Emotional Story: The girl does not know who is pregnant, and find the predecessor to verify

At the age of 26, Miss Xu met with a friend and met Xiaopeng. Xiaopeng spoke funny and humorous at the dining table. After finishing, he took the initiative to send Miss Xu home. The two had a good opinion of each other and added WeChat to each other.After that, the two could also talk about it, and it didn’t take long for the relationship between men and women.

Miss Xu is also 26 years old, and her girlfriends and friends are married many of them. My parents often talk about it. She also plans to get married. Every time I marry her boyfriend Xiaopeng, Xiaopeng will say that it is still young.The career has just started, and it is not too late to get married for a few years.Ms. Xu thinks it makes sense. After another 3 years, Xiaopeng’s career has also done a good job. Buy a car and buy a house.Miss Xu was annoyed, and he moved away from Xiaopeng’s residence in a full anger.

I thought Xiaopeng would come to her in a few days, but because Xiaopeng was busy with work, he didn’t come to her for more than a week.Ms. Xu was heartbroken. A person was boring in the bar. Xiaofeng just came to play with a friend. When he saw Miss Xu drinking alone, he took the initiative to talk to Miss Xu. In this way, the two met.When Xiaofeng asked whether Miss Xu had an object, Miss Xu told Xiaofeng that she had broken up with her boyfriend.

After knowing that Ms. Xu had no boyfriend, Xiaofeng started a fierce pursuit. Ms. Xu saw Xiaofeng good to herself. She asked for warmth every day, and gave her a small gift to her, so she agreed to Xiaofeng’s pursuit.

During the period of associated with Xiaofeng, the ex -boyfriend Xiaopeng would contact Miss Xu after drinking, saying that she wanted her, and Miss Xu would go to the ex -boyfriend’s house for a few days.After another year, I am 30 years old. The idea of getting married is getting stronger and stronger, but Xiaofeng has no intention to get married, which makes Miss Xu sad.

One day I suddenly thought of a way to test my boyfriend.It wasn’t for the current call, but the first time I called the former to tell the former Xiaopeng that I became pregnant and took a picture to my ex -boyfriend. The ex -boyfriend just said casually and gave birth to it, and promised to buy a house for Miss Xu to buy a houseEssenceBut the marriage was not mentioned.Later, I called the currently, and the same thing told the current thing. The current answer was even more sad. Xiaofeng told Miss Xu’s house that was not developing here. He wanted to return to his hometown to take care of his parents.

Miss Xu was very sad, and no man was sincere about herself.Why do you want to get married now why do n’t you want to get married and the current?

When you enter love in love with your love, you must be like -minded if you want to go into marriage.It is not that who is willing to marry himself when he is older, and getting married is a lifetime, not a child’s drama.

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