Eating dragon fruit in summer is much better for physical benefits. Have you ever learned about the dragon fruit?

In summer, the weather is hot, and the body is always very easy to sweat. Therefore, in addition to timely water replenishment, fruits and vegetables are also essential. Many people are impressed. In summer, fruit is mainly "watermelon".

There is a kind of fruit, which is native to Central America and is a fruit that grows in the drought desert. It looks very strange in appearance, with a slightly green edge of color dividends, and the shape is like a fireball, so people will bring it to itNamed: Dragon Fruit.After the reform and opening up, some people introduced it to China, and now it is mainly widely distributed in: Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan.

1: Red pulp fire dragon fruit belongs to white hybrid varieties:

Under normal circumstances, what we bought in the supermarket is "White Fire Dragon Fruit" occasionally, where can the red fire dragon fruit come from "the fruit of the pink fire dragon pulp"?In fact, the red dragon fruit is a hybrid variety after the white dragon fruit variants.

2: Red pulp fire dragon fruit meat contains beet redin:

The reason why it is different from white is mainly because: pink fire dragon fruit meat meat, which contains a pigment called beet redin. This pigment is pink. Although the color is bright red, there is no toxin, but the human body is notEasy to digest and absorb.At the same time, the pink pulp’s dragon fruit has higher sugar content, tastes more sweet than white fire dragon fruit, and tastes sweeter, so pink dragon fruit is more expensive.

Although the dragon fruit belongs to the fruit variety introduced in China abroad, the benefits of eating it are still many, for example:

1: Intestinal laxative:

There are many dietary fiber in dragon fruit, so after consumption of dragon fruit, it can promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby improving constipation and intestinal laxative.

2: Prevention anemia:

The iron elements in the dragon fruit are very rich, so often eating dragon fruit can promote the production of hemoglobin, play an iron supplement, and nourish blood.

3: Maintenance vision:

The content of carotene and anthocyanin in the dragon fruit is very high. As we all know, anthocyanins and carotene have a certain maintenance effect on the vision and eyes of the human body, so consumption of dragon fruit can protect vision.

4: Delaying aging:

The anthocyanin content in the dragon fruit is particularly high, especially the high dragon fruit content of the red flesh, and the anthocyanin itself is a kind of natural element of antioxidant, which can also remove the body’s free radicalThe role of delaying aging,

1: Dragon fruit itself belongs to cold fruits:

Summer is more suitable for consumption, but if you belong to patients with spleen and stomach deficiency, then it is not recommended that you eat too much, which can easily lead to stomach cold and hurt the stomach.

2: Diabetes are not recommended to eat too much:

Because the dragon fruit contains certain fructose and glucose, if you eat too much, it will cause blood sugar to rise. Therefore, patients with diabetes are not recommended to consume excessive consumption to avoid rising blood sugar.

3: Patients with diarrhea are not recommended to eat:

Dragon fruit has a detoxification and digestion effect, mainly because it contains more dietary fiber, and if you have recently appeared symptoms of diarrhea, it is not recommended to eat it at this time, because consumption at this time can easily cause diarrhea to increase worsening at this time.Essence

1: Fire Dragon fruit juice

After peeling the dragon fruit, cut the flesh into small pieces, put it in the juicer, squeeze out the juice, add a small amount of pure water, and honey, then mix well, put it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, you can take it out and drink it.Sweet and refreshing.

2: Fire Dragon Fruit Yogurt

After the dragon fruit is cut, remove the flesh, then cut it into a small piece, then put it in the yogurt, and eat it directly.You can also use the juicer to squeeze the juice juice, and pour the flesh and juice into the yogurt and drink.

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