(End) I have been pregnant for eight months, and my husband said that he had encountered true love and divorced me

For more than eight months of pregnancy, at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, a strange woman adds me WeChat.

"Sorry, Xiao Ran won’t let me find you. But I don’t think I can deceive you all the time …."

Looking at the cold half bed next to me, my hand was shaking and I could pass it.

"It’s disturbed. Sister is still waiting for him? I kept urging him to go back, he just refused to …"

Really? But he told me that he would work overtime at night.

I supported the heavy waist, and I added a pillow behind me.

Since seven months of pregnancy, it is difficult for me to lie down and sleep flat.There is always a sourness in the stomach, burning into the throat, and the burning feelings are uncomfortable.

And even if I was sitting at this moment, I still felt that I could swallow something in my throat, and I couldn’t swallow it.


At about one o’clock in the morning, he finally came back.

The first sentence of opening: "She is too much, and I still have to restrain you at this time."

"You always say that you work overtime these days, and even often overnight, are you going to her?"

I asked him.

"… sometimes."

Xiao Ran surrendered my eyes, took off his jacket and turned into the bathroom.

Maybe the tears had been dried, and he saw him light and light.

I was also unexpectedly calm.

As if just as before, have you ever had supper? He said, had eaten.

The sound of water came in the bathroom, and I suddenly remembered our past.

Xiao Ran and I are college classmates.

In the first semester to participate in the college’s New Year’s Eve Party, there is a sketch in the department.

He plays husband, and I play my wife.

When the performance is over, we really do it.

The two mother -in -law fell in love with a single fetus, and walked until graduation and getting pregnant.

I always thought that we were the love of love in the mouth of our classmates.

I thought I had been cared for by God. I was fortunate to have a double life in my life in this life.

A scene of happiness flashed in the memories, this heart is like being cut by a knife, bloody pain.

I have been painful and uncomfortable, and I pushed me fiercely.

Huh! Not uncomfortable, the mentality should be peaceful.

I am no longer alone, I am a mother soon …

I wiped out the tears that rolled down and saw him came out of the bathroom.

There is a five -finger seal that is not very obvious on the face, but it is extremely dazzling.

She said on WeChat: "After all, he is the child’s father. At this time, it should be with you more. I will urge him to go back to accompany his sister and child, and beat him back."

So she hit him back, completely breaking my innocence and pride, destroying the false happiness I thought of it.

It’s ridiculous and sad.

In the past five years, the man who hadn’t even said he had said a word, and he needed other women to face his face to go home.

When he was pregnant a few months ago, he also held me affectionately: "We are all only children, and he is too lonely to have a child, it is best to have two …"

I don’t understand why it suddenly becomes like this!

"Is she good?" I wanted to hear him.

Xiao Ran lay on the other side of the bed, facing me back, and clearly with me.

When I went home before, I would tell me a few words of concern, giving a hug, but I didn’t have anymore today.

After a moment of silence, he said.

"No, she is not good. She loves alcohol, often soaking in nightclubs, nervousness, and she is going to die if she is everywhere. It is not suitable for life. Follow you, she is a completely different type of woman."

I was surprised to open my eyes.

"But she dares to love and hate, she is particularly open, and lives freely. In the nightclub, many men will be attracted by her. We know the nightclub one night stand, and then I can no longer resist her temptation, until I fell in love with her","

The sheets were pinched tightly under me, and couldn’t help shaking on my shoulders.

"One night stand? When is it?"

"The first time was when you were hospitalized for preservation. After a few times, I met her."

It’s ridiculous! I always believe that he said that in order to welcome the baby’s arrival, he has to work hard, so he has to work overtime and even live occasionally in the company.

But never expected …

"Why? You said it clearly, you don’t look at the kind of nightclub."

He once went home and always talked to me, saying that some male colleagues in the company always went to the nightclub, and for three days and two ends to have one night stand, it was dirty.

As a result, he is still in it, and he is so relieved.

"I don’t know, probably that place can let people fly myself and release pressure. If I really fall in love with a woman, what she is, I don’t care how many boyfriends have been made before."

"I’m sorry, Xi Xi, I really … I love her as crazy. Without her, I don’t think I can live."

Xiao Ran’s words were terrible, and it made me chill.

Once the matter was revealed, he was completely unwilling to cover up, and the original hypocritical care was gone.

This is what she wants, right?

"Sleep, wake up your parents in a while, it’s not good. Let’s talk about it tomorrow."

This man once said to me affectionately that only me in this world is the most important, and now I only leave me a cold back.

There was the first snow in city S this year, but even if I hit the air conditioner, I still felt so cold when I leaned on the bedside.

It turns out that the heart of a man is like an underwater needle.Essence

Accompanied by his soft breath, I shed tears alone until dawn.

As always, don’t make noisy or noisy.

He said yes, I am a completely different type of people with her.

I don’t want to lose my temper and don’t want to make trouble, but how should I make trouble?

I need to think about it, think about it.


Early the next morning, he got up as usual on time.With a click, the door of the bathroom was locked.

"Rest assured, I didn’t touch her last night. I promised you …. I’m obedient, don’t make trouble … Well, I won’t be …"

After hearing the faint voice of speaking, my eyes were scorching.

He came out and left a sentence, "I will come back early tonight, let’s talk", and then leave in a hurry.

Soon, my mother -in -law came to ask me for breakfast and said distressedly: "Why is Xiao Ran so busy recently? I have n’t returned overtime for several days. I returned in the middle of the night yesterday. I left again after breakfast?"

"Oh, yes."

I bowed my head to drink porridge, and I was afraid of the irony and sadness of the bottom of my eyes.

You can hide and where to hide, and the mother -in -law still sees it.

"Xi Xi, why is your eyes so red? I didn’t sleep well last night? Hey, this month is really a lot uncomfortable, you will rest for a while during the day."

"Xiao Ran is busy, I can’t care about you and children, it’s really wronged. I will take a leave to accompany you today."

While she packed things, she sent a message to the leader to ask for leave. She also mumbled in her snowy day and I went out by himself.

Mother -in -law is a good mother -in -law.

I had a threatened abortion before pregnancy, and the bed was lying on the tire. It was all she took care of me before she was busy. She never said something disgusting.

I don’t know how many people are envious of me to marry the Xiao family and meet such a good and diligent mother -in -law.

I took it seriously and never had a red face with her in -laws.

She didn’t know anything. Like the original me, she complained about Xiao Ran, but she always thought about things.

As a result of the output check, children are normal.It’s just that I am thin, and I only grow 11 pounds throughout my pregnancy.

"Pregnant women should keep their mood comfortable, control emotions, and nutrition. You have a lighter weight."

The doctor said.

I nodded with a smile and took a deep breath.

I carefully prepared a bento for him every day, and sorted him for him, and did not let him get a little troubled thing at home.

But he returned from night to gradually and did not go home, and he became indifferent to me.

I don’t know how many nights, I am lonely asleep, how can I feel better?

There must be problems between us. I also thought about it, but he hadn’t talked to me for a long time.

I lived in the perfect fairy tale at the beginning, thinking that what he said was eternal.

Perhaps I have a premonition in my heart, but I have been deceiving myself.

My mother -in -law carefully helped me, walking deep and shallowly in the hospital snow, and suddenly WeChat rang.

Other chats are exempt from disturbance, and you know it is him.

Open the screen, entering is a naked sentence: "Xi Xi, sorry, let’s divorce."

"I really can’t do without her, I can’t bear her to be uncomfortable."

"Everything I can afford to compensate you and children. Sorry." Sorry. "

I stopped.The cold wind rolled snowflakes and beating on his body than heartbreak.

Have you ever tasted it? It is the kind of suffocating tingling sensation. The heart tears a little bit, and the cold will emit from the heart nest all the way to the stiffness of the limbs, and the vitality also dissipates with the heat.

It was numb to the whole person, like the grass that was crushed by white snow on the side of the road.

From his attitude last night, I can already guess that it would be a matter of time when he was divorced.

Since that woman chose to break this time, it was forcing him to make a decision.

Originally, I thought that he might be a ghosts for a while, and we would have a baby immediately. Maybe he would wake up when he was born.

But after men change their hearts, they can be so cruel!

It will be New Year’s Day in a few days.

I remembered the night of the New Year’s Eve five years ago. After the performance, several of us who had good students went out all night.

At the moment when the bell ringing of the New Year, everyone was cheering. He flushed his face and shouted hard at me: "Lin Xixi, I like you, be my girlfriend!"

Later, the campus romance was so much that I walked down with him sweetly, and I didn’t know how many people were envied.

When I was close to graduation, I also hesitated whether I should return to my hometown for development.After all, my parents have only one daughter.

And the development of hometown is also good.

That was the only time I proposed to break up to him, and for the first time he begged me, saying that he didn’t want to break up, and couldn’t imagine the days without me.

