Embarrassment during pregnancy: Why is it more likely to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy?How to prevent and deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy

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Hemorrhoids, due to the location and inconvenience caused by life, make it an embarrassing thing that it is difficult to speak.However, as a multi -sex disease, the visits of hemorrhoids are often determined by people’s consciousness.If a pregnant woman has hemorrhoids, it will have a greater impact on the inconvenient life.

Yuan Yuan had hemorrhoids during pregnancy, which made her suffer, she couldn’t eat and sleep.Because she was afraid of affecting the fetus, Yuan Yuan did not dare to take the medicine random, and could only endure the pain of hemorrhoids silently.After a long time, it will inevitably affect Yuan Yuan’s mood and make her irritable and anxious.

According to a survey report before and after the birth of women in the world, 80%of women can induce hemorrhoids before and after production. Due to special circumstances during pregnancy, they must seek medical treatment in time once they occur.

The so -called pregnancy hemorrhoids refers to the vein group formed by the veins of the rectal and anal pipe at the end of the rectum and the anal canal. In the words of the clinical education of Yale University of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mary Jane Jin Jin, which is the anal varicose veins.

Due to the great increase in arterial blood flow in the pelvic cavity during pregnancy, the uterus changes, the abdominal pressure rises and compresses the pelvic cavity, causing the venous veins to be compressed and the reflux is not smooth, and the hemorrhoids are formed.

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids often cause pregnant women to accompany stool bleeding, or anal swelling and anemia, which will greatly affect the daily life of pregnant women.

1. Pain

Because the nerves in the anus are relatively abundant and feel keen. If there is tingling, pain or burning pain, it may have hemorrhoids.

2. Itching

When obtaining hemorrhoids, the secretions in the anus will increase than before, which also increases the chance of fungal infection, causing symptoms such as anal eczema and itching.

3. Feel the mass

If you feel that there are campaigns or masses in the rectal area, or there is a protrusion similar to the skin during defecation, it is also one of the manifestations of hemorrhoids.Because hemorrhoids will get rid of abdominal pressure, such as cough, squatting or force

4. Blood in the stool

Before or after, there is bleeding at the anus, and the blood color is bright red, and the blood is not mixed. It may be suffering from internal hemorrhoids.Because the early manifestations of internal hemorrhoids are spray bleeding, making the hand paper with bright red blood.

1. During pregnancy, the blood volume in women will increase by 50%. When the blood in the vein increases and the cycle is accelerated, the vein will become thick.

2. Due to the increase in the uterus, it is oppressed to other organs, which slows down the blood flow of the lower body and causes obstruction.Excessive blood vessel pressure makes it easier for hemorrhoids to form.

3. Constipation during pregnancy will exacerbate the formation of hemorrhoids.

4. Pregnant women’s mood too anxious or nervous can also affect blood vessels, causing blood vessels to swell.

5. Hemorrhoids will become serious as the fetal month increases, because the weight of the fetus’s uterus will cause too much pressure on the rectum, causing hemorrhoids to excrete the body and aggravate the condition.

6. The formation of hemorrhoids is also directly related to long -term standing.

1. Internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids refer to the hemorrhoids growing in the anus. The symptoms are generally blood in the stool, dry stool, constipation, etc. In severe cases, the anal falling pain is painful, and there is a feeling of swelling and pain after defecation.

Relief method:

Three times a day for pregnant women with hemorrhoid cream, and apply warm water to the affected area with warm water or smoked in the affected area before applying drugs for 5 to 10 minutes.If the blood in the stool is severe, you can change the heat compress to cold compresses, reduce wound bleeding, and then change to hot compresses when the situation improves.

If there is a case of hemorrhoids, you can do some outdoor exercises appropriately. Two anal raspness exercises per day, 30 to 40 times each time.

2. external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids refer to hemorrhoids growing outside the anus. The symptoms are generally damaged or infected, and pain in the skin around the anus. Some of them will have meatballs or local increases, and even severe pain.

Relief method:

The treatment of external hemorrhoids is relatively simple. You only need to apply the hemorrhoid cream of the pregnant woman on time, and then put it on a disposable glove to massage the corresponding parts.If it is accompanied by inflammation, pregnant women must clean the hemorrhoids with hemorrhoids dedicated to pregnant women. After anti -inflammatory sterilization, hemorrhoid cream is applied.

Pregnant women must arrange diet reasonably, defecate regularly, and keep the anus clean and hygiene. Under conditions, they must insist on hot compresses or sitting baths, so as to better prevent hemorrhoid formation.

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