During pregnancy, if these 4 examinations are fine, congratulations, the fetus is healthy!

After pregnancy, in order to ensure the healthy development of the fetus, there will be many more birth examinations during the entire pregnancy.Because the fetus lives in the mother’s uterus, and the belly cannot be seen across the belly, it is necessary to understand the fetal development more accurately through the birth check.In these pregnancy tests during pregnancy, several production inspection items are particularly important and are related to whether the baby is healthy after birth.During pregnancy, if these 4 examinations are fine, congratulations, the fetus is healthy!

During pregnancy, these 4 births are critical. If the results of the inspection are fine, let’s be happy!

First, Tang’s screening

Tang’s screening, referred to as Tang Si, mainly detects the possibility of the fetus through blood testing.Tang’s intelligence level will be relatively low, life is difficult to take care of themselves, and life span will be very short.After the birth of such a child, not only will the child unfortunately, but also aggravate the family burden.If Tang’s inspection shows low risk, there is generally no problem. If high risks are displayed, further inspection needs to be checked.

Second, sugar sieve check

Tang screening is mainly to check the blood sugar of pregnant women to prevent pregnant women from suffering from gestational diabetes.If pregnant women have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, it is easy to cause the fetal body to be too large, and dystocia may occur during childbirth.And gestational diabetes can also be not good for pregnant women themselves.Therefore, during pregnancy, early discovery can also be controlled early, which is good for the fetus and pregnant women.

Third, a large row of abnormal examination

Driving deformed examination is a very critical check. Now it is generally a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound inspection.The best gestation week for large rows of abnormal examination is 22 to 28 weeks, because at this time, you can clearly see the facial features of the fetus and the development of the limbs.a little.

Fourth, fetal heart monitoring

During the third trimester, during the check -up, the doctor will carry out fetal heart monitoring and monitoring the fetal heart, which can effectively judge the development of the fetus.Many pregnant women think that this examination is unnecessary.Especially before childbirth, it is best to carry out fetal heart monitoring, so as to ensure that the baby can be born healthy.

During pregnancy, these 4 are very important for delivery, have you done all?Do you have other questions about this, you can leave a message in the comment area below. I also hope that everyone can pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge every day.

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