"Go home with me. When we see your parents, get married first when you graduate. In this life, I only want to stay with you."

For his words, I chose to come to his city with the regrets and blessings of my parents.

"What’s wrong?"

When my mother -in -law saw me, I stood still and asked in doubt.

I woke up from my memories, and I lowered my eyes, and my tears couldn’t help but roll off.

I am a pregnant woman! I can be emotional, coquettish if I want to be coquettish, and who wants to toss anyone.

It was just that the prince who would spoil me as a princess turned his head to raise his sword at me.

I silently handed my phone to my mother -in -law, and my mother -in -law turned red instantly.

"How can this be!"

She covered her mouth, as if she had seen a ghost.

Xiao Ran came back at 8 o’clock in the evening, and the atmosphere at home was dull.

The father -in -law who had a strong life was gloomy, and he closed his mouth and didn’t speak.

Only Xiao Ran seemed to be like nothing, saying that he had to talk to me first, and closed the door into the house.

I sat on the bedside. He took off his jacket and sat at the end of the bed and laughed at himself: "For those who don’t love, I am more heartbroken than what I think."

Lightly described, and it was a fierce.

Now that I am the person he doesn’t love, it is simple and direct.

Originally, I was always tired of crooked me. Men with a long wife and wife changed their faces to change their faces.

"So you want to divorce, to marry her in a hurry?" I asked.

"Actually not." He returned.

When I heard the words, I stunned again, and Xiao Ran obviously became excited.

"I want to divorce, it doesn’t matter to her. She is so noisy, I love her, now I can’t do without her, but she is really not suitable for being a wife."

"Xi Xi, to be honest, I am also entangled with you to divorce you. You are a rare good wife. For so many years together, I must have feelings for you."

"But I really don’t love you anymore. Especially if you resign at home after pregnancy, you slowly become my mother. It is meticulous to me.

"I don’t just want to divorce, but also want to leave this house. When I think of the children who are coming soon, I think of the endless urine, milk powder, and I have a lot of pressure, which is really great."

"Before I met Nan Nan, I never knew that the original love could be hot enough to make people crazy. I just want to unbutton the restraint, live freely, and enjoy everything I have not tried. Do you understand?"

Xiao Ran’s eyes are also red, like a trapped beast, as if they are going to be crazy.

Because I had concealed nephritis in the early years, the doctor suggested that I have children as soon as possible to hurt my kidneys as soon as possible.

That’s why we get pregnant and prepare for pregnancy, and he obviously recognizes it.

Later, I was low in the early stages of pregnancy. I had to be hospitalized to protect the fetus. I had no good meat on my hips every day. I kept insisting on three months, so I had to resign at home to raise the fetus.

It turns out that I resigned at home for a few months and gave him so much!

And my child and I have become a stumbling block that imprisons his freedom.

He never talked to me all this.

Thinking of the WeChat record sent by the woman, it is the true love that they are clamoring them, and want me to fulfill them.

Love! Do they care about love that is indulgent and selfish?What about responsibility?

Is it only called love in bed?

Covering the bag on my stomach, I shouted to him hysterically for the first time.

"But we vowed to the national emblem. In this life, we have worked together and give up. You also told her to divorce and marry her. Why don’t you recognize now? Xiao Ran, I really did not expect that you were a liar!"

Xiao Ran lowered his head, and his fist was tight.

"No! I didn’t lie. Every word I said at the time was true."

What does it mean? I didn’t respond for a while.

"Xi Xi, I’m sorry for you. You are not wrong, the wrong is me. Actually, I don’t have to divorce you. If I don’t go home, you can’t control me at all. And my parents will take care of you and children, I am, meNothing can’t let go. "

"But I know that you love me, love too deeply, it will be tired, and you can’t bear the fact that I don’t love you. So in order to reduce the harm to you, divorce is better to you."

At this moment, I finally understood that he really didn’t lie.

When you promise, you really want it, but you can directly abandon when you don’t want it.

So for me, and to her.

He confessed that year, and I was pleased to agree.

I didn’t let him have any heart along the way, and even getting married was a matter of water, basically I was handling it myself.

I originally wanted to buy another small house to live, but the father -in -law resolutely disagreed, and the mother -in -law was not willing to leave the single son.

They said that the junior houses in the family could not live, and they had to move out how to get married.

Anyway, both of us are only children, and everything they will leave us will be left to us in the future.

My parents let me not make my in -laws sad, and I obeyed it too, but I married a symbolic receipt of tens of thousands of colorful gifts.

Therefore, we have no mortgage or assets. We spend our own salary without any pressure.

He is equivalent to picking up a wife in vain, and I am equivalent to nothing except him.

He went home and had nothing to do with it. He never had to wash a bowl or panties.

The father -in -law is tough, and the mother -in -law is very diligent. I do get more and more like my mother -in -law, but he is increasingly not like the simple teenager of the former.

It can be said that Xiao Ran turned like today, which has something to do with my family and me.

Xiao Ran never paid for this home and to me.

If you feel good, you will lose it if you feel tired?

And the woman taught him what was stimulating, what was paid, and what was reluctant.

So he knew that the woman was not suitable for marrying home, and still had to fight the fire.

Hahaha, in this relationship, I paid much more than him.But this is not called love deep, but humble.

The humble feelings can never be moved and cherished.

And how can he have a lively life that he has not experienced the world of flowers outside?

Deserve it, I’m deserved!

Our beginning stems from a play, and it is also a play in reality.It was just that he performed so well, and I was serious.


He slapped him hard with his strength, and his tears had confused my eyes, just like the blind eyes of that year.

"Get! I don’t think I’m dirty."

At this moment, I looked at the man who had loved five years, and felt very disgusting.

When a man no longer loves a woman, she is wrong.

It’s too gentle to have no passion. It’s troublesome to cry. Taixian Hui is an old mother. It is pressure to resign and the child … No matter what I do, he will only feel impatient and disgusted.

"You are a person who wants to be a father right away, you should take responsibility for your child. Do you not understand such a little reason? You do such a thing, where do our face go."

After Xiao Ran left the room, his father -in -law scolded him.

But accusing how could he scold a person who insisted on leaving.

Xiao Ran knew more than anyone else, what he wanted, and didn’t want to listen to people at all.

"Why do people live for the truth, why do I live for your grief and face to accommodate your grief and face? Why do I have to restrain myself for my children?"

"I just want to live the life I want to live. I don’t want to live under your control all day. What are the problems?"

I clearly hear his anger, obviously 27 years old, and like a adolescent child.

The applause continued, and the mother -in -law almost fainted, and then heard that he fell heavily and left.

I sat quietly in the house and lost my soul.

Thinking back to graduation, our work was also found by the in -laws, but he didn’t like it.

After half a year, he resigned with a stable but low -income work, and went to a high -intensity foreign -funded enterprise under pressure.

During that time, he was very painful, and he cried in his arms after a drink.

It was the second time we met him in tears since we met.

I was very heartbroken and comforted him gently: "Don’t be afraid, do what you want to do, I will always support you."

He cheered up, and the development of the new company was good, although it was hard, but more vigorous.

But he never knew that all his relatives at that time felt that I had abandoned his salary and then resigned with him.

Looking at him cheered, I didn’t care about those gossip.But one day he would dislike everything I had done for him.

And my tears were in his heart, and couldn’t stimulate half a wave of waves.

People! Too much effort may not be a good thing. The people who get it do not know how to cherish it.

I stood on the bay window in the bedroom and looked at his figure on the 16th floor.

There was a voice in his heart, jumping down, and jumping! He fell in front of him, letting him live in regret and fear in his life, and he couldn’t forget our mother and son in his life.

The cold cold wind hit the pain on his face. The baby kicked me fiercely and stopped the legs that I lifted out of the window.

My hands and feet instantly leaned against the wall.

Am I crazy? Why do I die for a man who is not worth it? I want to be a mother!

Looking at the figure downstairs disappeared in my eyes, I cried again.

But after crying, I knew that in the future, I should live for myself and those who love myself.

Then, Xiao Ran’s figure was not seen again for a few days.

My mother -in -law always pulled my hand and cried: "Xi Xi, the Xiao family really can’t hold you. I didn’t expect Xiao Ran to suddenly become like this.

"It was all the fox essence, the kind of woman is a scourge! Xi Xi, he is now stunned by that woman, and one day will regret it. Don’t take it seriously …"

My mother -in -law was crying less than me.

Sometimes she murmured to me helplessly that men are very realistic, women’s suffering, only women can understand.

I remember her good, but I also remember what my girlfriend Luo Xia told me.

"Even if Xiao Ran made a big mistake, as long as one day he will turn back, it is still their children, but can it be your husband?"

Yeah, is it possible for me to go back? Can my heart still repairs?

Cry, women’s tears are the water in her head.Wait, the brain should be sober.

