During pregnancy, will vaginitis affect the fetus?

Lands are also called vaginal discharge. Its formation has a close relationship with hormones, and it will change with the changes of menstrual cycle hormones. Generally, in the middle of two menstrual (that is, ovulation period), the secretion of estrogen reaches the peak. At this timeThe amount of leucorrhea is large and transparent, and the vulva has a moist feeling. After the ovulation period, the leucorrhea amount is small and thick. A few days before and after the menstrual tide, the vaginal leakage liquid increases, and the leucorrhea is slightly.

During pregnancy, leucorrhea will also change.After pregnancy, due to the increased amount of estrogen secretion in the body, the blood supply to the uterus and pelvic cavity increased compared with pre -pregnancy, and the secretion of vaginal secretions increased. At this time, the amount of vaginal secretions increased.But there is no odor. This is not a manifestation of the inflammation of the vagina. Specific mothers do not have to panic, nor do they have to be cleaned too much. The mucus it secreted is mainly a barrier to prevent the invasion of the uterine cavity of the pathogen. This is a woman.A physiological change during pregnancy is mostly normal.

However, due to the continuous increase in estrogen in the blood during pregnancy, estrogen can increase the glycogen glycogen and increase the acidity of the vaginal epithelium, coupled with the vigorous secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands during pregnancy, and the physiological leucorrhea may increase. Such an environment may increase. Such an environment.It is conducive to the growth of the germs, which can cause gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis or cervicitis. At this time, in addition to the significant increase in leucorrhea, the expectant mothers will also change in color, traits, and odor, and also changes, and also changes, and also changes, and also change, and also changes, and also changes, and also changes, and also changes, and also changes, and also change, and also changes.It can be accompanied by symptoms such as vulvar itching.The most common vaginitis during pregnancy is Candida vaginitis.When suffering from Candida vaginitis, it is mainly manifested in leucorrhea, like tofu dregs or condensed milk. It can be accompanied by frequent urination, urination discomfort or pain, acute leucorrhea increases, common traces of vulva, labia majora and vaginal vaginaThe attached white membrane is visible. After rubbing off the membrane, red and swollen mucous membrane surface is exposed, and some of them can be seen.

Some people are worried that the treatment of vaginitis during pregnancy will affect the health of the baby in the abdomen, and it is an unwise way to drag it to the hospital.Drugs should be cautious during pregnancy, but it is not equal to inability to use medicine.When diagnosed with vaginitis, under the guidance of a doctor, you can use a small external drug with less toxicity to the fetus under the guidance of a doctor. If vaginitis during pregnancy is not given timely treatment, it can cause hybrid infections of other germs and further cause intrauterine infection.If the germs continue to be infected, it can also cause premature birth of the fetal membrane and cause premature birth.

It is recommended that expectant mothers pay special attention to the cleanliness of the lower body after pregnancy, wash vulva frequently, change their underwear, and do not wear tight, too thick underwear or chemical fiber underwear.Once the increase in leucorrhea is increased, you need to pay attention to the trait of leucorrhea. First of all, whether it is physiological or pathological. If it is only a physiological increase, you don’t have to worry too much, but if it is pathologicalHospital examination for clear diagnosis and timely treatment.

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