During pregnancy, itching and stretch marks occur during pregnancy?How much do you know about these nursing skills?

The hardships during pregnancy are unimaginable by ordinary people. How many expectant mothers do not dare to look at the number of weight calls during pregnancy. They are also accompanied by swelling at the same time, and even skin problems. These are due to pregnancy.The changes in hormones in the period, thereby causing various skin problems.So, how to easily deal with skin problems that occur during pregnancy?What do women of different skin type do during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the skin -dry and itchy expectant mothers, when encountering such problems, first adjust their emotions, do not have a mental burden, and not irritable and anxiety, which will help alleviate symptoms.In addition, do not frequently use alkaline skin cleansing products. You should clean the skin more with water, use a gentle cleansing product to wash your face every day, use pregnant women with nourishing function, and eat foods rich in collagen and vitamin E in moderation.Increase cell activity and skin elasticity.

It is also recommended to eat light diet. During this period, do not eat spicy and seafood foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.Also take a bath and change underwear, pay attention not to the temperature of the bath water too high.In short, pregnant women pay more attention to diet and daily habits during this period, and the phenomenon of dryness and itching will gradually be eliminated.

Many expectant mothers feel greasy during pregnancy, especially the "T" area are more significant.And because the skin’s absorption of skin care products will be harmful to the baby. Generally, it will choose not to take skin care products during pregnancy, so this is also the reason why the skin of pregnant mothers is prone to oil!At this time, we can choose a professional maternity skin care product to clean the face. After gently dipping the water on the dry face, use refreshing and non -greasy basic skin care products for moisturizing treatment to avoid eating high -fat, fried, high sugar and other foods. Pay attention to balanced nutrients.Enter, take more foods rich in high -quality protein and vitamins.

Skin allergies are a common disease and are easy to treat.However, if the allergies occur in pregnant women, the situation is more complicated. This is because pregnant women will become more sensitive when the skin is affected by hormones during pregnancy.Skin cleaning care.In order to avoid aggravation of allergic symptoms during pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for allergens to check in time. After clarifying the allergenic factors, you should reduce or avoid contact with allergen.

Pay attention to the intake of foods such as seafood and mango that can easily cause allergies. It is best to avoid long -term exposure to places where pollen and dust are exposed. Wearing masks when going out to make protection measures to reduce contact with these allergens.Cotton fabrics must be used for sheets, quilts, pillow towels, clothing, etc., and the clothes should be loose and breathable to avoid using chemical fiber and wool fabrics. The bedding should be often washed and dried to reduce the hazards of allergen such as dust mites. FinallyEnhance physical fitness and improve the body’s immunity and resistance.

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, due to the high level of hormones, the number of activated meanting cells increases a lot. It is particularly prone to growing breast spots and freckles. Where the melanin concentration will form obvious pigmentationNext.Of course, the degree of pigmentation during pregnancy varies from person to person, and most expectant mothers will gradually return to pre -pregnancy appearance after giving birth.Some expectant mothers are often stimulated by outside the outside world, and the phenomenon of pigmentation is even more obvious, and it will gradually decrease or disappear after childbirth for a long time.

At this time, expectant mothers should reduce direct sunlight, try to avoid going out at noon or afternoon in the afternoon, and use sunscreen with higher multiple times when going out. Avoid using cosmetics with too stimulating stimulating.Pay attention to the intake of crude fiber foods, eat less or not to eat irritating foods, light diet, nutrition -based, prevent constipation, maintain a happy mood and sufficient sleep.

The stretch marks are the influence of hormones during pregnancy during pregnancy. Due to the increase in the volume of the fetus in the abdomen, the large uterus will cause the pregnant mother to raise the belly, which will cause skin elastic fiber and collagen to suffer.Different degrees of damage or break, there are some pink or purple -red wavy patterns with different widths on the skin of the abdominal wall.Most of them appear in the abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs, and groin, and almost all pregnant women will appear in the middle and late pregnancy.Although postpartum stretch marks can be thinner, it will not completely disappear.

How should I solve this time?We can control our diet to prevent excessive weight growth, so as not to increase weight too much in a short period of time.Pregnant mothers can coat tea seed oil, olive oil, professional pregnancy pattern oil or pregnancy pattern cream to moisturize the skin in the medium term, and combine with proper massage to reduce the production of stretch marks.

Finally, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to finding that the skin problems must not be taboo and do not taboo doctors. They should communicate with the doctor in time and conduct correct skin care under the guidance of a doctor.Take certain prevention and protection measures to ensure sufficient nutrition and sleep, and maintain a good mood!

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