"The person who is not loved in marriage is immoral. Why don’t your sister understand? If you really love him, why can’t you be fully forced?"

The woman still sent me a message from time to time.

When her mother -in -law saw her words, she was so angry that she called and scolded, and tried to find a company she went to work to find a leader.

"Xi Xi, you are heavy now, you can’t get angry or adventure. Mom goes to the fox actuary account."

I didn’t tell my mother -in -law that I was not interested in fighting at all.

As a result, her mother -in -law went to the place where the woman went to work, and she didn’t counsel at all.

I also became excited to blame my mother -in -law, saying that my in -laws were too autocratic, and I didn’t know what Xiao Ran really wanted.

The woman said straightforwardly that Xiao Ran chased her, and they were together.

They are not wrong, they just love each other.

It is also said that her parents already knew her and Xiao Ran, but would not interfere with their feelings. This is true respect.If you live in the Xiao family, it will only suffocate.

My mother -in -law is an intellectual, but she can not win, and almost vomit blood.

I heard my mother -in -law’s anger, I was completely speechless.

It turns out that for some people, it is the real luxury goods. The three views of people and people are really good.

I just keep asking myself, is my vision?

"Xi Xi, don’t be affected by her words, you must not divorce. Just strangle her, see what kind of moths she can produce. If you are assured, if she dares to come to the door, my parents will hit her directly."

A lot of mother -in -law said angrily.

"If Xiao Ran was killed, we would not recognize this son. In the future, you will be my daughter of the Xiao family. We will bring your children together, and we will never treat your mother and son."

The father -in -law filmed, hate iron and steel, and high blood pressure also rose.

I stroked my stomach gently and nodded slightly.

The heart has become ice, where it will be tempted.

In fact, at this time, I will not be stabbed by the woman’s words.

Because every word she showed off today, she will become a slap in the near future and hit her face fiercely.

She is the same as me, but Xiao Ran is a victim who confronts her family and dump the pot.

Love? It’s a joke.

I no longer chased Xiao Ran when I went home, but he would send information to me from time to time and habitually tell me.

For example, he told me that she was more diligent in changing her boyfriend than changing clothes, and the child did not know how many sheds, but they would still invest in each relationship.

She is like a charming and seductive poppy flower, fascinating, but is also taboo.But too many people in this world are willing to die for poppy, but begging to have it.

They have rented a house openly together, and their lives have become trivial, and they quarrel from time to time, and they are like paint.

Xiao Ran still said sorry to me and resolutely didn’t come back.He sometimes complains, blame me why I didn’t insist on skin care or dressed himself.

He can smash in the nightclubs hundreds of thousands of nights of the good youth, and the tide suit is worn on himself.

But what can I do?

I have savings in my head, diaper milk powder money, and human feelings.

It’s me, it’s all my fault.

I shouldn’t think that the man could assume family and responsibility because he was chic and sweet when he was in love.

I shouldn’t be wronged by everything, and I have forgotten to love myself.

Men can believe, pigs can fly on the tree.I didn’t understand the truth before, but now I finally understand it.

Xiao Ran thought that I could solve my temperament, and felt that I had invested so much in this relationship. I loved him so much that he would not be willing to let go easily.

He won’t make things big and give up his face, so he can toss relentlessly.

I did not make trouble, nor did I go to the woman to settle the account.

After getting down the bay window that day, love is no longer all in my life.

All the people and things related to him will be farther away with me after all, except for my child.

Touching the belly that has been facing, I said to the baby, "Baby, we are not angry. Not worth it."

For more than ten days before the pelvis, my mother also rushed from her hometown to accompany the birth.

I said firmly in my mother’s arms, "Mom, I want to divorce."

Mom shed tears, gently stroked my head, should be down.

Dad received the news on the phone for a long time and said, "You decide, then leave, take the child back. We are like this child, his surname is Lin, and it has nothing to do with the Xiao family."

Sure enough, only parents will support themselves unconditionally.

I am blessed because I have a backing behind me.

In the future, I want to work hard to grow myself and be a backing of parents and children.

One day Xiao Ran came back to get things, and I stopped him quietly and handed the divorce agreement drafted by a lawyer friend.

He was surprised and looked at me a little surprise.

"You …. I agree to divorce so soon? I thought, you won’t agree."

I can already control my emotions. Looking directly at him, he is not sad or angry, just told him faint: "If I love you, I can die. If I don’t want to love you, you are nothing.Do you want it? "

If he wants to marry that woman, I really don’t worry, just wait to see that they are going to die.

But I know that even if we divorce, he cannot marry her.So what do I have to do with a scumbag, will I have to be over the New Year?

"Xiao Ran, hurry up if you want to leave. Now it’ s improper, and when the family knows it, you ca n’t leave if you want to leave. "

Seeing me, Xiao Ran decided to sign the name.

I don’t like entanglement, I don’t like noisy, and I don’t like to be born.

Since it is decided, he won’t hesitate.

Although the Xiao family in Shanghai is only considered an ordinary family, there are also houses and cars.

I marry into Shanghai from a small city, probably in the eyes of everyone.

Anyone who knew this thought that I would not be willing to eat the loss and give the woman the throne.

But I don’t want anything.

During the woman’s pregnancy and lactation, the man could not be divorced.”Cannot be agreed to divorce, so I took the signing agreement court to sue divorce.

The other fixed assets of their family are more than one hundred thousands of savings and fund accounts in his name and my name, and I have under my name.

I don’t want to fight anything else, so there is nothing to be entangled.

Xiao Ran did go out of the house, because he had nothing to give me.

Originally I got the living expenses of him, he would not give him.

However, for the divorce, the agreement stipulated that the total compensation for me and the child’s support for a total of 6,000 yuan per month, and he also recognized him.

With a monthly salary of more than 10,000 at that time, it was quite sincere.

Because there are no economic disputes and derailment, in principle differences, under the peaceful and firm persistence of both sides, the court quickly settled.

"I know that the child is your life, but my parents will definitely not agree with you to take your child away. But I will solve these things. You can take your child with peace of mind. This is the only thing I can bear with you and the child."

Xiao Ran said.

The child was born smoothly before the Lunar New Year and was a male baby.Apart from going to the hospital to take a look, he was anxious to coax the woman.

However, the Xiao family was happy. The confinement happened to be the first month, and relatives and friends came to congratulate.

I welcomed each other with a smile, and no one saw that the family had been fragmented.

This is the last time I support my parents -in -law for a long time.Since then, each of them is well.

In less than two months, the child finally opened.When I took my son back to my mother’s house, I told his parents that I and Xiao Ran had already received a divorce judgment.

Except for some clothes and documents, I didn’t get anything.

It turned out that the former home, without him, there was nothing that belonged to me inside and outside.

At that time, the Xiao family stormy, but my family was happy, and my parents regarded their children as the treasure in their hands.

As long as you let go of your obsession, you don’t have any expectations to others.

Wuyun, who has been pressed in my heart, finally dispersed a lot.

At this time, anyone is more important than me to take care of the baby son?

I heard that if the mother is in a bad mood during breastfeeding, milk will be toxic.

I owe my baby a good prenatal education, and now I am happy to be a mother.

After our divorce, Xiao Ran often sent me a message.

Without me, the problem between him and that woman was completely exposed.

The love that once wanted to die and live, suddenly changed the style of painting!

"She never cooks, soaked in two days, and I was drunk and returned. I said a few words and committed suicide."

"Now I finally know why she is a lunatic soon, why she is a lunatic soon."

"She said that she was pregnant, and it was mine. I also said that if she couldn’t regenerate after playing again, it was funny. It was funny. When I worked overtime at night, she went to the nightclub to mix with which man.deny."

"I moved home. She chased home last night. Dad took the curtain and beat her out. She knew that there was an accident in my family in the community. Then she sat on the road downstairs for a whole night and said that she would cut her pulse.","

"I have darkened her phone. If she really finds death, she doesn’t know how many times she died …. Woman like her, can’t get happiness in her life."

This ending is exactly in my expectation.What kind of person will have what kind of life, heaven is doomed.

Listening to him, I just listen to gossip.

I have been black for that woman’s number, and I don’t want the junk emotions of junk people to affect my mood.

As for Xiao Ran, I will slowly be uprooted from my heart.

Time is a good medicine to cure everything.

We all pay for our old ignorance.

We divorced less than two months, and Xiao Ran told me that his family gave the woman a sum of money and had completely broke up with the woman.

"You have suffered so many grievances. I never said a bad thing in front of outsiders, and left my parents for face. My parents were very angry, threatened to recognize you and grandson, and do not recognize my son …."

"I have made a lot of men who make a lot of men. But other men are just playing, but I treat stimuli as true feelings."

"Xi Xi, my dad is loosened. They will fund us to buy a small house. Our family of three moves out for a small life. I will be responsible for mortgage.

Looking at these words, I almost laughed out of tears.

