During this "egg" during pregnancy, the pregnant mother can try not to touch it, so as not to cause the fetus to "deform"

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After pregnancy, due to the secretion of progesterone in the body, the taste of pregnant women will change a lot, not only manifested in changes in appetite, but even the taste will change.

Especially like early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers can’t eat things because of the torture of pregnancy. At this time, the family will naturally work hard on their diet.But while working hard, family members should pay attention to daily health, and do not eat some foods that are not conducive to fetal development because they are "appetizing" for pregnant mothers.

After pregnancy, after pregnancy, he was taken care of by the whole family, especially the mother -in -law, and it was a day of three meals of six six.

In the early days of pregnancy, due to the influence of pregnancy, the appetite became poor. In order not to affect the baby’s development in the stomach, the mother -in -law decided to make some appetizers for Liu Liu.

Among the many foods, her mother -in -law chose "preserved eggs".There are many methods of preserved eggs. It is like cooking porridge to eat in the morning, and cold mixing can be eaten at noon and night, and Liu Liu happened to like eating, and his appetite really improved.

In this way, Liu Liu ate a lot of preserved eggs in the whole pregnancy. After childbirth pain and suffering, Liu Liu finally gave birth to a boy.But before the family reacted from the joy of joy, they were dumbfounded, because the child’s fingers had deformities, and the four fingers were sticking together.

After the incident, the doctor gave the child’s deformity, and made the family can’t think of it. It was precisely because Liu Liu ate a lot of preserved eggs during pregnancy, which caused fetal malformations.

Preserved eggs are marinated by mixed soda, lime, salt and alumina, and wrapped duck eggs.During the production process, in order to solidify the protein, heavy metals such as alumina or copper must also be added.

If long -term consumption, especially like pregnant women, heavy metals such as lead or copper contained in it will accumulate chronic in the body, especially lead elements. After a large amount of consumption, it is likely to cause "lead poisoning".Essence

During pregnancy, "eggs" foods are very applicable for pregnant women. Eggs are rich in protein, which can ensure the nutritional intake of pregnant women during pregnancy.

1) Egg

Eggs are very common in life. They are rich in protein and cholesterol. The amino acids contained in it are very suitable for human needs, and it is very easy to be absorbed by the human body. The absorption rate can be as high as 98%.

Therefore, eating eggs in pregnant women can supplement nutrition well and enhance their physique, which is conducive to the fetal brain and neurological development. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women eat one egg every day, and it is best to steam or cook.

2) Duck eggs

Duck eggs are rich in minerals. Among them, the content of "calcium" and "iron" is also very high. After eating pregnant women, not only can iron supplement calcium supplement, but also to prevent anemia. It is more conducive to the development of the fetus and teeth.

Pregnant women need to pay attention to eating duck eggs. Don’t eat salted duck eggs. Duck eggs are marinated by refined salt, which will contain a large amount of nitrite. Pregnant women’s intake of too much salt will also cause edema or pregnancy hypertension. It is not conducive to pregnant women.The health of the fetus.

3) Goose eggs

During pregnancy, goose eggs are very popular because there are rumors that "goose eggs" can go to "fetal poison".But in fact, there is no clear scientific basis to confirm this statement.

Although it is not sure if goose eggs can be poisoned, the nutritional value of goose eggs is also very high. The protein and lecithin in it are very conducive to the fetal brain and nerve development of the fetus.And vitamins are necessary substances for pregnant women and fetuses.

It can be seen that eating goose eggs often helps the fetus during pregnancy, but it is worth noting.Goose eggs are much larger than eggs and duck eggs, so when eating, be careful not to eat too much, just eat half or one at a time.

4) Quail eggs

Quail eggs are also a common egg in life. Although it looks small, there are actually many nutrition.There are even 3 quails that are comparable to the nutrition of an egg.

After the quail eggs are consumed, they should also be moderate, otherwise they will eat too much, and gastrointestinal discomfort and indigestion will occur, but it is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

In life, many people like to store eggs in the refrigerator after buying eggs. In fact, this approach is completely unnecessary.

There is a layer of defense bacteria and waxy protective layers on the egg shell, which can ensure the quality of the eggs well, so the eggs are placed at room temperature.

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