During pregnancy, expectant mothers are afraid of colds, three small tricks, so that you can easily deal with cold during pregnancy!

The colleague Xiaoli seemed to have changed after learning that he became personal. He paid attention to the weather changes the next day all day, and then increased or decrease clothes according to the weather forecast.I remember the day ago, the weather temperature was very hot since the morning. The colleagues in the office were very cool, but Xiao Li wore long trousers. Even in the room with electric fans, Xiao Li still took himself.The wrap was very tight, and he was sweating straight. Xiao Li still did not take off his jacket to wear a half -sleeve.Under the inquiry of colleagues, Xiaoli Dao came out.

It turned out that Xiao Li looked at the weather forecast yesterday and said that it would cool down today, the indoor temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius, and it is recommended to wear long trousers in the room.Xiao Li, who was pregnant, was convinced of the weather forecast. She packed clothes according to the dress index of weather forecast. The purpose of her to do this was to do not have cold symptoms due to the cold and hot weather during pregnancy.The growth of the fetus, for the careful practice of Xiao Li, this kind of pregnancy, I believe that many Baoma has a similar situation. During pregnancy, because of special constitutions, they can not take medicine even if they have a cold. This makes each expectant mother be careful during pregnancy.Small tricks can effectively alleviate the symptoms of colds, hoping to help expectant mothers who accidentally catch a cold.

1. Drink a bowl of ginger soup

During pregnancy, if expectant mothers have cold symptoms such as fever.You can go home and quickly boil a bowl of ginger soup water. The ginger soup water made of ginger and cola has the effect of removing dampness, phlegm, relieving cough and cold. The expectant mother drinks a bowl of hot ginger soup water, and then apply a hot towel to sleep.After sweating, the symptoms of colds will be more than half.

2. Drink plenty of hot water

After discovering that she has a cold, she must replenish her body in her body. Drinking more boiled water not only has the effect of sweating, but also allows the endocrine system in her body to achieve an ideal cycle. The toxins in the body are urine with urine with urineThe liquid is excreted from the body and achieves the effect of relaxing and comfortable, so after the expectant mother accidentally feels cold, do not take the phrase "drink more water".

Third, hard body resistance

If the symptoms of a cold during pregnancy are not very obvious, but the slight physical weakness, then the expectant mothers can not take this cold symptoms if they have always had a good premise., Sweaty, the symptoms of slight colds will soon disappear.

Moms, what else do you want to say about the cold during pregnancy?Welcome to discuss below, so that expectant mothers avoid colds during pregnancy, and easily and happily go through pregnancy.

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