I used to fall in love with someone too early and pay for a lifetime.But I am not really stupid, I will step on a pit twice.

"Xiao Ran, since you are frank and separated, don’t make it hypocritical. You forced me to divorce and let me take my child away. I have done the only correct thing."

"Now looking at the baby’s face, we can have nothing to do with each other, but some things will not forgive me in this life. Don’t force me to continue to hate you and revenge on you!"

I hate his betrayal, and thank him for his true harm. Then let me cut my heart and cut it out.

One thing he said was right, I stayed with him and would not be happy.

So so far.

I want to let myself go, leave more time and energy to love the people I should love, rather than wasting feelings to be worthwhile.

"Xi Xi, we met too early. If we met a few years later, I would cherish you … I’m sorry."

One day, he sent a message.Since then, Xiao Ran has never asked me to gossip with me.

His mother said that the woman had previously ran to his company to commit suicide, which had a bad impact.

So he simply resigned and went out to start a business.

He finally did what he wanted to do without any worries, so of me.

Dad has to go to work, and usually live in the city.

In order to make Chenchen have a more open activity space, my mother and I lived in the countryside with Chen Chen.

The air in the countryside is good, and some green vegetables are planted on the roof of their own buildings to be more economical.

It is very hard to raise children, but it is full.

My task is to find ways to make yourself happy so that your baby and family can be healthier and happy.

Because I insisted on breastfeeding, before weaning for ten months, I did not sleep a sense of peace.

After we weaning, my mother helped me take it during the day, and I started to learn business English and cross -border e -commerce.

Watching him turned over for the first time, grew his first teeth, learned to fat for the first time, and stood up independently for the first time …. The happiness of being a mother is simply bursting.

I was very fortunate that I did not be fainted by anger at first, and I did irreparable mistakes.

Otherwise, today’s stable days will not be enjoyed.

Xiao Ran didn’t talk to me anymore, but the annual support fee was basically accounted on time.

Still divorce.

I wanted to resign at home when I was pregnant.

Now, you can make a shot and two, who can be rational, who is rare.

Therefore, the woman in marriage, unless the man takes the initiative, is really not good for money.

The child and grandma said that if Xiao Ran did not make money on time, he would supervise him to bear this responsibility.

Looking at the child’s face, I feel that all the patience was worth it before.

At a glance, I put down my mobile phone to die.

You can’t always rely on Xiao Ran’s support fee, as well as your parents’ replenishment.

I was taking notes in the house, and I heard the sound of strange women in the living room downstairs.

"… sister -in -law, you see Xi Xi is still so young, but you can’t delay …"

Come and introduce men again? Forget it, my mother will deal with it.

A pro -Chenchen’s cute face, I put on the headset to listen to words.

It wasn’t until my mother came to call me lunch, and said with a funny look, "Who’s the sister who came here just now and said that a little boss called her to ask."

"Oh!" I ate the pork eggplant and responded casually.

"Divorced, 38 -year -old brought a 13 -year -old daughter. There is a factory in Y City. It is said that the annual profit of millions is millions. I want to meet you with you. But he has a condition.Give the Xiao family and give him a son again. "

I was too lazy to talk for a sip.It is said that it really comes from the mouth.

"I told her that it doesn’t matter if my daughter is not looking for a son -in -law, but it is impossible not to be a child. I don’t need to ask you, I will stop it."

"Besides, it’s great. Although we are ordinary workers, we don’t worry about eating and drinking.

I put a piece of cattle and Liu into my mother’s bowl, showing the most cheerful smile.

"It’s still awake in the world, my mother is the best. Hey."

I am the only daughter, and I can have a warm home for divorce. I am also pressured when I am fortunate.

So I must grow up, and support this warm and warm home on this old.

However, it is not easy to abandon the original stable administrative work and toss cross -border e -commerce from scratch.

I can only find it while learning, and the days are calm and stable.

I just live in the village that there are not good in the village, and there are many long tongue women.

On this day, I saw my mother’s calm face, holding a sad Chen Chen who was crying very sadly.

"What’s wrong? Did you fall?"

I put down the clothes in my hand and washed half of the clothes and quickly greeted them.

It was only 13 months in the morning in the morning, and I couldn’t say that something was wrong, but just asked me to hug, and I sobbed sadly on my neck.

"It’s not some long -tongue women in the village. I talk to people a few words, whoever hugs Chen Chen to play, who knows she said to Chen Chen, his father doesn’t want him, Chenchen is no one wants people want it.Children, cry about Chen Chen crying. "

"I’m so angry. He warns her directly, and she is not allowed to say these in front of the child in the future. She also said with a smile, such a big child, who couldn’t understand, blame me for a big question."

My mother’s words made my heart jump, and the whole heart was painful.

Chen Chen usually loves to laugh the most, but she cries so sad today.He may be ignorant of the adult’s words, but the children are very sensitive. The contempt of others in the tone of the tone can completely receive it.

The anger burn from the bottom of my heart, I really want to rush to tear the mouth of that mouth!

Chen Chen felt my anger, thinking that I was angry with him.The little body was curled up, and when I looked at my eyes, it was frightened.

I kissed him in a busy voice: "Don’t be afraid or not, my mother is not angry with Chenchen. Chenchen is the most obedient. Mom and grandfather love you."

After calming up emotions, I said to my mother, "Mom, gossip a lot, let’s move back to the city."

"Well, okay. People in the city are less talkative, and there are Chen Chen’s grandfather supporting the waist at home, and most people dare not speak in person."

Mom nodded.

Then she sighed: "We can’t prevent others’ mouths. Chenchen is getting more and more sensible, and his father’s affairs will always be brought back to the roots of the tongue."

"Xi Xi, if you have a reliable man, you may wish to think about it. Boys, after all, you need a father to support it."

I did not agree, nor did I oppose it.

It is normal for my mother to think so, but I know that the most important thing is that I have to be strong.

Men? Now the most important person in my life is the family, can you still die for other men? How can you ask others to ask me and Chen Chen better than the heart.

But if a marriage needs to be prepared for each other, what is the meaning of marriage?

I really don’t need the feelings and marriage.

Soon, we moved to the city.

Dad is very happy. He can see his grandson every day, and our family lives a small life of peace and happiness.

Soon after, my cousin got married and our family went to eat a banquet.

"Hello, is Lin Xixi?"

Soon after sitting down, a man who looked a little familiar greeted me with a smile.

"Are you?" I looked at him in surprise and didn’t remember who this person was.

Looking at the age of twenty -six years old, a business suit is not particularly handsome, but the whole person is clean and tidy, and laughs very affinity.

"Guo Yifeng, two seniors of your high school. You accidentally killed you to sprain your feet before, and then you go to the medical room. Remember?" The man said with a smile.

Oh, it’s him! When I was in my first year, I accidentally hit my senior high school.

After I was injured, he also asked my classmates to give me breakfast for a while.Later, we occasionally just nodded in the school, and never dealt with it until he left.

I heard that he later went to study abroad and went abroad to go to a prestigious school.

At that time, there were still some small and famous schools in the school, as if work was always abroad.

Unexpectedly, he could recognize me for so many years.

"Scholar Guo? It’s so surprised. Hello, do you return to China?" I held my hand and asked him curiously.

"No. Just go back to China to do something and leave next month," he said.

We talked a few more words.

It turned out that he was an important partner invited by the groom’s father and was trying to open up some new domestic and German new product business roads.

The product! I suddenly remembered that I was doing foreign trade e -commerce. I didn’t find a very satisfactory product and source of the product, so I asked him to ask Dong.

After the wedding banquet, we added WeChat, and then I often asked him some foreign trade issues.

He has a good temper and busy, but he will reply to me when he is free.

I have to say that some people do their best to give me a rapid improvement.

However, in just two weeks, the sales in my shop doubled.

Looking at the same double income, I was happy.

But the low sales base is also the reason.Ha ha.

Guo Yifeng is about to go abroad again. I do n’t know when I return to China next time. I should ask him to dinner.

In order to avoid embarrassment, I deliberately pulled the classmates who had helped him to bring me breakfast at first, which was my good girlfriend Luo Xia as a accompany.

The mother of the two of them is a colleague of a unit, and it is considered some friendship.Then I brought morning morning.

"Come, uncle hug."

Last time at the wedding banquet, he had seen Chenchen.

Today he deliberately brought a set of toys and coaxed Chenchen "giggling".

Watching Guo Yifeng holding Chen Chen, a big smile was happy.

Luo Xia quietly pulled my sleeves and gave me a meaningful look.

I glanced at her and warned her not to talk nonsense.Take her to eat meals, can she not stop her mouth?

While eating and talking, we inevitably talk about making money again.

Guo Yifeng said: "Xi Xi, you want to make cross -border e -commerce bigger and stronger, a person must not be busy. Besides, you have to stay with your children."

