During pregnancy, diarrhea will still have a miscarriage!Pregnant mothers should pay attention to these situations

Mother -diarrhea must be paid attention to. If long -term diarrhea does not heal, the ability to absorb nutrients will decline, which will cause malnutrition. A more serious consequence is that frequent and severe diarrhea can cause the uterus to cause the uterus to cause abortion or premature birth. ThereforeOnce diarrhea occurs, the cause of diarrhea should be actively found, and targeted treatment should be treated without letting it develop.

After diarrhea occurs, it is best to go to the hospital for stool.If there is no infection, adjust it from the following aspects.

1 Adjust your diet, diet as light as possible, eat more liquid, digestible foods, avoid greasy and difficult to digest foods, you need to fast if necessary, and give the intestine a rest time.

2 Diagnosis will lose a lot of water, leading to imbalance of electrolytes, so drink plenty of water, and you can also eat some rice soup with salt and sugar.

3 Take some probiotics, lactic acid bacteria products, lactate enzyme tablets and other colonobacteria to reduce the number of stools.

4 If there are too many stools and cannot be controlled for a while, you can use the mask scatter.This is a kind of intestinal mucosa protective agent. It has a large adsorption surface and can adsorb some pathogenic bacteria. It has the dual effects of anti -diarrhea and antibacterial, but it will not be absorbed by the body. It is safe.Influence.

If diarrhea is accompanied by a sense of severe or pus and blood stools, and the detection of red blood cells and pus cells is detected, antibiotics need to be considered as soon as possible.The use of antibiotics during pregnancy needs to be particularly careful, because many antibiotics are dangerous, such as metronidazole, and tetracycline should also have a adverse effect on the fetus and should be disabled.Narcoplasty is available, but the dose cannot be too large.

If the above measures are taken, diarrhea still cannot be controlled, and the duration of more than 3 days, depending on the specialist.

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