During pregnancy, does the pregnant mother belly or lower?The upper arms and the nostalgia, the precautions are different

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Yesterday, in the circle of friends, a pregnant mother went to the cinema to watch "Reunion 4", and said to her stomach: "Son, my mother takes you to see Fulian 4.. "Originally, my first reaction was that it was better not to go to the cinema to watch movies. As a result, it was attracted by the comments of a friend below.

He said, "Why do you lean your belly like this? No wonder you say your son."

Hey … what age is this, and still distinguish between men and women by "upper" and "lower Huai"?

In fact, the upper arms and lower arms are actually whether the stomach of the pregnant mother is leaning up or down, which has nothing to do with the sex of the fetus.

The reason for affecting the position of pregnant mothers is actually the bed position of fertilized eggs.The position on the bed means that the position of the fetus will also be biased;Therefore, the stomach of pregnant mothers will be different or lower.

The difference between the pregnant mother and the pregnant mother

Shang Huai: The fetal position is up, and most pregnant mothers will feel that the stomach is pushed, and when you eat something, you will feel hungry soon. When you breathe, your abdomen will not be expanded.Feel.

Benefit: The fetus is under the lower position, and the bladder is oppressed. In most cases, frequent urination and urgency will occur during the entire pregnancy, and the pain in the pregnant mother’s pubic bone cracking is easier, and the pubic bone parts are more likely to feel pain.

In fact, the pregnant mother not only feels different, but also the matters that need to be not only different.

Precautions about "Shanghuai" pregnant mothers

Because the pregnant mother may eat less and hungry because the fetus may hold the stomach, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat less meals.You must not eat it. After all, the nutrition of the baby’s baby needs to be obtained from the mother, so eating less meals is more suitable for pregnant mothers.

For the first time, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the posture of sitting and sleeping in the case of chest tightness and breath. When sitting, the legs can be separated.Sofa, otherwise it is easier to breathe.When sleeping, the pillow can be slightly higher, and the breathing can be more unobstructed.

Precautions about "Xiahuai" pregnant mothers

The position of the mother’s mother’s fetus is partial, which is closer to the cervix. It is best to check it in 16 weeks. If the cervix is short, the doctor will informed a "ring tie".Because the cervix is too short, it is easy to break the amniocentesis early, and the fetus leaning down. For the cervix, it means that it is too short to be able to take the fetus and prone to premature birth.

There is also the lattice of the mother’s bladder squeezing, which is easy to urinate frequently, but the pregnant mother still can’t hold urine, let alone be afraid of going to the toilet without drinking water. Drinking water during pregnancy is still as usual.

Generally, the pregnant mother skeleton is relatively large, the position of the pelvis is relatively large, and the fetus is prone to horizontal position. Therefore, it is necessary to check the fetal position in the pregnant mother.One knife.

Regardless of the upper arms or sinking, this is the phenomenon of 36 weeks ago, because under normal circumstances, the fetus starts to enter the basin at 36 weeks to prepare for reducing birth.So, don’t care about pregnant mothers.Pay attention to the baby’s status at any time throughout pregnancy ~

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