"I have an idea that I will contribute and be responsible for the source of the source. Xi Xi is responsible for business and management. Luo Xia comes to make accounts and is responsible for after -sales. How do we cooperate with a foreign trade company?"

Ah? Didn’t he have a good company abroad? Do you have to take us cooperation?

I glanced at Luo Xia in surprise, almost fainted by the pie falling from the sky.

Luo Xia was accepting a private company, and his monthly salary was five or six thousand. Just preparing to get married and bought a house, it happened to be lacking money and wanted to fight.

This will hear Guo Yifeng’s words, she immediately asked, "Really? Yingfeng, do you have a wholly -owned capital?"

Guo Yifeng nodded with a smile, and fed Chenchen to feed the vegetables before continuing:

"In the past few years, the export situation of domestic products in China is very good, and it will definitely do better and better in the future. So I plan to make another trading company, and it will save others to make others earn. But my focus is still abroad.","

"Ability and experience, you will always have it. If you rent a office first, start from a young age, even if you lose money."

"How? I don’t know if the two old classmates believe in me or not, would you like to help me be able to help me?"

He said that he had a little trouble, and he had less than hundreds of thousands or even millions of investment in the early stage. It has made me and Luo Xia be expected.

But it is clear that his family is average, and he starts with his own in vain.

However, think about the large -scale cross -border e -commerce or foreign trade companies here, and there are many bankruptcy, but it is not uncommon to earn millions or even millions a year.

It seems that as long as you have the ability and luck, making a lot of money is not really without a chance.

Moreover, Luo Xia said that although Guo Yunfeng was abroad for many years, she was not very familiar with him, but her parents and some old colleagues who knew him all said that the child of the Guo family was good, ability, and reliable.

Now that he is risky, he is alone, and we have paid to learn, and the fool does not do it.

"Yifeng, you are really a good person! Thank you so much. I wish us a happy cooperation. If you rest assured, we will do our best to operate the company well."

Luo Xia reached out without polite.

I also pulled me, the three of them shook hands together to reach a preliminary consensus and agreement to talk about it tomorrow.

At the end of the dinner, Luo Xia said that there was something temporarily and ran away.

When she came, she picked me over, and this would become Guo Yifeng and sent me back.

Chenchen had fallen asleep in my arms.

I sat in the back seat and inadvertently saw Guo Yifeng swept through my gaze in the rearview mirror.

"Is Chen Chen’s father who arrears for support?"

He suddenly spoke.

To be honest, this problem is a bit abrupt, and I can’t help frowning slightly.

"Sorry. When you just went to the Chenchen diapers just now, the phone was on the table, and I accidentally saw the bouncing WeChat information."

He explained busy.

Xiao Ran did send me a WeChat, saying that it was tense money this month, and wanted to make up for it later.

This happened before, probably his entrepreneurship was not so smooth.

What can I say? I can only remind him not to forget.

"Um. Occasionally there are twice, but fortunately, it is generally given on time."

Touching Chenchen’s little head, I said faintly.

"Sorry, I shouldn’t talk more. If you have any financial difficulties, you can tell me directly."

Guo Yifeng said.

I smiled and said, "Okay, thank you. But the child’s expenses are not large now, and don’t you have to pay us immediately? It should not be lacking."

Then we did not continue to speak again, and there were only beautiful and soft music flowing in the carriage.

When I was downstairs, he said to me again, "Xi Xi, I am very fascinating and want to ask a question. If you don’t want to answer, you can not answer."

I nodded curiously: "Well, talk about it."

"You … don’t hate him?"

Don’t hate? How is that possible, I am not a saint.

I do n’t know how many silent nights, tears wet the pillow, choked into the quilt, and only knew the resentment and grievances.

It’s just that everything will always pass, isn’t it?

I bowed my head and held up Chenchen, and answered with a smile: "Hate. But slowly don’t hate. No love, naturally there is no hate."

"Moreover, I don’t want the hatred in my heart to convey to Chen Chen. After all, he is Chen Chen’s father. Even if the word Dad will only exist in the concept of Chenchen, his father is still heaven for Chen Chen."

"If I say Xiao Ran is scum and unbearable in front of outsiders, I have made my own evil, but it will become a talk in other people’s population."

"If you have a day of a day, it is passed to Chenchen’s ear, which is the knife that tie his heart."

"In the future, it is more important than the past. How can you love someone who hates someone?"

Looking at Chen Chen’s peaceful face, my lips couldn’t help rising.

The house in my city is an old community, with no elevators on the fourth floor.

Guo Yunfeng insisted on helping me hug the morning upstairs, but left without entering the door.

Luo Xia sent a message before going to bed.

"Xi Xi, how are you talking about? I’m smart, provide you with a chance to be alone."

I shook my head helplessly and went back with a voice.

"Don’t talk nonsense. He is a big boss, youth talent, what kind of object you are in a good age can’t be found, so why bother to raise my son for me."

"I still want to make money with my thighs. Don’t cause me trouble. If the gossip comes out, it is not clear, breaking my money, be careful that I will take Chenchen to eat and drink."

Half a serious and half -joking, I explained to her, and I had to destroy Luo Xia’s heart of always pulling the red line.

"You are right. Guo Yunfeng is good, but you divorce with his son, that is, he has ideas, and his family will not be willing. His family has just been demolished in the past two years."

"If Chenchen is a daughter, it’s a pity." Unfortunately. "

Luo Xia feels very sorry.

We have more traditional thoughts here, and there are many rich local tyrants. If you marry a woman with their son to remarry, there may be disputes in distribution in the future. Most people are more taboo.

So from the day when he decided to take Chenchen divorce, remarry is not a must -have for life.

Whether there will be that person in the future, it is the most important thing to live a good life.

"Well, if I don’t, I will return Chenchen back to my stomach and give birth to it again? Haha, okay, don’t think about it, there is a time to think about how we make the company well and make more money."

I smiled, and led Luo Xia’s brain to make money.

Soon, we chose a more ordinary office building.The rent is not so expensive, but it is not cold. In short, I feel very satisfied.

A week later, Guo Yunfeng flew away.

Luo Xia’s original work needs to be transferred for a while, so the preparations for various certificates, decoration, and recruitment are basically I am dealing with it.

At the beginning of the daily fixed time, the three of us will open a video conference together.

Guo Yifeng introduced some friends in different industries to help. With his real -time guidance, I slowly learned a lot from bumps.

During that time, I was so busy that I was basically helpful by my mother.

Waiting for the company to go to the right track, I simply let my mother take Chen Chen to work with me to get off work. When I was not busy, I could still bring Chenchen.

However, in just over half a year, close to the end of December, it is estimated that I and Luo Xia’s dividend income can exceed 500,000, and this is the beginning.

"Wow, I never know that making money is so simple! Thank you so much, President Guo. You are my idol."

Luo Xia hugged me and laughed, thanking Guo Yifeng in the video.

"I have nothing to do, but I have a little bit of eyesight. The company can make money, relying on the strength and hard work of your two."

At the end of the video, Guo Yifeng held a little Chinese girl who was about the same as Chen Chen, and was very happy to see us.

"Mia, this is Aunt Lin and Aunt Luo, say hello!"

When Guo Yifeng coaxed Mia, he was particularly gentle.

Yes, less than a month when he went abroad, he registered with a German Chinese woman who was registered and heard that he was a big boss.

He didn’t mention it with us.

Later, it was Guo’s mother Ti Xi sugar went to the unit to divide the old colleague. Luo Xia heard her mother and told me.

Seriously, I almost shocked our chin at the time.

Then they quickly returned to China to adopt a Chinese girl, which was Mia.

Luo Xia murmured, so rushing to adopt children, wouldn’t they give birth by themselves? I can’t figure it out.

But we don’t ask much about their personal affairs.

"It’s not a friend, we don’t eat such a big happy event. Do you think our red envelope is hot?"

On the day when he was married, I teased him fiercely.The red envelope money WeChat was transferred to him, but he refused to accept it.

"Always return to China, there will be a wedding banquet, and then talk about it."

Listening to him, I didn’t insist.

At this moment, Guo Yifeng looked at me with a video and smiled and said, "Xi, you are also a little boss now, but you have to carefully carefully."

"Be sure to pick it slowly, choose a carefully. Find one that is really good to you and Chen Chen, reliable, don’t rush into feelings."

"Yes. Now there are many men who are in poor heart, they like to deceive the feelings of single mothers, and they are cheating and cheating. I said that Xi Xi, you are too good and easy to be deceived."

Luo Xia then said that he raised his face and pinched my face.

"Look at this little face and tender, do you have your own camera beauty function? How can you get younger and younger?

After ridiculous, Luo Xia shot his breasts "slap", and turned his head to pack tickets at Guo Yifeng.

"But President Guo, rest assured, I have me to check in President Lin, and it will definitely not let her suffer anymore."

It is really one by one, and I worry about my emotional life than my parents.

