During pregnancy, nausea and nausea are not paid attention to, and expectant mothers are close to childbirth.

Changjiang Daily Rong Media July 14th News During pregnancy, she often felt disgusting and chest tightness. The 27 -year -old pregnant woman thought it was a pregnancy reaction and did not care.It was not until the childbirth was near the delivery, and the doctor was discovered by the doctor’s heart failure.

Ms. Fang was pregnant in September last year. She often felt nausea, abdominal distension and chest tightness in the second trimester, but she did not care about it only as a normal reaction during pregnancy.Half a month ago, seeing that the due date is coming, she came to the Wuhan Fourth Hospital for a production inspection.However, the results of the inspection surprised Ms. Fang.

ECG and color Doppler ultrasound images made by pregnant women.

After receiving the doctor, Dr. Xia Qiong, the obstetrics and gynecology department conducted a detailed examination for Ms. Fang, and found that the oxygen saturation was less than 80%, which was lower than the normal value, and the heart rate of pregnant women and fetuses was too fast.The doctor immediately asked the patient to be checked by ECG, ultrasonic heartbeat, etc., and confirmed that his heart failure had occurred.Considering the huge risk of heart failure, the doctor informed the patient to undergo a cesarean section as soon as possible.But Ms. Fang insisted that natural delivery was more conducive to the fetus and refused to accept cesarean section.Dr. Xia Qiong patiently explained to the patient that natural childbirth needs to continue to work hard, and he will add gravitice, which is very dangerous to the mother and baby.In the end, Ms. Fang agreed to undergo surgery and gave birth smoothly.

Xia Qiong introduced that the metabolic function of the pregnant woman’s body during pregnancy was strong, and the total blood circulation increased by more than 30%.The increase in the uterus during pregnancy, forcing the diaphragm muscle to move the heart to the upper left and upper left, affecting the blood flow, thereby increasing the heart burden and causing heart failure.After illness, pregnant women usually feel chest tightness, palpitations and shortness of breath after mild activity. During the rest, the heart rate and respiratory frequency will also be accelerated.So as to delay diagnosis and treatment.

The doctor reminded that in addition to the regular check -up during pregnancy, in addition to the doctor’s advice, discomfort should be visited in time during the third trimester, and should pay attention to rest during pregnancy to avoid excessive labor, maintain adequate sleep, prevent colds, and strictly restrict the amount of salt intake in daily diet.More than 5 grams.In addition, the method of childbirth should be selected according to the physical conditions, and we must not adhere to the delivery blindly.(Reporter Liu Chenwei Correspondent Gao Hongjuan Chen Mengyuan)

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