During the period of girls, why do girls discharge blood clots like "meat"?Gynecologist answer

When Xiao Li chatted with friends, when he came to menstruation, there would be a soft blood clot on the sanitary napkin, which looked like meat, and then asked his friends if it was the same.

Friends told Xiao Li that they also had this situation, and other friends also had it. I just didn’t know what it was. Xiao Li and his friends were very puzzled. What exactly was this?

Every time I come to menstruation, women will feel irritable, but menstruation is a bark meter for women’s health, so women are still very concerned about menstruation. So during the holiday period, why do you discharge blood like meat?


During the period of girls, why do girls discharge blood clots like "meat"?Gynecologist answer

Under normal circumstances, the estrogen secreted by women’s ovaries can stimulate endometrium hyperplasia. If women are not pregnant, the endometrium will become fragmented and mixed with blood, thereby forming menstruation.

Girls have a normal physiological phenomenon during the holidays. This is because the endometrium becomes a fragment after the endometrium. Although the mixed blood, the endometrium hyperplasia also has a certain thickness. If the endometrium is thicker, there will be blood clots.Essence

Under normal circumstances, menstrual blood does not condense. If blood clots are found in the menstrual blood, two reasons should be considered, which are physiological reasons and pathological causes.

Physiological phenomenon

If women have more menstruation during menstruation, the hemorrhage rate is relatively fast, fibrin lysome iconic lysome can be dissolved enough, and fibrin will form blood clots. In addition, during menstruation, women are sitting for a long time, the amount of activity is active, the amount of activity is active.With less, the blood is too late to discharge, and blood clots will also form in the body.

Women are cold during menstruation, causing menstrual blood to stain in the body. If the blood blocks are relatively small and the menstrual blood volume is normal, women do not have to worry.

Pathological phenomenon

If the blood clot is relatively large and the blood volume is more, it may be caused by diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, liver qi stagnation.

After inflammation in the pelvic cavity, the local blood vessels will weaken, and the menstrual blood will become more, resulting in the occurrence of blood clots, and the endometriosis will affect the various functions of the uterus, leading to the emergence of blood clots.

The growth of uterine fibroids to a certain extent will lead to an increase in endometrial area, affecting the contraction of the uterus, and also leading to the occurrence of blood clots. In addition, blood clots in menstruation may cause qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by liver qi stagnation.


Is menstruation black, is it Gonghan?

Ms. Zhang had a conditioning package in a beauty salon. It was originally wanted to improve the situation of Gong Han, but in the end he found that he might be deceived.

More than three months ago, Ms. Zhang was shopping. Suddenly, the staff was pulled by the staff and said that the beauty salon was engaged in activities. She could help him physical examination for free.

After inspection, the staff told Ms. Zhang that there was a serious Gong Han. Ms. Zhang said that her aunt was black. The staff said that it was caused by Gong Han and could help him regulate Gong Han.

So Ms. Zhang agreed, but after a few courses, Ms. Zhang found that her situation has not improved, and it is normal to hear her friends say that it is normal for her blood to be black.

Menstruation is not smooth during menstrual blood, and blood volume is large, and the menstruation may occur at the end of the fast menstruation. For women with long -term sedentary, menstrual blood will delay discharge, and finally discharge is black.

At the end of the menstruation fast, the menstrual blood volume is relatively small, the oxidation speed is relatively fast, and the menstrual blood may also be black. In addition, abortion and premature ovarian failure can also cause menstruation to become black, but this requires treatment.of.In most cases, menstrual black is not palace Han.

All in all, excretion of blood clots during menstruation is normal. As long as the body has no symptoms of discomfort, you don’t have to worry. If you find that the amount of menstrual blood increases suddenly, it is also accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain.Essence


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