"I don’t look for it. Now I am busy studying and making money too late."

I took a smile and patted Luo Xia’s hand and rejected it.

In a blink of an eye, it was on the New Year’s Day holiday, and after another month, the morning was two weeks.Unconsciously, I was 27 years old and also entered the "age" of Ben San.

Time passed, but between the finger waves.I often have an illusion, as if I am still a carefree girl in college.

It’s a pity that Xiao Ran’s figure cannot be escaped in the memories of the entire university.

Just as now, Xiao Ran came to visit Chenchen for the first time, hugging him to play toys, and watching his joy.

I want to refuse, but Chenchen will be sensible slowly. He will think of dad. I cannot deprive my children the right to see dad.

Xiao Ran’s mother often came to see her grandson. She was very warm in my house and took Chenchen to go out and walk around.

When my dad is out of get off work, we will go to a restaurant outside the community for dinner together.

So only Xiao Ran and I left in the living room, and the air suddenly silent.

"I have returned to the company to work now, and the monthly salary is okay. The maintenance fee of the Chenchen will slowly make up. That .. Are you okay in the past two years?"

Xiao Ran was a little cramped and rubbed his hands.

It was almost two years since I saw it, and I had touched a lot of heads in the society.He faded a lot of publicity on his body, and more mature and restrained were indeed a little bit of eyeballs.

However, I was not interested in watching it again, and I peeled the oranges in my hand to eat.

"I’m fine. If I know that I can live as far away from you, I can live and be comfortable, and I will stay away from you from the beginning."

Xiao Ran heard his words, his face was a little red.

At this time, my WeChat video suddenly rang, and I took a look, and it was Guo Yifeng.

Strangely, it has been early in the German side. How can he find me? Is there something urgent for the company?

I got up and walked to the balcony and picked up the video.

"Yifeng, what’s the matter?"

I saw that he was sitting on the bed with a pajama, his hair was messy and his brows frowned slightly.It seemed to be going to bed and suddenly got up.

I jumped in my heart.Is it really happening? Every time I see him, I clean up the refreshing and neat. Why do you play the video today?

Also, I always feel that he looks behind me.

I turned back subconsciously and saw Xiao Ran standing up and looked at me.

"Nothing. Xi Xi, I just talked to you. In the past two days, I will complete the divorce formalities, and then try to return to China before the Lunar New Year. We gather."

What? Divorce! I’m surprised.

At this time, I found that there seemed to be no one on the bed behind him."No, have you been married for a year?"

"Um. Time is not a problem, everything is almost done. In short, I will return to China to develop in the future.

So suddenly? Is there a problem with the relationship between the husband and wife? No wonder he never introduced us to his wife.

However, when he comes back, the company’s development will definitely go to the next level, which is a good thing.It’s just that, do you need to play a video in the early morning?

But now it is inconvenient, we hung up the video after saying a few words.

Turning around Xiao Ran, I have nothing to say.

Seeing that my attitude was cold, Xiao Ran smiled bitterly: "Xi, you scold me to hit me, and I should bear it if you want to get angry. Just, don’t grieve yourself anymore."

Furmitted yourself?

Ha, I laughed.

He thought that he would affect my mood today.

"You think too much, let’s do it for public affairs. You are Chenchen Dad. You can give the support fee on time. I will help Chenchen. You can come to see him when you have time, but don’t bother our lives, it’s that simple."

It’s not that I hope that money.In the future, Chenchen has grown up and sensible, knowing that Dad has been concerned and raised him, and the harm will be much less.

I never said Xiao Ran in front of Chenchen, a bad thing, a good -faith lie is a protective shield for children.

When Chenchen grows up, some things will naturally understand.

Burning jade is not what I want.

I just think that I and my family can get better and better, and we must work hard to be better than him.

Xiao Ran lowered his head slightly and said, "Xi Xi, I know that it is useless to say more, and I will use actual actions to prove it to you in the future."

after?We are not in the past, why come and later.I just said nothing.

Then they lived in a hotel for one night and left the next day.

My mother sighed and said, "Xiao Ran is really too much to do those things, but after all, he is Chen Chen’s father. He and grandparents’ love for Chen Chen is authentic."

"Grandma Chen Chen mentioned with me last night, saying that Xiao Ran is now down -to -earth, and he really repents. He is willing to live well. I hope you can consider it."

"Don’t consider it. He used to look down on me, and now I look down on him. We can love Chenchen ourselves, why do we have to live?"

I declined and refused, patted the small clothes I collected, and stacked one by one.

"In the past, my parents were too angry, and it hurts you. From now on, parents will never let you be wronged. Our family Xi Xi is so good, it is worth a better man. What are you anxious!"

Dad pats, and my mother no longer says.

Although they are contradictory, they still support me.

I held my mother’s arm and kissed her face on her face, and she was coquettish by her neck.

"It’s better for my parents. I won’t marry, so stay at home with you, how good."

"It’s a silly girl."

My mother smiled at my forehead, and she hugged Chenchen, who hugged in my dad, and looked at us with "giggling".

In this way, the family that is happy is good.

Corresponding to the New Year, Guo Yifeng finally took his backbone team to return to the lunar month, and we touched together.

He said that the divorce procedure had been completed, and Mia returned to his ex -wife to raise it in Germany.

He did not talk about the specific reason, and we did not ask in detail.

Is the problem in marriage easily judged.

I also encountered a flash of things, and there was no reason to say him.

Guo Yifeng registered a stock company in China early, and was ready to return to China after the year.

It should have been arranged to return to China to develop.

After thinking about the New Year, he would be able to take our small company to go to the next level.

Who knows that the sky is unexpected, and on January 23rd, Wuhan has a sudden outbreak.Immediately after the country ushered in a long blockade period, our career was forced to stop.

What’s even more terrible is that the factory cannot be started after the year, and we cannot deliver it on time.

I have never encountered such a thing.

Blocking at home, I also explained to foreign customers every day to discuss countermeasures with the manufacturers.

"Keep your heart, this time is an irresistible external force, and the contract must be re -talked about. I believe in the country! To deal with this crisis, as long as people are good, they can come back at any time."

Through the screen, Guo Yifeng taught me to deal with such problems, minimizing the loss, and never forgotten to encourage me.

In fact, the small company that I and Luo Xia me and I did. At first, he said that for the sake of the company’s convenient operation, the company’s legal person wrote me. He only occupied the shares and took the dividend.

Although the loss is large today, the base is not large after all.

After he taught me some remedy, the loss should be much less than I thought, and I was slightly broad.

But there are so many orders brought by his original company.

In less than a month, I estimated that his order light had to break six digits in breach of damages, let alone various overheads such as warehouses and artificials.

If the points of dividends that our small company gives him still have to make him lose, wouldn’t it be matched?

Watching the obvious dark circles in the video, I also smiled and smiled lightly. I couldn’t help saying: "Although we can’t turn on the funds, if you can’t turn on, you can temporarily relieve it …"

"I can’t help now, I can only do my best."

"No, you can put it well for your hard work. I can solve it well, rest assured."

He resolutely refused.

I have discussed with Luo Xia. When necessary, how much we can do our best, we will do our best.

It was already under great pressure. As a result, at the end of March, Chenchen suddenly had a flat conductor inflammation, with a high fever to 40 degrees.

At this festival, fever is all kinds of troubles, and only one family member can be accompanied by one family.

In the piercing in the middle of the night, I took some high fever in Chenchen, and hurried to the hospital with the help of volunteers.

Fortunately, there are no confirmed cases in our city. Fortunately, a high school classmate serves as a nurse in the emergency department of the hospital. She has helped me a lot.

I was holding the morning morning with thirty pounds of blood, laboratory, and hanging water for observation.

He kept tossing until dawn, until Chenchen slept on the bed in the observation room, and his tiredness finally rushed into the mountains, his waist and legs and arms were not as sour as his own.

A father next to him was holding his child to call his wife to report to peace. Suddenly, a sadness couldn’t hold back from my heart.

From time to time, the weakness will jump out of the silence of the silence, and then we will usher in the strong after the collapse.

But I think I am not strong enough, and today’s sadness is particularly turbulent.

Sulging my face on my arms, I tried to make a rest, letting tears hidden in the sleeve.


There are new information.

I couldn’t bear to swallow, and I opened WeChat information, Xiao Ran.

From time to time he will send me a good morning, or good night greetings, I am too lazy to return.

Then he jumped out of Guo Yifeng’s information.

"Chenchen is sick? I’m sorry, I just heard Luo Xia said. How is it now, is there any better?"

The contact information of the nurse classmate still asked Luo Xia to come, so Luo Xia knew that Chen Chen was sick and sent to the hospital.

"It’s okay. High fever has been controlled, and now observing." I went back to him.

Knowing that Chenchen was asleep now, the voice phone sounded immediately.

It’s Guo Yifeng.

