Early pregnancy embryos develop well, these key indicators will give you the answer

In the early pregnancy (0-3 months), every expectant mother was paying attention to the safety of the baby at any time, and she was afraid of what would I lose.So what are the characteristics of the early pregnancy that can indicate that the baby’s development is good?Look at the detailed explanations of these key indicators below, and you can get the answer.

1. Whether to get pregnant in the palace

The major premise of normal pregnancy is intrauterine pregnancy. If it is ectopic pregnancy, it is abnormal pregnancy.It is only meaningful to exclude ectopic pregnancy (embryo beds in other places outside the uterus), and then pay attention to some latter indicators.

Second, fetal sac, fetal buds, fetal heart

6-8 weeks of pregnancy, if you can observe clear fetal sacs, fetal buds and fetal hearts under the B-ultrasound, it means that the baby’s development at the current stage is normal.

1. fetal sac

The fetal sac is the pregnancy sac.The fetal sac is usually formed at 30-40 days of pregnancy, and it is the most primitive appearance of the embryo.5 weeks of pregnancy, you can see the fetal sac under the B -ultrasound.Under the premise of accurate calculation of the pregnancy weeks, the characteristics of normal fetal sac are as follows: Placium position: on the bottom of the uterus, the front wall, the rear wall, and the side wall.The position of the fetus of individual pregnant mothers is close to the cervix. As long as the position is not too low, it is likely to grow up in the later period.The form of fetal sac: morphological rules, similar to circular, oval, long eggplant, etc., the boundary is clear.Felum size: matching the current pregnancy week.However, due to individual differences and B -ultrasound errors, some pregnant women at the beginning of the fetal sac will be small, and they need to continue to observe for one to two weeks, and the growth is normal.

2. Fetal buds

The fetal buds are generally formed at 40-50 days of pregnancy. The image is the small germ in the pregnancy sac. The shape is similar to the small hippocampus and will develop into a complete fetus in the future.

3. Fetal heart

The fetal heart is the baby’s heart beating.The fetal heart is actually very early, but because the fetal sac is very small at 5 weeks of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound may not be observed for a temporary fetal heart.If you do n’t see the fetal heart at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, you can check the B-ultrasound at 6-8 weeks. Under normal circumstances, you can see the fetal heart. Individual people can see the fetal heart at 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Third, HCG and ketone

HCG has doubled the situation, and the progesterone value has increased well, and it is also one of the signs of normal embryo development in the early days.

1. HCG

The HCG level is not to look at the result alone, but to observe the entire dynamic process.HCG is doubled the next day. If it is not doubled the next day, it is prompted that the embryo may have a problem, and further inspection is required.

2. progesterone

Welon is an important hormone in maintaining early embryo development. Generally, it is 20-30NG/L. However, like HCG, occasionally a progesterone value does not indicate whether there is a problem with embryos.If the progesterone value has always been below 20ng/L, it is necessary to suspect that the possibility of a threatened abortion.

In short, the above indicators all represent the baby’s development in the early pregnancy. If these are all the standards, congratulations to the pregnant mother. The baby is very healthy at this stage. You can finally worry about it.Essence

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