During the women’s pregnancy, a sudden high fever, director: Fortunately, you come to the hospital early, but you are not just a fever

Ms. Guo and his wife in Jinan have been married for more than a year. At first, the couple did not intend to ask for children so early. They could watch the friends around them pregnant, and the couple were a little anxious. In this way, the two began to prepare for pregnancy.

Preparing for a fever, the director said that she was fortunate to come to the hospital early

To this end, Ms. Guo’s husband also quit tobacco and alcohol, in order to want to be a healthy baby, but what the two people didn’t expect was that Ms. Guo had a high fever before she was pregnant.After a few days of hanging bottle hanging, the clinic was still repeated.There was no way to come to the hospital.

After a detailed consultation and examination of her, I found that Ms. Guo was an acute fallopian tube ovarian inflammation. This is a disease that occurs in the ovarian and fallopian tubes. If this disease is not treated in a timely and effective treatment, it will be veryIt is easy to cause problems such as infertility, and even cause ovarian cancer, which directly threatens the safety of patients.

Generally, after two weeks of infection, there are systemic symptoms such as systemic fatigue and loss of appetite. The onset occurs at 39-40 ° C, and the pulse speed is 110-120 times/min.Pain, worsen when stool.Sometimes there are pain in urine, bloating, constipation, etc.Stool with mucus is the stimulus of inflammatory inflammatory colon wall.There are often menstruation, extension of menstrual period or menstrual disorders and purulent leucorrhea.

Patients with acute tubal ovarianitis can sometimes be accompanied by peripheral liver inflammatory syndrome, which is manifested as the symptoms of the right upper abdomen or the right lower chest pain, which is quite like cholecystitis or right pleurisy.Gonococcus or chlamydia infection may cause this situation, and the latter is more likely.This disease is often misdiagnosed as acute cholecystitis, which is particularly noticed.

Regulate therapy, give birth to a healthy male baby

When the fallopian tube ovarian abscesses are formed, although active treatment is received, the body temperature is still high, which is relaxed or reserved with heat, the pulse is rapid, and the symptoms of peritoneal stimulation are more obvious, and rectal compression and pain often often feel.This is why Ms. Guo has not been able to feed back.

The gynecological examination of the uterus and attachments has been obvious, and it can be touched on one or both sides of the pelvic cavity.If the pus is located in the rectal nest of the uterus, the vaginal examination can be fully prominent after the vaginal examination, and it feels more obvious during anal diagnosis.

Fortunately, the couple came to the hospital earlier and found these situations in time. Otherwise, the fruit is really serious, which will greatly affect the normal pregnancy in the future. I have conducted a comprehensive treatment of her situation to solve inflammatory problems.In conjunction with the hospital’s characteristic preparations, the overall conditioning of the reproductive environment, her situation was greatly adjusted two months later.But if you want to prepare for pregnancy, you still need to wait for a while.

The couple waited for half a year, and came to the hospital to do a pre -pregnancy examination before preparing for pregnancy. This time, the situation of the two was very good. Ms. Guo successfully became pregnant in the second month of pregnancy.A healthy male baby, congratulations.

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