After listening to me a few words of Chen Chen’s condition, he asked me softly: "Are you crying?"

I don’t know why, today he went to a lot of public affairs, which was vaguely distressed.

I don’t know if it’s my illusion.

The nasal cavity suddenly sour, and I rubbed it when I was busy, and then I said it was easy to say, "No. It’s a bit cold when I go out in the middle of the night, just drink some brown sugar water."

I have learned to vent my sadness alone, looking up at the starlight, hiding the vulnerability and licking myself.

Everyone will have the moment of collapse, just stick to the past.

The phone was stuck in a moment of silence, only hearing his heavy breathing.

Then the sound sounded again: "Xi Xi, do n’t carry everything by myself, I will feel distressed. Give me a chance to take care of you and Chenchen …"

Guo Yifeng’s confession came suddenly, but it was not so surprised.

Looking at Chaoyang slowly rising outside the window, I didn’t reply for a long time.

He didn’t continue to ask, just said, "I just can’t help telling you that I like you. But you don’t have to rush to respond, and you don’t need to have pressure. Slowly consider it."

With a sigh of relief, I gently "um".

Before going to bed every night, I will receive his good night blessing.Sometimes they hit with Xiao Ran.

It is absolutely impossible to remarry with Xiao Ran.

And I was anxious to accept Guo Yifeng.

He is two years older than me, and he has a successful career. It is the best time when a man is the best. What kind of girls do you want to find?

I believe he likes me, just like me … should also have a good opinion.

But the fierceness of "the whole world is you" has long been buried in the young young time.

Now we are carrying too many shackles.

The secular vision and the pressure of reality are far from the solution of "like".

So a few days later, I rejected him, and he didn’t say much.

The situation of the epidemic slowly improved, and soon it finally ushered in the good news of unblocking and resumption.

There are too many backlogs, there are a lot of messy stalls, and losses are huge.

However, even if the loss was very large, Guo Yifeng did not pay the employee’s salary.

So when you resume the work, everyone is like a chicken blood, so busy even sleeping becomes luxury.

For Guo Yifeng, he can’t wait for a minute for two minutes.

But he always said to me with a smile: "There is a loss and profit to do business. As long as we are solid, we can earn back sooner or later."

All kinds of business negotiations and interpersonal communication, as long as I have time and energy, he will still bring me.

He has no reservations, such as the resources, supply quality, negotiation skills, etc., which is equivalent to teaching me by hand.

"Under any crisis, there are actually opportunities. As long as we find business opportunities, it is the best time to come back."

He inspires us.

Then after everyone analyzed, they hurriedly seized several lines to export daily necessities to Africa.

Sure enough, when the outbreak was chaotic, he took a lot of foreign trade orders.

After exporting the customs to resume work, we were busy with people.

Under his guidance, my understanding of the foreign trade industry is also increasing day by day, and the management company has become more and more smooth.

However, in just a few months, many foreign trade companies are struggling to support our small companies to lose money, but they earn back and reached a record high.

"Yifeng, thank you. I respect you with tea wine." I raised tea to respect Guo Yifeng.

Today, if I talk about the next big order, Mao Wee broke six. I was so happy. This would just take the time to dinner. I couldn’t help holding him to a toast.

"The master leads the door and practiced in individuals. If you can’t do it, I can’t take it. So, Xixi, you grow up so fast, you should thank yourself."

After touching the cup, he kept watching me, and it was an unscrupulous appreciation and affection.

I couldn’t help blushing, avoiding his eyes first.

He just wanted to say something, but accidentally met a relative of his family.

After a few words of greetings, the relative looked at me a few times before leaving.

Then after two days coincided with the Mid -Autumn Festival, Mother Guo came to send the moon cakes made by the company hand -made, and gave me two more.

"Xi Xi, I have worked hard. You have to be busy with the company, but also bring your children. Single mothers are not easy. Don’t think that auntie is more young, you are still young, and you can find a reliable man. Woman canCan’t afford it. "

Mother Guo held my hand and kept feeling.I smiled slightly.

"Although my family is also married, after all, there is no child and a man. It is easy to find it again. But he is always busy with work. It is really sad to me."

"Xi Xi, if you have a good girl around you, you must help him pay attention to …"

In this words, how can I not understand.

"Thank you Auntie for your care, President Guo is talented, and he will definitely meet a very good girl. I, I don’t plan …"

"Xi Xi, the list of declaration tomorrow, you quickly send me to see …"

The word remarriage had not been said, and was interrupted by Guo Yifeng, who was suddenly rushed out of the office.

Thanks to Mother Guo, I returned to the office. Yu Guang, the corner of my eyes, saw Guo Yifeng half -pull and half -coaxed to send the helpless Mother Guo.

Not much, he received his information on his mobile phone.

"Xi Xi, I’m sorry. I hope you don’t worry about my mother’s words. She doesn’t know enough about you, don’t understand your good, but you can rest assured that my parents are actually very reasonable, that is, they teach me to be more important than anything."

"When I was married, my parents were unwilling, but in the end I still respect my opinions. In short, my own things can be the master, and I will never make your mother and son be wronged."

"I am not so romantic and emotional, I also know that you don’t need to like a moment of brain. If we are together, we will definitely encounter some difficulties."

"Please give me some time, I will try to be able to support a home. You just do what you want to do, just give it to me."

My heartbeat is so fast, my fingers are placed on the screen for a while, I don’t know how to get back.

"There is a new customer who has been introduced the day after tomorrow. I need to open a video conference. I will send you the information to you first …"

Instead, he talked about business.

I am busy with my busy days, and it is another year in the blink of an eye.

During this period, Xiao Ran took the time and Chenchen video every week.

In order to reduce contact, I deleted his WeChat. If he wanted to see the child, he contacted my parents directly.

Fortunately, because of the epidemic and busy work, he rarely came over, but gave me a lot of trouble.

Xiao Ran was a little self -esteem, and gradually we really broke the contact.

He usually played very well with Guo Yunfeng. When he saw him, he hugged his thighs and called his uncle to be more affectionate than his father.

After all, for a three or four -year -old children, who is close to him except his mother, he is close to anyone.

Then although the economic situation in the past two years is severe, the business of our small company is getting bigger and bigger, and the company under Guo Yifeng has become more and more reputation.

Although it is two companies, he is actually responsible for foreign business. I am responsible for managing, and our cooperation has become increasingly coincident.

We are just good friends and good partners on the Ming Dynasty. They have not across the boundaries of friends.

It wasn’t that he was not ready, it was me.

In fact, he was waiting for me to be prepared, and had the courage to accept a new relationship, and I knew in my heart.

Knowing that he has been working hard, I also desperately, just want to be a better self.

In the summer vacation of the following year, Guo Yifeng’s ex -wife flew to the domestic market with her adopted daughter.On the day they wereolated, Guo Yanfeng took me to greet me.

His ex -wife’s Chinese name is Qi Ruo Nan, who is a slim suit and a capable short hair. He is a heroic career -oriented woman, three years older than Guo Yifeng.

As soon as he met, the five -year -old Mia rushed into Guo Yanfeng’s arms excitedly.

He will fixed time with Mia, and Mia still calls his father.

Guo Yifeng hugged Chen Chen in one hand, hugged Mia in one hand, and coaxed the two children to laugh.Just like Dad with a child, the picture is so warm!

And Qi Ruonan smiled and looked at me, and said, "Peak, you are not charm! I haven’t chased the person in my heart for so long."

Her words surprised me a little, and couldn’t help turning her head to look at Guo Yifeng.

Guo Yifeng was very calm. He looked at me with a gentle smile and said, "Xi Xi deserves a better man, I will continue to cheer."

"Haha, then I will cheer for you!"

Qi Ruo Nan laughed heartily, and I couldn’t help but tilted up the corners of my lips slightly.

When the two of them got married, Guo Yifeng explained to me for a long time.

Qi Ruonan is a party of his original company, an unmarried person, and has no fertility, but wants a Chinese child.

Guo Yifeng said that they had been in business for many years. They knew that Qi Ruonan was upright and would not treat his children.

It is basically impossible for foreign singles to adopt domestic orphans, so they are easy to do after they agree that they are adopted by Guo Yifeng after getting married.

He personally contributed and donated 100,000 yuan in the orphanage every year.Then after the divorce, I continued to raise the support for Mia, in order to make Mia feel no abandoned.

Later, Qi Ruo Nan was grateful to Guo Yifeng’s help. After Guo Yifeng returned to China, the cooperation between the two companies became closer, and the business road in Germany had been stable.

This time Qi Ruo man came over and had cooperation to talk, so several backbones of the company participated in the wind banquet together.

Qi Ruoman quietly approached me and said, "Miss Lin, I want to thank you well."

I was curious to ask her: "Why?"

"Actually, I had a fake marriage before, and Yingfeng refused. He said that the marriage would never be used for transactions, but after he returned to China that year, he suddenly said.you…."

