During pregnancy, the 5 major taboos cannot be committed

Autumn is the season when cats are estrus. Some pet owners may be the first time that their cats are pregnant. There are often some problems in the care method. Today we will talk about the five taboos that the female cat cannot be committed during pregnancy!

Proper exercise is beneficial to the health of cats, but it cannot be exercised violently, especially for female cats who are already pregnant, strenuous exercise will easily lead to abortion of female cats., Do some interaction with it, the right amount of exercise will be healthier for the fetus and the fetus in the belly.

Female cats cannot feed them too much food in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, the cubs in the cat’s belly have not absorbed too much nutrition. At this timeIt is easy to cause excessive obesity in female cats, and obesity is very prone to dystocia.

During pregnancy, the care of female cats has many requirements. Do not feed them randomly, such as some squid, shellfish, shrimp and other seafood can cause digestion difficulties for female cats.To stay away, there are many diet taboos, and you can only learn more by shovel officers.

This is very important. Do not feed it some bones such as chickens, ducks, and fish during the cat’s pregnancy. The bones of these animals are usually sharp and sharp.For meat, you can choose some frozen -dried snacks made of pure meat, which will be safer and healthy.

Cats have very large demand for nutrition in the later stages of pregnancy. At this time, the kittens in the body will have eaten nutrition with the female cat. If you feed some leftovers and leftovers as a staple food, it will easily lead to malnutrition of female cats.Therefore, during the pregnancy of the female cat, try to choose some natural cat food as a staple food. After all, cat food is made by scientific combination. The nutrition is enough to be healthy!It is recommended not to give cat too inferior cat food. Choose high -quality and healthy cat food to click on the blue word below to understand: "How to distinguish the good or bad of a cat food, not just looking at the raw material table"

Conclusion: Have you ever seen female cats pregnant?

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