During pregnancy, expectant mothers always feel very hot. It turned out to be for a reason ~ Amway cools a good helper ~

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Many expectant mothers will be particularly afraid of heat during pregnancy. In addition, high temperatures are constantly, and the days of pregnant mothers are really difficult. Leaving the air conditioner is equivalent to half of life.

Sometimes pregnant mothers feel that they are particularly hot and they will worry about whether there is something wrong with the baby, or doubt whether she is heat stroke or a fever. She always thinks about it.

In fact, whether it is hot summer or winter, it is normal for pregnant mothers to appear hot.Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, it is often hot until the quilt in the middle of the night, driving her belly during the day, and never thought that a pregnant woman would be so "unrestrained".

Why are pregnant mothers afraid of heat?

The cause of the pregnant mother is mainly due to the increase in blood during pregnancy. The changes in hormones during pregnancy will increase the blood volume in the body by 40%-45%, which is used to help the uterus and placenta development so that the fetus will grow.

In order to better be in these extra blood, the body will make the blood vessels slightly expand, and the blood flowing to the skin will make the pregnant mother feel particularly hot.

Studies have shown that non -pregnant women flow through about 100 ml of blood per minute, but in the early stages of pregnancy, it increases to about 120 ml per minute.Once women are close to giving birth, the blood flow will increase to about 350 ml per minute.

What are the effects of blood increase during pregnancy?

1. Basic body temperature rises:

The most direct changes in this additional blood increase and flow have accelerated about 20%of the body’s metabolism, which not only makes pregnant women feel hot, but also increases the base temperature of pregnant women to about 37.8 ° C.

2. Nosebleeds and gum bleeding:

Additional blood not only helps the body meet the growing metabolic needs of the growing fetus, but also flows to other organs such as kidneys.The additional blood flowing to women’s skin can also cause nosebleeds and gum bleeding.

3. Dizziness:

More blood can change the cardiovascular system, which may increase the heart rate and make the pregnant mother feel dizzy occasionally.

4. Decrease blood pressure:

During normal pregnancy, most women will experience a decrease in blood pressure in the early pregnancy, reach the lowest point at some time in the middle of pregnancy, and then start to rise until the end of pregnancy reaches normal level.

5. Skin changes:

Depending on the personal constitution, additional blood flowing to the skin may increase the secretion of oil glands, and the skin becomes greasy and acne, especially pregnant mothers sensitive to high levels of methalotone hormones.

Some pregnant mothers will start with spots on their faces, and a black line will appear in the lower abdomen, and pigmentation will occur in nipples and private parts, making the skin black.

High temperature weather+fear of heat+body temperature rise

what happens?

When the pregnant mother becomes afraid of heat and the basic body temperature rises, the body will consume more energy to cool them down. If the pregnant mother’s body is overheating, spasm, nausea, dizziness, and even endangering life and organs will occur.

According to the American Pregnancy Association:

If the pregnant mother’s body temperature is too high in the early pregnancy, it may increase the risk of the baby’s congenital defects.And the risk of abortion of pregnant mothers will increase.

At extremely high temperature, there will be many congenital defects in babies:

In a study of 22,775 pregnant women, pregnant women who have received three or more heat within two months before pregnancy, the possibility of carrying the so -called neurotoma fetus is six times that of other women.

If the body temperature of the pregnant mother exceeds 38.9 ° C and lasts more than 10 minutes, the high temperature will cause a fetal problem.Early pregnancy overheating can lead to nerve tube defects and abortion.In the late pregnancy, it may lead to dehydration of mothers.

Therefore, although it is normal to be afraid of heat and basic body temperature during pregnancy, when the reaction of pregnancy encounters high temperature weather during pregnancy, in addition to staying in a cool and ventilated room, pregnant mothers can also do this to make themselves cooler and comfortable:

what to do:


Drink more water

Sweating can help the body take away more calories. If the pregnant mother does not sweat without drinking enough water, it is easier to be afraid of heat or even rising body temperature, and even dehydration.During pregnancy, dehydration can lead to decreased blood volume and increased oxytocin concentration, which causes premature birth.

Symptoms of dehydration: Symptoms may include headaches, reduced urine reduction or sweating, dry mouth, thirst, cold and fatigue.

Therefore, maintaining enough water during pregnancy can not only help the body sweat naturally, let the body cool down, but also stay away from dehydration and reduce the risk of premature birth.

The recommended drinking water volume is 1.4L to 2L per day. If you move for a long time or last for a period of time at high temperature, you need to supplement more water.


Wear light and loose clothes

In addition to wearing more loose clothes, pregnant mothers also need to choose light -colored clothes. Choose dark clothes in the sun will absorb more calories and make the pregnant mothers feel hotter.

In the choice of fabrics, you must also choose breathable and sweat -absorbing fabrics.For example, natural and breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton are not synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester.


Keep the room cool

If the weather is hot, it is recommended that pregnant mothers reduce the time for going out, and the interior and bedrooms that keep in the daytime activities are cool and ventilated.

A warm bath before going to bed will also make the pregnant mother feel more cool and sleep more comfortably.Note that even if you feel hot, do not take a cold bath, and avoid sauna and steam baths. These will increase your body temperature. Warm shower is the best choice!

Can I turn on the air conditioner during pregnancy?

Especially in the third trimester, many pregnant mothers say that the whole life is given by air conditioning. There is nothing more refreshing than staying in the air -conditioned room in the summer. It is often the family that the family is freezing.

It is okay to turn on the air conditioner during pregnancy.

High temperature days and pregnant mothers are afraid of heat. If the room temperature is not reduced, it will often feel irritable and reduce sleep quality and appetite. Now extreme weather is frequent. If the pregnant mother stays in high temperature for a long time, it will not only increase the risk of premature birth.It is not good for the fetus.Studies have found that 27%of premature birth and high temperature weather above 31.6 ° C for 4-7 days.

Therefore, the use of air conditioners reasonably allows the room temperature to make the pregnant mother more comfortable, which is good for pregnant mothers and babies.

The correct posture of blowing air conditioners

1. Keep the air fresh

Even if the air conditioner is turned on, the windows should be opened on a regular basis. For a long time, the air conditioner does not ventilate the air.

It is recommended to ventilate at least 4 hours of air -conditioned rooms at least once every time.

2. Don’t blow it on your own

Although the air conditioner is very comfortable to blow directly to people, it is very comfortable for a long time to cause the joints of the joints. Especially when returning from the outdoors, it blows against the air conditioner. The temperature difference is too large to catch a cold.

The correct way is: The indoor temperature difference between the indoor temperature is 5-7 degrees when blowing the air-conditioning in summer, and the leaf fan of the air conditioner is blown up. It is best to control the indoor temperature difference at 5-7 degrees.

Cold air blowing up will naturally sink, so that the indoor temperature will be reduced. This will not only be cooler in the room, but also the cold wind will not directly stimulate the pregnant woman.

3. Clean the air conditioner regularly

The air conditioner must be cleaned regularly, otherwise a large amount of bacteria and dust mites will be accumulated on the filter of the air conditioner for a long time.

If it is not cleaned up, these bacteria and dust mites will be scattered into the indoor air when the air conditioner is turned on, which may cause the discomfort and respiratory problems of pregnant mothers.

It is recommended to clean it once every summer, and then clean every 2-3 months.

Sisters talk about it, how are you afraid of heat and you at high temperature and pregnancy?

"This original content, no platform is not allowed to be reproduced without authorization, it must be investigated illegal"

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