I turned my head to look at Guo Yifeng, who was talking with colleagues, and looked so focused and extraordinary.

Originally, I thought that he flashed marriage and flickered for the exchange of the interests of the mall, but it turned out to be …..

When I think of some customers, relatives and friends to tease his lifelong event, he will always laugh, saying that he is a second marriage man, just ask for it.

At the beginning, someone introduced him to the girl. Over time, everyone who was familiar with seeing that he liked me.It is inevitable that someone is ridiculed and said that I can’t match him.

But as the company’s business is getting better and better, he is also a kind of support for me. Now this is basically invisible.

This man never explained to me, nor did he say anything sweet and sweeping the mountain alliance, but he has been silently flattened the obstacles for me.

Looking at him, my eyes were a little hot, and I couldn’t see my eyes for a long time. He seemed to feel something, and it seemed to me.

"Some happiness is worth going to fight."

Qi Ruo Nan patted my back, I nodded gently, and smiled with Guo Yifeng.

On this day, Guo Yunfeng drank a little too much.

After holding Qi Ruo’s mother and daughter to the hotel, I drove him home.

Guo Yifeng’s feet were soft when he was waiting for an elevator at the underground garage, and he almost fell.

"Be careful!" I was busy reaching out to hold him, but was knocked down by him, and was circled in the middle of the wall and his hot body.

The lights in the elevator room were bright, and we could see the red cheeks, and there were more and more heavy breathing sounds.

"Xi Xi."

He called me, his voice was low, he was so depressed, and there seemed to be fire in his eyes.

I was also panicked, and I couldn’t breathe.

Then he leaned down, and I subconsciously leaned back, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest.

If he really wants to kiss me, I think, I won’t refuse.

But from half -palm, he stopped suddenly, and turned over and fell on the side of the wall.

He pulled his shirt collar hard, and the bright sweat rolled down from his frowning eyebrows, slipped all the way over his red neck, and fell into the desperate chest.

"I’m sorry. Xi Xi, you should wake me up, I’m afraid I can’t help it."

The weather was hot and stuffy. I pulled off the mask and gasped at the wall side by side, and then asked him: "Are you married with her, for me?"

"Yes. At least, it is the fuse," he answered.

"Why don’t you tell me?"

"Coincidentally, I did it with my own mind. Xi Xi, I hope you choose me one day because you like me, not something else."

Other reasons? For example, is he moved by him? But like and move, it is not conflicting.

I like him and want to tell him, but he didn’t give me a chance.

"I’m okay, you go back. Don’t leave …. I’m afraid you can’t get away."

Guo Yifeng smiled bitterly and closed his eyes, his throat was dumb.

The "Ding Ding" elevator arrived.

He quickly said, "Be careful on the road," and then rushed in, as if I would eat him.

The moment the elevator door was closed, I rushed in and pulled down the mask on his face, and kissed his lips.

"Waiting for you to wake up, come to me again."

The flowers that had withered in my heart finally bloomed and bloomed all the way to the sun.

I want to be a courageous person.The courage to strive for all the possible success and failure in life.

Early the next morning, when I arrived at the company, I was pulled aside by Luo Xia’s black face.

"What do you guess who is in the office of Yifeng?"

"Who?" I asked curiously.

"Yingfeng was talking about business affairs. His mother suddenly took a girl over. Shouldn’t she wait for the Di Feng to have a blind date and just take the girl to the company to meet him.

Luo Xia was holding a big belly and said with a drum.

Bring a blind date to the company? I am a little surprised.

"I gonna go see."

After thinking about it, I picked up a stack of information to knock on the door, ready to explore the enemy’s reality.

As soon as I entered the door, everyone’s eyes looked at me.

At a glance, I saw a beautiful girl sitting next to Mother Guo and staring at the absent -minded mobile phone.

Mother Guo smiled at me, her eyes were a bit complicated.

Qi Ruoman is so good in time, like a good scene.

Guo Yifeng glowed his eyes, stood up directly from the seat, and welcomed me.

"Xi Xi, you come here just right, let me introduce you. This is Tang Li, my mother wants to send her to the company for internship. Look, is it convenient to bring?"

Internship? Isn’t it a blind date?

Looking at the girl again, she found that she just looked up at me.

There was nothing embarrassing and angry, but looked at me curiously.

Then Guo Yunfeng stood beside me and said to Mother Guo, "Mom, I also officially introduced it. Lin Xixi, the woman I like, the woman who wants to stay for a lifetime. As long as she nods, your daughter -in -law will be determined."

This was a bit caught off guard, and he was cut off.

"I’m sober now, knowing what I am talking about. Xi Xi, are you willing to be my girlfriend? On the premise of marriage, he turned to me.

I was surprised to get his dark smiley eyes, as if he was deeply attracted by a deep water.

"Xiaofeng, you are not a hairy guy anymore. If you think clearly …" Mother Gu raised her voice and asked, but was interrupted by Qi Ruo Nan’s laughed.

"Continue, come on!" She looked at great interest.

At this moment, there are no others in my eyes, only Guo Yifeng.In his eyes, there was only me.

"Xi Xi, I am ready! We have not moved their pre -marital property. The original house that was originally demolished in the center of the city center could be delivered to the wedding room."

"When did you promise to marry me, we will decorate together. The real estate certificate writes our names, and the company operates together."

"I dare not make you get rich in the future, but I believe that I can afford you and Chen Chen, and can also protect our future little families."

"After these two years of getting along, the company can’t have you without you, let alone you! Are you willing to be my girlfriend?"

Guo Yifeng asked me again, and his eyes were full of expectations.

I couldn’t help but smirk, my eyes were hot.

"Why don’t you just say that you don’t even like the sentence, the open mouth is closed and the money. Am I like that?"

I talked about this without formal love. If you don’t know, you think it is proposal.

"I know you are not, but I am. I am a businessman, how I want to make money in my mind. So I want to give you all my money, even my life, this is my sincerity."

"Xi Xi, are you willing to give me a chance for me?"

Generally, Guo Yunfeng suddenly found a delicate rose from the long table and handed it to me.

The bright red petals bloomed like fire, burning all the way into my heart, and burning the whole body with the surging blood.

"I am willing." I nodded with tears.

It is said that the greatest strength of a woman is the strength of independence.

If I am not good enough, I can work hard to be better.

Now I have the courage to stand by him and welcome the ups and downs that may be in the future.

Regardless of success or failure, I can protect myself and my family live a good life, why dare not fight!

The biggest regret in life is not fault, but missed.

And Guo Yifeng is worth me to fight.

His arms were shot and locked me happily, and made me a big red face.

Tang Li was very conscious, and smiled Mimi to pull Ms. Guo.It’s good, it seems that I don’t need to take it in myself.

Ms. Guo exhaled lightly, and finally said with a smile to me, "Xi Xi. In the past two years, my aunt also watched you struggling all the way. You are a good girl. I believe in Xiaofeng’s vision."

"In the future, I have time to come to the aunt’s house, and you are also welcome to your dad. Uncle Guo has long been thinking about your dad’s alcohol."

Uncle Guo and my dad have long become small wines, but have not been to the other party’s house.

Guo Yifeng said that he was right. He has always been independent, indeed because two of his parents who respect him from an early age.

Maybe they are waiting for one of my decisions.

I nodded with a smile and said sincerely, "Thank you Auntie."

Qi Ruo Nan patted Guo Yifeng’s shoulders proudly, "Congratulations", and then all three went out, leaving us in the office alone.

Then Guo Yifeng leaned over and had a long and powerful hand through my fingers, entangled.

Listening to the fierce heartbeat, I finally asked: "Why must it be me? You can have a better choice."

Gently kissed on my forehead, he said gently:

"In my eyes, you are the best. You said that love is more important than hate. The future is more important than the past. Responsibility is more important than passion. These are the quality I appreciate."

"The shopping mall is like a battlefield, always unpredictable and winning. But Xi Xi, do you know that you have a stable charm on your body. With you around, I think everything is more courageous, and more more than you do.Division. "

"Passion may not be able to maintain for many years, but the sense of security of each other can let us go for a lifetime. Whether it is bland or passion, whether it is difficult or rich, I just want to walk with you for a lifetime!"

"Xi Xi, thank you for your trust, willing to give me a chance. I will never let you lose!"

These words are very reassuring, but I asked him to ask him, "So because my personality is suitable for marriage, right? What kind of love and passion do I see, you have no …"

Passion is strange. If there are too many, it will be stunned, but if not, it will be unwilling.

"Pass! I endure such a long passion, is Xi Xi trying?"

The fist was pinched, and the whispering with a fiery breathing hit the ears, like litting the boiling fuse.

Before exhaling, it was swallowed by turbulent passion.

It makes people feel enthusiastic, so I can’t stop it.I reached out and hooked his neck, and I would not let go again.


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