During pregnancy, frequent urination incontinence?People who come to teach you these 4 tricks can make pregnant women less toss

I went to visit Xiaxia, who was pregnant on the weekend, and looked at her happy expression, everyone was happy for her, but Xiaxia secretly told me that she was facing a very embarrassing situation during pregnancy, that is, she often leaked urine, andThere are more and more urine.After listening, I quickly told her that this was a normal manifestation during pregnancy and told her not to worry too much.In fact, many pregnant women have experienced this, but through the following things, it can alleviate the frequent urination incontinence of pregnant women.

Always do anal reduction

During pregnancy, due to the severe compression of the fetus and the bladder, the urine storage capacity of the bladder is less than usual, and the muscles of the pelvis bottom of the pregnant woman are relatively loose, so it is easy to cause frequent urination incontinence.In response to this phenomenon, pregnant women can do more anal reduction during pregnancy, strengthen training for sphincter, and the muscles of the pelvis bottom of pregnant women will be more compact, and they can control the discharge of urine.

Add water

In order to reduce the number of urination, many pregnant women should deal with the way they do not drink water. In fact, this approach is very bad.Frequent urination during pregnancy is just a normal physiological phenomenon, but if pregnant women do not drink water, the body’s water is quickly missing, which will affect the body’s circulatory system and easily cause urinary tract infection.In fact, pregnant women should drink plenty of water to increase the discharge of urine output. They can rinse the urinary tract. If Baoma is worried that frequent urination affects sleep, it can drink plenty of water during the day and reduce water intake before going to bed.Essence

Eat less diuretic food

Summer is here, and Guatuo has become a frequent visitor on people’s dining tables, but for pregnant women, diuretic foods such as watermelon and Sydney must be eaten less.Because the mother of Baoma was already prone to frequent urination during pregnancy. If you still eat too much diuretic food, it will increase the emissions of the body’s urine volume and even affect the normal life.So pregnant women still hold back their mouths in order to run a few times!

Not to urinate

Some pregnant women often urinate because they don’t want to go to the toilet frequently, so the consequences of urination are very serious.Because the inner bladder has a certain amount of urine storage, urination must be performed every time, and long -term urination can cause weakness of the bladder muscle weakness, and the smooth muscle will also lose control.EssenceTherefore, pregnant women would rather run a few more toilets, and do not hold urine, otherwise it will only extend the pain of frequent urination.

In fact, during pregnancy, it is very common for pregnant women to have frequent urination and leakage. Pregnant mothers can learn the above methods, which can have a good relief effect on frequent urination.

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