During pregnancy, when did the flat belly began to change?

When women are pregnant, the baby is most concerned about the baby in the belly, and the baby will have different surprises to return the mother every day. The embodiment of this surprise is that the belly becomes larger or the baby’s fetal movement.If the belly is too slow or too fast, mothers will worry about whether the baby’s development is abnormal.

In fact, the development of the baby in the mother’s belly is also gradual. The baby does not grow up overnight. The mothers measure whether the baby’s development is normal, that is to go to the birth check -up on time, and do not measure it with the size of the belly.

Generally speaking, the mothers are showing around 4 months, because after 3 months, the fetal development is rapid. The 4 months of pregnancy belong to the middle of pregnancy. The fetus has completed the early organs differentiation and entered the development stage.However, some mothers will cause their stomachs slowly because of their thin figure, malnutrition, and posterior walls of the fetus, but in any case, the small belly will be obvious when 5 months pregnant.

Let’s take a look at how the baby changes in a little bit in the mother’s belly and the change of the mother

★ The first month of pregnancy

Embryomics believes that the fertilized eggs of about 0.2 millimeters are about 10 days after fertilization, and then gradually differentiated. Before 8 weeks of pregnancy, they do not call a fetus but a fetal bud.The fetal buds of about 3 weeks are actually only 5-9 mm in length and less than 1 gram of weight. From the magnifying appearance, the head is directly connected to the body with a long tail and shaped like a small hippocampus.

During this period, the changes in the uterine morphology were not large, and they were the same as before pregnancy. It was only a significant change in the endometrium.At this time, the pregnant mother basically can’t feel any changes and abnormalities in the body. A small number of pregnant mothers will have cold, low fever, and drowsiness symptoms.

★ The second month of pregnancy

At this time, the fetus has developed the shape of an adult, and it can distinguish the outline of the head and trunk. The tail is also smaller, the hands and feet are clear, and even 5 fingers and toes are available.The baby’s body is 2-3 cm and the weight is about 4 grams, but the eyes still grow on the two sides, and the bones are still in the cartilage head.Internal organs such as stomach, intestines, and heart have begun to take shape.

At this time, the potential of the fetus cannot be ignored. From the fifth week of embryonic development, they have complicated physiological reflection Li Ai, such as the original beating of the heart; the organ of each organ has been formed in the 10th week.

Moms will have early pregnancy symptoms during this period, such as frequent urination, pregnancy, dizziness, and drowsiness. At this time, the uterus is like a goose egg, which is a little larger than before pregnancy, but the abdomen is still flat and cannot see changes.

★ The third month of pregnancy

From the eighth week, they belong to the fetal period. Its development characteristics are the formation of the skeleton, and the shape of the person is also obvious. The length is 7-9 cm and the weight is about 20 grams.Division; the development of the heart, the liver and other organs is more developed, and the ureter has already been excreted. Individual naughty babies have begun to rotate freely in the mother’s belly, but the amplitude is too small, and it is not easy for mothers to feel it.

In addition to the obvious pregnancy phenomenon during this period, the abdomen is still very flat, but because the uterus already has fists in the bladder, the frequent urination will be more obvious, and the waist will have a little soreness.

★ The fourth month of pregnancy

This month’s fetus has passed the first three months of dangerous and entered the middle of the middle of pregnancy. By the end of the month, the fetal weight can grow to 120 grams, the length of about 18 cm, the skin is pink and subcutaneous fat.There are thin tire hair on their faces, and their hair starts to grow.If you are already a second mother, then you can feel the fetal movement.

During this period, mothers have obviously weakened or disappeared, and the size of the uterus is about the same as that of the baby’s head, and the lower abdomen is obviously bulged. By 16 weeks of pregnancy, the height of the uterus is 5-12 cm.Measure the palace high to judge whether the fetus is developing.

★ At the fifth month of pregnancy, the mother’s uterus is like the size of the fetus. The bottom of the palace reaches the abdomen, the lower abdomen can be seen, and the heart may be lifted up in the uterus and the feeling of rising stomach and shortness of qi.At this time, it has entered the second trimester, and the fetal movement will increase significantly, and the day is stronger day by day.In the sixth month of pregnancy, the lower abdomen of the mothers is very obvious. If you want to cover it, you ca n’t cover it. Even if the body is thinner and the fetus is smaller, it can be seen by others as a pregnant woman.


The small belly of the 4th month of pregnancy was slightly raised, and the small belly was no longer flat for 5 months of pregnancy. No matter what the 6 months pregnant could not cover the bulging belly, the mothers looked at the enlarged belly.

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