During pregnancy 丨 These three pains have pain, good or bad?What do pregnant moms need to pay attention to?

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will have a variety of changes. I am afraid that a negligence will cause the baby to develop in poor development, and the baby is in the stomach.

So there is a little wind blowing the grass to move the mothers.

Although you need to pay attention to calcium supplementation during pregnancy, you cannot blindly supplement calcium, otherwise it is harmful to the fetal development.So how should pregnant mothers supplement calcium?

In fact, during pregnancy, these parts of the pregnant mother’s body often pain, indicating that the pregnant mother needs calcium or D3!

Pregnant mother’s calf cramp

If the symptoms of cramps often appear in the calf, it means that the pregnant mother’s body is deficient in calcium. If the pregnant mother does not supplement the calcium in time, the body will obtain calcium from the bones of the pregnant mother, which will eventually lead to the calf cramps often appears calf cramps.The phenomenon.If this happens occasionally, it is normal. Normal people may occur occasionally cramps. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry. This may be due to the development of the fetus, the weight gain, and the pregnant mother’s body burdens over again.

Toothache, loose teeth

If during pregnancy, the pregnant mother has obvious loose teeth, or tooth pain. As long as there is no worm, it is likely to be caused by calcium deficiency, because calcium is one of the main components of the teeth. If the pregnant motherCalcium is lacking, and the teeth of pregnant mothers will become bad.

Pelvic pain

Go to the hospital for a doctor.

If it is just a general calcium deficiency, eat more calcium -rich foods.If calcium deficiency is serious, it is recommended to take professional calcium supplement products for professional pregnant mothers under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition to calcium supplementation, pregnant mothers also need to go out to expose the sun and breathe fresh air, which is not only beneficial to calcium supplement, but also good for the baby’s development.

In order to prevent pregnant mothers from anxiety, here is a special supplement: the pregnant mother’s body is particularly painful after pregnancy, but it shows that the fetus is developing well and is growing healthy!Do not worry about pregnant moms.

Second -developed chest

Many pregnant mothers should have heard of this before pregnancy. Women will grow bigger after pregnancy, which is the so -called secondary development.In fact, it is not necessarily the so -called secondary development, but it does cause pain.

This is because the hormone in the body will change after pregnancy, which will affect the development of women’s body, including the chest.After pregnancy, the pregnant mother feels a little tingling or bulging, which is normal.To put it bluntly, it is preparing for breastfeeding in the future, and the fetus will thrive in the uterus.

Can’t stand up and back

Many mothers said that when they were in the middle and late pregnancy, they often felt sore back and back.In fact, this phenomenon is also normal. As the fetus continues to grow, the entire weight is pressed on the back of the mother’s waist. In the long run, back pain will definitely occur.

In this case, it is recommended that the mother pay more attention to rest, avoid sitting for a long time, and then exercise more appropriately.Such as yoga practice.Then you can relieve back pain.This can reduce the pressure on the back.But this also shows that the weight of the fetus is growing and develops healthy.

Early pregnancy abdominal pain

In the early days of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will feel pain in the abdomen.This is because the fertilized eggs are looking for the most suitable and safe place in the mother’s uterus.In this process, fertilized eggs will inevitably bump into the uterus, so that the mother’s abdomen will feel pain.In this case, the mother does not need to be nervous, just need to relax.

Pain in the third trimester of pregnancy

Mainly because of hormones, the toe ligament is relaxed, and the pelvis and the pelvis and pubic bone will produce soreness. The pubic pain will make the pregnant mother restless and it is difficult to fall asleep.

The main reason for the unblocked separation of pubic bone and pubic pain is relaxation. After pregnancy, the baby will grow older and bigger.Continuous secretion of relaxation.The role of relaxation is to relax your ligament. In this way, the pelvis that is usually very compact can be relaxed moderately to make enough space for the baby’s passing, so that you will go smoothly when you have a baby.

However, the separation of bone and joints caused by ligament relaxation will also bring side effects. The distance of pubic separation is large, especially when the pubic bone occurs with misplaced with exercise, it will bring a series of problems: you hurt when you walk, it hurts, and it hurts when you walk.It hurts when loading or heavy objects, pain when wearing pants, pain when turning over, pain when getting on and off the car, pain when getting out of bed, pain when you lift your legs up and down the stairs.

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