During pregnancy, toothache quickly pain relief small tricks

Why does pregnancy often toothache

Women during pregnancy have increased rapidly due to the rapid increase in choricular hormones in the body, especially in the first three months before pregnancy, the gums are swollen by hormones, the skin becomes thinner, and symptoms such as gum bleeding and inflammation occur.Specific mothers with special wisdom teeth are easily troubled by toothache, but they are not suitable for extraction during pregnancy.Especially in the first three and three months of pregnancy, tooth extraction can easily cause uterine contraction, leading to abortion and premature birth.Therefore, it is best to do oral examination before pregnancy to prevent post -troubles.

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There are generally the following reasons for toothache of pregnant women:

1. Smart teeth inflammation

Due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, the original inflammation of the gums can be aggravated and acute.In this case, it can only be used in the dental specialist, and the mouthwash (there are Chinese medicine ingredients) at the same time.

2. Portitis or periarthritis

Generally speaking, dental caries are developed.This situation requires drilling, which is emergency treatment, and analgesic relieving is immediate.Physical operations, local medicine, have no effect on the fetus.

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3. Pathotin influence

During pregnancy, due to the increased estrogen and progesterone in the body, the endocrine system has changed a lot, causing the capillaries of the gums to expand, bend, and weaken the elasticity of the gums, which leads to the increase in blood stasis and the transparency of the vascular wall.Swelling, bad breath, causing gingivitis.

4. Pregnancy tumor in the gingival part: After 3-4 months of pregnancy, pregnancy tumors are prone to occur on the gums and nipples, which are tumor -like hyperplasia.And usually do not pain.Pregnancy gingivitis can heal itself after childbirth.

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5. Eating habit

The amount and number of pregnant women in pregnancy have increased significantly, and they are preferred to acidic and sweet foods, so they hurt their teeth.

How to quickly relieve pain in pregnant women with toothache

1. Ginger pain relief method.It is effective to contain ginger in toothache, and it can always be contained in the mouth at night. Because it is often eaten during the day, it will be better at night.

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2. Garlic pain relief method.Smash the garlic and apply it in a painful place to effectively treat toothache and periodontitis.

3. Liquor pain relief method.Take 100 grams of ordinary liquor into the tea tank and add 10 grams of salt; stir, wait for salt to dissolve and cook on the stove.With a sip of pain, be careful not to swallow, and toothache stopped immediately.

4 Take 100 grams of ordinary liquor and add 10 grams of salt in the tea tank; stir, wait for salt to dissolve and cook on the stove.With a sip of pain, be careful not to swallow, and toothache stopped immediately.

How does pregnant mother prevent toothache

1. Pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy.Persist in brushing your teeth once every morning and evening, and rinse your mouth with clean water in time after eating to keep your mouth clean.At the same time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to brushing their teeth after childbirth to avoid stomatitis.

2. Pregnant mothers should add more vitamin C.Pay attention to the light diet, eat more foods rich in vitamins and protein, fresh vegetables and fruits.For example: milk, eggs, lean meat, oranges, apples and so on.At the same time, try not to shoot X -rays as much as possible during pregnancy, because the radiation of the film will endanger the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

3. Do a good job of oral examination before pregnancy.It is recommended that women go to the dental hospital to do a comprehensive examination during pregnancy to discover oral problems in time.At the same time, you can also take a bath to keep your teeth clean and hygienic.Pregnant women who want to extracted tooth extraction are not recommended to extract teeth after three months and seven months of pregnancy, because this is the two most important time period during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers should take care of their teeth with heart.Once the toothache is serious, seek medical treatment in time, and avoid blind medication.In addition, pregnant mothers should also eat more warm food, drink plenty of water, adjust their mentality, and have no negative emotions and depression.

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