s pregnancy that could not hide it.

Liang Hao got on the local news headlines. Many people added fuel and rumored to say that he was a transsexual person, so he could have children.

His relatives and friends called him crazy, and he lost his face, and he could not be peaceful even during the recuperation.

So that when his body was recovered, he hurried home and recuperated.

He is completely famous in us.

After returning home, Liang Hao did not care about me about me that day to hang up to cause him prematurely. He carefully hugged the child and asked me: "I have no milk, the children can only drink milk powder, can you give the milk powder money?? "

Yes, after the economy at home is controlled by me, Liang Hao has gone at all.

I laughed, and finally sent out my soul torture: "First, this child was not born, how could I be their mother? Second, since you gave birth to the children of others, we divorcedBar."


Liang Hao’s face was lost.

He was holding his child’s hands at a loss: "Xiao Wan, you, you are kidding."

I looked at him fixedly: "I’m not kidding."

Liang Hao hurriedly said, "Xiao Wan, you can be with other men, you can not go home, I forgive you, but you can’t divorce me!"

I shook my head: "Sorry, I have waited for a long time."

The child in Liang Hao’s arms cried, and he looked at me stunned.

I looked at the crying child, and said sourly: "Do you really think I forgot how my child died? Do you really think, I don’t care about you, I pretend to have amnesia, do this pass?"


I stood up and looked at him with a high junction: "I haven’t forgotten it! How could I forget the children who had been pregnant for seven months! She was going to be born, and I was born in two months.she!"

Liang Hao said: "I didn’t deliberately, who told you that he deliberately irritated me!"

I sneered: "How do you feel like this time? Bloated figure, feel like a waste and feels disgusted by the pillow, do you like it? But you have not experienced the pain of my bereavement yet!"

Liang Hao heard his words in horror, after all, it was also the child born in his stomach.

"You, what are you going to?"

I looked at him like this, but it was ridiculous.

He has been in a woman’s position for a long time, and now he really becomes a woman.

I said slowly: "I want you to go home."


Liang Hao is of course reluctant to go out of the house.

When they realized that things could not be recovered, they broke the jar.

My mother -in -law called and scolded me as a black -hearted poisonous woman. I posted a poster that was derailed in my wedding downstairs in our company, and splashed, and she was extremely used.

But nothing is used at all.

I directly called the police to take her away, and my public opinion did not have any impact. After all, they are now passing Liang Hao as a transsexual person.

He said that he was originally a woman, and was willing to give me a child for love for love.

Liang Hao made a call for me, and his tone was cold: "I have consulted a lawyer. You have been derailed in your marriage. I can’t go out of the house. I still have three sons to raise!"

I said, "Despite collecting evidence, if you can find the proof of derailing me and Yan Siyu, I do n’t want a penny, I will go out and go home by myself."

Of course I have confidence, because I have not derailed at all.

From the beginning, Yan Siyu was the guise of I asked Liang Hao to suspect that I was revenge. How could I get my love again?

We still went to court.

Liang Hao said that I was derailed in my marriage, and the court asked him to present evidence that he couldn’t get it.

Liang Hao said that I abandoned the child, and I directly dumped the parent -child appraisal. I told the judge that the three children were not born with me. Why should I have the obligation to support?

The jury has never seen such a strange case.

By the way, I also dumped the evidence of Liang Hao’s derailment. The news that his mistress sent me, the video of the house, and the recording of me. I have everything.

During the period when Liang Hao was pregnant, I not only returned the company to me, but also collected evidence.

Those who know that Liang Hao is the "male woman" some time ago thinks that Liang Hao is an unspeakable transgender person.

People who do n’t know think that Liang Haotian is shameless, and he has three children with other women and has a wife to support it.

Public opinion is standing on my side.

The mother -in -law lived and did not let Liang Hao accept her net bodies. She yelled at me as a poisonous woman, and I directly released a recording.

It was recorded on the day of my miscarriage, and she and Liang Hao carried what I said.

"Mom, you don’t know. After she was pregnant, she was swollen like a pig. I wanted to vomit the yellow -faced woman!"

"You can bear it again, and when she is divorced after she has a child, her company at that time is also in your hands!"

"Also, I have waited for so many years, and finally waited until she was pregnant, and she could kick her out completely in a few months!"

After the recording was played, Liang Hao and her mother -in -law were ashamed. I asked them, "Who is a poisonous woman?"

Whenever I want to let them go, whenever I want to give up, this recording supports me to go now.

It reminds me what kind of person is my pillow, and why my child die.

I can’t let them go!


In the end, Liang Hao gave up the property and went out of the house.

Because I told him that there were videos and recording during pregnancy, unless he really didn’t want to stay on this earth.

He stepped back because he was guilty, because he was at a disadvantage.

When he was leaving, he kneeled on my feet and cried: "Xiaowan I was wrong, I was really wrong! I really only understand your grievances after experiencing these afterwards. Can you see it on the face of our death?Give me another chance! Xiaowan, you have always been very kind. "

I shook my head: "Liang Hao, because of our child, I will never forgive you. When you say those words, I can’t be kind."

I believe he has no regrets to the child he lost.

But what I can do, I do it for my children.

Liang Hao returned to the country with his three sons and in -laws, and there was no place for him.

Although he didn’t have a penny, he would definitely work hard to earn money to raise his three great children and continue the "noble" blood of the Liang family.

But what does this have to do with me?

After the divorce, Yan Siyu officially invited me. Although he has not understood what is going on with Liang Hao, he still asked me if I was interested in carrying out a new relationship with him.

I smiled and said, "No, I don’t plan to return to my past life."

Yan Siyu was a little surprised, but he still expressed his understanding: "I can wait for you."

I cherished the railway: "You don’t need to wait for me, I enjoy the current life very much. We are a partner."

Yan Siyu teased: "Why, the last marriage makes you do not believe in men so much?"

I laughed: "Do you remember the" Rogue "we learned in high school textbooks?

"The delay of the scholars can still say.

"Yan Siyu, I won’t be attached to anyone anymore. I don’t want to be a woman who is hoping and disappointed with love again and again. I want to be a person who can retreat and control my destiny."

Yan Siyu nodded: "Always feel that you are very different from before."

I smiled: "Of course."

I know that there will be no golden fingers everywhere in life, not everyone is lucky to get a BUFF revenge.

Don’t delay love, do not attach to others to lose yourself.

Rather than being afraid of being abandoned, it is better to stand in a higher place to become "them".

This is the truth that I should have understood.

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